What Explains The Radical Decline In The American Culture?


Is the decline in American Culture simply a natural devolution or is it an organized effort? It is difficult to tell due to the natural propensity of mankind for moral decline!

Over the last 45 years, otherwise intelligent people purposely & legally facilitated Abortion On Demand, No Fault Divorce, Removal of The Bible & Prayer from our School System, Legal permission to desecrate The Flag as a form of ‘symbolic speech,’ Same-sex Unions, as the legal equivalent of marriage [something U.S. Supreme Court Judge, Antonin Scalia characterized as a “threat to American Democracy”] and the Inclusion of Religious Themes in our Christmas Displays, constituting a violation of the Constitution.

With these Court Decisions have come a multitude of ad hoc decisions by ‘change agents’ which have been left standing by the courts.  Result? Our Core Institutions [Marriage; Family; Church; Flag; and more] have been either abandoned or seriously altered.

Result? God is no more significant, today, than Juno or Satan. Christianity is no more significant than Islam or Wicca. The result is our young people now grow up without Objective Moral Standards. Education is more relative than absolute. Personal Responsibility is now passe. Corporate responsibility has taken it’s place.

Children are no longer inculcated with character nor context. Because there is no God to honor nor fear, all moral purpose is sacrificed in favor of the ‘Now.’ The culture is on the road to barbarianism.

Immorality has been institutionalized in Business, Government, Religion and Family. The result being a morally challenged, socially dysfunctional, religiously confused, largely UNeducated and over stimulated society. A society that is then expected to make wise decisions about God, Life, Health, Wealth, and Voting,

Listen or Watch the News and you’ll see it! A man shooting up a concert in Las Vegas, for no apparent reason. A political party organizing to destroy their opponent’s reputation, to the point of creating a global conspiracy. An entire generation of people with no link to anything real [think internet]. The total collapse of organized Christianity.

Today, everything from Liberal Denominations, to Charismatic Groups, to Contemporary Churches, to the Extreme Charismatic / Spiritistic Groups are considered Christian, in the same way as those groups that heed The Bible and actually believe it!

Is this the natural evolution [devolution?] of societies? Or is all this being orchestrated?  The Reality? Both!

Without an External Control System, human beings tend to DEVOLVE in every way. We are highly susceptible to all things easy and/or personally profitable. We gravitate toward that which is easy and/or physically / sensually gratifying. Listen to the vulgarities now a natural part of most vocabularies….beginning with children at ever younger ages. Watch as most people look for the easiest way to get what they want / need.

As if this is not enough, there is an Over Arching, Spiritual Battle being waged! The Bible speaks of “…principalities and powers in heavenly places.”  We are warned that we are battling against….”principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”  [Eph. 3  Eph. 6]

And, even with all this, it doesn’t fully explain what we’re seeing! Why? Because God is At Work! The Bible teaches us that God has an Over-Arching Plan for this world and all it contains. To accomplish this Plan it is necessary that human beings experience as much of the ‘natural’ effects of sin as possible.

The Point? Created Beings are not perfect! Without God, they tend toward Degeneration and Destruction. That very fact is why Jesus took the ‘likeness of men,’ which is characterized as ‘the likeness of sinful flesh,’  that He might ‘condemn sin …in the flesh!’

Will The Trump Administration get us back on track? No! We see what is considered a ‘course correction,’ every few decades, only to slide right back into an even deeper decline. The Reality? The Bible describes an almost total destruction of Order and Economy, which will lead to the Return of Jesus…..to Take Possession of that for which He paid such an awful price.

Those who truly Believe on The Lord Jesus Christ need to be Vigilant and Active in living out their Faith!  It is the only Illustration the world has of God and True Morality. We are called to be a Light in an otherwise ‘dark’ world…..And to do so as long as we have breath!


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