The World Is Not At Peace!


There is unrest in The U.S. and in The World!  Those who “Have” are watching what they have dwindle.  Those who “Have Not” are more discontent than before.  They have more, but not what they’ve been promised.  They have more, but not by the ‘sweat of their face.’  It is government largesse in the form of cash and benefits doled out to keep folks beholden to it.

The ‘Seeds of Destruction,’ which were sown a century ago, hve grown to strangle the very Life from our culture. The economy has become a ‘commodity’ to be manupulated by selfish men and women, for their own advantage, both political and financial.

The Family is all but destroyed: It’s vestiges hanging by a thread; It’s power and authority no longer available. The Church is no longer a Cultural Force for godliness nor divine respect. Life has been diminished; no longer sacrosanct! God is Minimalized! Self is now In Charge!

All this simply means Satan is on the ascendency! Every area of life: Religion, Politics, Education, Finances, Life itself, has been redefined and re-oriented toward a more secularized and self-absorbant influence. People are now commodities to be used, spent, manipulated and controlled for one purpose or another. Globalism has become a more personal concept, as media has become pervasive and all-encompassing.

Our personal goals and priorities are being influenced and manipulated to achieve a more external ‘End.’ That ‘End’ is being characterized and ‘sold’ as a Better Society. No Borders. No Religious Differences. No Real Cultural Differences. Everyone working for the Common Good: Economic Prosperity and Global Harmony. Yet, in all this, there is the undercurrent of unrest.

The European Union is teetering on collapse, both economically and socially. Without Germany, the E.U. would have been bankrupt years ago. With the E.U.’s Open Door Policy toward Moslem ‘immigrants,’ and the E.U.’s dwindling Global Influence….It seems to be a ‘Community’ without purpose and without a future

Russia is flexing her muscles in the Middle East, but is largely a country on the verge of financial collapse. North Korea is playing with ‘Fire,’ pushing the Trump Administration to the very brink of an armed conflict. China is caught in very difficult squeeze between protecting North Korea and continuing to be a viable nation, economically. [we receive a large percentage of Chineese goods, each year. … importing 3x+ what we export to this country]. Our overall trade with China has dropped about 1/3 under the Trump Admin.

Turkey is ramping up to become The Major Force in The Middle East….and, if she gets her way… in Southern Europe as well. Iran [Persia] is a Nuclear Country and clearly feeling her ‘oats,’ seeking to flex her muscles in the Region and dominate the Levant [Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan]

Israel is ramping up to defend what they see coming from the Palestinians and any other Arab group….any day! They are prepared to field more than 200k military troops, to defend against that attack…..and are morally and physically prepared to wipe out the Palestinian threat once and for all!

The Lone Force, in the world, able and willing to settle these issues is The U.S….. And many of us just want to be left alone! We now have a permanent Air Force Base in Israel! First Ever. This doesn’t make Russia or Syria or Iran or Turkey feel more secure.

We are counting on ‘Deterrance’ rather than Aggression. But we are clearly ready to DO whatever it takes to preserve the status quo.

The World is closer to destruction than ever before. What does this mean? It means Jesus is closer than ever before!!  Keep your eyes on the Eastern Sky!

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