When Men Rule The World

Charlie Gard

It is July 9, 2017 and we are following the Saga of Charlie Gard.

Charlie is an 11-month old baby boy, in Great Britain, with what Doctors say is a rare ‘incurable’ condition: mitochondrial-depletion syndrome.  This means the energy necessary to keep his cells alive is missing and inactive. He cannot live this way.

Currently Charlie is on life-support and his parents want to take him to another country where he might get treatment. Seems the British Health System either cannot or will not act to try to save Charlie’s life.

Why? The odds are seriously against survival and Great Britain has a Socialist Healthcare System, not unlike what Progressives and others want to see in the U.S.

Charlie’s parents have received almost $2 mil in donations and at least two offers — one from the Vatican’s Hospital in Rome and the other from Pres. Trump — yet the British Health System, and Court System is still saying: NO!

THIS is National Healthcare, at work!

These ‘systems’ start out with the purpose of providing healthcare for all citizens. They devolve into a very expensive system that then rations healthcare, according to unemotional and detached ‘policy.’

And this is what many of our Leaders…. on both sides of the political aisle….want for the U.S. Oh, they will tell us differently, and mean it! But, once such a system is in place, ‘Charlie’ is Where It Goes!

In the 19th century, we called these people Progressives [Teddy Roosevelt]. In the early 20th century they were Socialists [Franklin Roosevelt], with their New Deal.  And, at the end of the 20th century, they were back to Progressives [Bill Clinton / Barack Obama].

More than 100 years of continual and consistent movement toward their ultimate goal: The Weakening (Destruction) of America (The Social / Religious System).

Today, the U.N. wants as many immigrants as possible to be able to move freely around the planet, regardless of Cost, Safety or Need. In their mind-set, the World is simply One Country! All these borders are unnecessary hindrances to free movement, they say. Borders are evil. Borders are just another way to persecute people you don’t like.

In the U.S. we have watched the Canadian Healthcare System for decades. It is patterned after Great Britain and has all the same problems. Chief among them is timely care.

Canadians who can afford it, come to the U.S. when they really need medical care…..NOW! A diagnoses of cancer may mean waiting 6 months just to get the test that will tell doctors what’s going on and how to treat it.  [Personal Experience With A Bible Forum Listener].

This is The One World Government System at work! As we move toward the biblical ‘end’ of things, we see (in Scripture) a world Dictator, of immense proportions, setting up systems to control the people. Those on his ‘team,’ no doubt, will receive good treatment, the rest of you can fend for yourself.

In the world of Empire Builders and Global Dictators, people are tools. Tools to be used to further their ends. North Korea and most Communist-Led Countries exist, today, as Living Examples of this principle. But history is riddled with such men and philosophies, with no hint that the future will produce any better.

Welcome To The Brave New World of The Secular Humanist!

Welcome To The Beginning of The End!

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