What Are The Effects of Pornography?

Brain On Porn

We’re being told to accept all sorts of sexual deviancy or be judgmental. Worse, we are denying people their right to express themselves however they choose…. a form of punitive social control. How? By telling them they OUGHT NOT … fill in the blank.

The sad result is that NO sin is now being completely outlawed….in The Visible Church!

The invention of Video Tapes stimulated the Porn Industry and brought it into every day life…. impacting people and families it never did or could before.

So, what of it?

What of it is that it is destructive, in ways we do not realize. Based on extensive research, scientists have learned that porn changes not just the function, but the structure of the brain.

Parts of the brain actually begin to shrink with its use and others become desensitized.  In the picture of three brains, at the top of this blog, the one on the far right is what happens with extensive porn use, Worse than heroin. Worse than alcohol or drug use.

Why? Harvard Scientist, Kevin Majeres, Explains [Jon Miltimore|July 26, 2016]

Kevin Majeres is a psychiatrist specializing in cognitive-behavioral therapy and a faculty member of Harvard Medical School. He says scientists have discovered that if you place a male rat in a cage with a receptive female, they will mate; but once done, the male rat will not mate more times, even if the female is still receptive. He loses all sexual interest.

But if, right after he finishes with the first female, you put in a second receptive female, he will immediately mate again; and again a third, and so on, until he nearly dies. This effect has been found in every animal studied. It’s called the Coolidge effect.

This is WHY pornography causes a vicious circle. But now comes the WHAT! When someone views pornography, he gets overstimulated by dopamine; so his brain destroys some dopamine receptors. This makes him feel depleted, so he goes back to pornography, but, having fewer dopamine receptors it now requires more to get the same dopamine thrill.

This only causes his brain to destroy more receptors; so he feels an even greater need for pornography to stimulate him. As this cycle continues, we start to find that we have to use pornography for longer and longer periods to have the same effect, and must visit more and more sites to accomplish the same result.

But even more porn sites eventually don’t cut it. What then? Then, you have to stimulate another emotion: like fear or disgust or shock or surprise. You need to start moving to kinkier things, things that make you afraid or make you feel a bit sick; and so you start experimenting with various perversions.

Jon Miltimore is the Senior Editor of Intellectual Takeout. He writes that the average porn use starts at age 11 and the highest level of use is between 11 and 17. This means that as these brains grow, they are growing destructive pathways very early on.

Historically, over 90% of adult porn stars were sexually abused as children.
In psychology, their behavior is called re-enactment. Healthy individuals – emotionally and mentally – are not drawn to lifelong dreams of being sex for hire in any way no matter how lucrative.

That truly born-again men and women engage in and/or get hooked, is a sad reality. It’s not unusual, given the human psyche and the ease with which it can be accessed. What’s sad is how many CONTINUE, often thinking no one knows. Or no one will ever find out.

But the Omniscient God of Heaven Knows! He wants His children pure! Would such a God, Who is also Omnipotent make sure you are exposed [pardon the pun]? Would He do such a thing? Yes!

But, that’s not the highest and best motivation. It should be that Christians….finding themselves drawn to sin….would do whatever is necessary to STOP it! If they are truly born-again of the Spirit of God, The Bible says they have a divine WANT TO installed in their heart in order to glorify God. [Phil. 2:13]

That this isn’t helping, in an observably consistent manner, is a testimony against the 21st Cent. Church! She isn’t teaching these things? She isn’t particular who she identifies as a Christian? She isn’t being consistent in her commitments to God’s Word…. which says a man guilty of such a thing is no longer qualified to hold any Office in The Church!

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