The Invisible War….Against Reality

War Satan Jesus

Since the beginning of time there has been a War raging on the spirit level. It is a war between Satan and God…. Good and Evil. It is described, defined, illustrated and chronicled in The Bible. The Warnings of God are everywhere and in every generation. And yet we STILL Don’t “Get It!”

The Great Effort is in Religious Belief and Practice. Satan’s effort has be in Idol-worship and Mysticism. He has provided a multitude of idols for mankind to ‘bow’ to and embrace. Wealth, Fame, Popularity are the Polite Idols. Human Sacrifice, Moral Degradation, Occultic Domination are the more repulsive forms of worship.

And yet there are a multitude of religious forms operating in the Middle Ground….. Under the Radar….Masquerading as Respectable and even Christian. The More Overt: Mindless Meditation, Palmistry, Seances, Divination, Astrology, Exorcism, and even Human Sacrifice. [Think Abortion: the sacrifice of a helpless child, in order to provide a better / happier / more productive life for the one who offers it up to the gods of SELF]

Is this any different than the child sacrifices to Moloch….in biblical times? These sacrifices were to guarantee health, wealth and safety. None of which seem possible to those who kill their unborn. But, now we have these occultic techniques in our churches. If you have ever seen what went on at Toronto Airport Vineyard ‘Church’ in the 1990’s, you have seen witchcraft in unrestrained expression.

Called The Toronto Blessing, people were ‘slain in the Spirit,’ expressing their new condition with “Holy Laughter,” roaring like lions, crying, shrieking, writhing on the floor, speaking in uncontrollable gibberish and generally acting as though they were inhabited by demons.

The Leadership called it ‘Holy Spirit Manifestations.’ Sensual abandon and Uncontrolled behavior was the Hallmark of their god’s presence IN and AROUND those who gave themselves over to it. This expression was then embraced in churches all over the country.

We even had a V. Pres. Candidate who surrendered to this philosophy. She has since gone on to illustrate her core belief system by freely engaging in alcohol, fowl language and even brawling in public.

Ques: Can you give yourself to Overt Religious Sensuality, Occultism & Spiritual Error and, at the same time, be Indwelt By The Holy Spirit of God? Can you dabble in these things and NOT be affected by their influence? The Answer of Logic is NO!

Is there anything worse? Yes. There is what our Public Education System is doing to children! They have our children at their most vulnerable and impressionable years They are NOT really educating them anymore…..they are indoctrinating them…..Social Standards, Moral Standards, Values, World-View. But more than this, they are indoctrinating them in The Occult.

Throughout America school children are being exposed to Value System overtly Non-Christian. We call it Secular. Secular: That which is not religious. Except That It IS! Secularism finds no fault in The Occult It is only a religious system which seeks to elevate moral behavior that secularism despises.

We were worried when our Gov’t introduced secularism into our schools. They said: Don’t Worry! We Are Only Seeking Religious Neutrality. TODAY? Hallowe’en and all things demonic are welcome. Christianity and all things pertaining to God are OUT!

But, then came Transcendental Meditation…. as a Mind-Science (1980’s). Today thousands of public schools are teaching ‘Mindfulness Meditation.’ AND….Gender Neutrality. Coupled with the effort to make them look like God sanctions both… Christians are falling in line with the World!

What Will The Next Generation Look Like? Our 10 – 16 yoa’s. Oh…..We’ve already seen them! They’re face-down in their electronic ‘bibles,’ oblivious to all things objectively / historically Right and Wrong. Being influenced by Media more than by Family, Church or God!

They don’t know. They don’t vote. They don’t pray. They don’t care.



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