When A Culture Implodes

NFL Black Power

Fox News reports that more than 200 NFL players made some form of gesture at games on Sunday — many kneeling or sitting on the bench — in reaction to comments and tweets by President Trump, who called on team owners to fire players who followed former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s lead by kneeling during the national anthem. 

Participants and owners, alike, are citing The First Amendment to The Constitution in support of the player’s ‘Right’ to Free Speech. Try this at your place of employment! Point out to your company’s customers how wrong, racist or stupid they are and see how long you stay employed!

“Free Speech” stops at your Employer’s Front Door! The Point being: You don’t have to work here!!

Skip Ahead to the Facts. You know, those pesky things which make or break your considered opinions. Black Professional Football Players are seeking to Highlight the Injustice in America that unfairly targets people of color, especially Police Officers.

However….Black Americans commit violent crimes 7 to 10 times the rate of White Americans. Black Americans are responsible for 76% of all Homicides. Black Americans are responsible for 78% of all Juvenile arrests; 62% of all Robberies; 57% of all Murders; 45% of all Assaults.

In the 75 largest counties in America, where the majority of crimes are committed, white people represent 15% of the population. In 2009, Black citizens were responsible for 62% of the robberies, 52% of the murders and 45% of all assaults, In These Counties.

Chicago is now the reigning illustration: In a city where blacks represent 28% of the population, they are responsible for 76% of all homicides and 78% of all Juvenile arrests. Black citizens of Chicago commit violent crimes 7 to 10 times the rate of White citizens.  [dailywire.com]

In Chicago the murder rate is 3 times that of the rest of America. Robbery rate is 3 times the National. Assaults: twice as likely. Rapes: 1 1/2 times more likely.

The NFL Players are seeking to highlight the disparities between Black and White citizens in America. More black people are victims of Police Violence. More black people are denied jobs. More black people are killed by Police….. ostensibly for no reason other than they are black.  ‘Driving While Black’ is the phrase used to disparage police.

Did you know Police shoot and kill more Pit Bulls than Boston Terriers? Is it because they hate Pit Bulls? Or are Pit Bulls potentially more dangerous than Boston Terriers? Which breed would you like to confront, in a super-charged, aggressive circumstance?

A Word In Support of Pit Bulls! They largely get a ‘Bum Wrap!’ Pit Bulls are large, strong and aggressive animals. They are fiercely loyal to their owners. They are easily stimulated to action, when they feel threatened. And they are very, very strong. But they are gentle with babies in what they consider their care. Yes! They are Proprietary! And they love to Play!

In a debate with emotionally-charged people, facts are NOT as important as emotion. The NFL Players’ Argument would never stand up in court. This is why they resort to Emotional Manipulation.

Why do black people feel as though they are being disparaged or held-back? They say: Because we’re black! The facts say, Because you are not as prepared!

Prior to 1960, most black children were raised in 2-parent families. Today? 72% are born out of wedlock. Meaning? No Father’s around. Result? A social structure out-of-balance. Young males with no effective instruction nor control, where their natural desire for dominance is concerned. Young females with no practical illustration as to what a man really is or how to relate to one.

Out of this Social Chaos has come a culture that is Socially, Economically and Spiritually warped. Into this Social Chaos has come a Liberal / Socialist Political Party willing to pay people NOT to work, NOT to get an education, NOT to obey the rules, NOT to look to themselves for Self Respect.

FREE everything means NOTHING is of real value. Money for babies, means we get more of them. Money for doing nothing, means more people do nothing. Survival of the Fittest, within a sub-culture, means that sooner or later that mentality will spill out into the larger culture… It’s all some people know.

When that happens, our only protection is The Police and the Court System. The effort now is to eliminate these Barriers to Pure Anarchism by constantly pointing at them, when a Black man is arrested, injured or killed. Never mind what HE or SHE was doing. Never mind how dangerous that situation was or appeared to be. The FACT is: The White Police Officer Shot and Killed The Black Man.

NOTE: There ARE situations where the Police Officer reacted completely out of context! And we end up arresting him or her…..Trying them in Open Court….Putting many of them in prison.  BUT…there are situations where it looks far different than it really was. Or that Standard Operating Procedures required the Officer to act as he/she did. We Are All Armchair Quarterbacks in this situation!!

Police Departments have invited Black leaders to participate in exercises they call: Shoot-Don’t-Shoot. Black men given a gun and told to act as a Police Officer, seeking to arrest a clearly aggressive man.

The Results are always The Same: They shoot and “kill” the aggressor!

These men are shocked they reacted that way! They admit they knew it was a ‘game.’ Yet they clearly felt threatened, in a major way, and with the gun in hand, they SHOT!

Keep in mind the ‘aggressor’ was clearly unarmed and it was being acted out in broad daylight, with other people around and camera’s rolling.

We call people who are outside the circumstances, yet opinionated, “Armchair Experts!”

The NFL Player who started all this is a Black man who was raised by a White family. Raised in circumstances far removed from poverty. Given the opportunity of a College Education. A man who had lost his ‘job’ as a Quarterback. A man who was having trouble finding another job… and still is.

In a reasonable world, his motives would be seriously questioned, not defended and certainly not mimicked.  But, in 2017, it’s not Reason that Rules, but Emotion


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