As The West Collapses



Orlando blood Lines

People Lining Up To Give Blood In Orlando ….  Because Christians Hate Homosexuals?

We Americans have watched Europe dissolve into social, moral, political chaos, for decades and chalked it up to a different mind-set.

Now that mind-set is here! The Progressive social and political philosophy is now so ingrained in our corporate psyche, we simply accept it with very little question. Everything from Religion, to Politics, to Economics, to Social Issues.

On Sunday, a “20-year-old Islamic Radical” who was on the F.B.I. radar for possible problems, “talked about killing all the time.” He was “not a stable person,” and was making trips to Saudi Arabia, while working Security for G4S at PGA Village for several months in 2014-15.

This man was able to purchase automatic weapons just two weeks before killing 50 human beings and wounding 53 more, and then being killed by law-enforcement. Law Enforcement and witnesses said he was smiling all the while. His attack was upon a Gay Bar! People, in his religious opinion, who did not deserve to live! People who were an affront to Allah!

The Liberal (read: Godless) element in our society wants us to believe Christians hate homosexuals. They gleefully point to the fact that we won’t bake them cakes or take their wedding pictures. For this we must be scandalized,  suffer the loss of our business and pay hefty fines.

Muslims, on the other hand, kill homosexuals in the most gruesome of ways, for no reason other than they are, or have practiced homosexuality! When that happens there is a measured response: ‘Not all Muslims are this bad. Only the radicals,’ we’re told.  To paint them with a broad brush is bigotry, we’re told. In America, every citizen has the right to his own opinions and life-style choices, we’re told.

Our own President, commenting on the carnage in Orlando, this week, once again, refused to mention this man’s religious affiliation, dancing around the issue with generalizations and a ‘measured response.’ It is Radical Islam that brought down the Twin Towers. It is Radical Islam that encourages ‘snipers’ to shoot people while they’re pumping gas. A Muslim psychiatrist guns down thirteen unarmed soldiers while yelling praises to Allah and it’s labeled ‘Work Place Violence.’

The shooter in Orlando made a call to a Florida 911 center to pledge allegiance to ISIS, but even this is not enough to identify the carnage with Islam. Muslims routinely make it abundantly clear they will kill homosexuals in the cruelest of ways! But the Leader of the Free World can’t bring himself to condemn this kind of institutionalized behavior.

Let it be a Christian expressing his or her belief regarding homosexuality and all of Christendom is brought into the condemnation. We are branded homophobes and bigots because we cannot approve of this dangerous and destructive practice. The folks from the Westbury Baptist Church who showed up at Military Funerals to mock and disrupt, were Christians! That NOTHING they did corresponded to Christian belief was never considered!

There have been 74 attacks upon Americans, on American soil, by Muslims since 1972. The Death Toll stands at 3157 souls. None of these had anything to do with Peace Loving Islam! They were all committed by radicalized men and women who were operating outside the tenants of Islam…even as many of them shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ as they did so.

ON THE OTHER SIDE: People calling themselves Christians rail against homosexuality as not simply a destructive and disgusting behavior, but contrary to Divine Law, and THEY are branded bigots and terrorists. NOTE: These are only the proverbial ‘sticks and stones’ we were told would ‘never hurt you,’ not Assault Rifles!

That those who publicly rail against individuals in homosexual relationships are operating OUTSIDE biblical warrant is NEVER mentioned! No one protects Christianity, while condemning out-spoken critics, claiming to be Christian.

TRUTH? Christianity is about loving others, regardless of what they do or what they are. We do not have to accept it, but Christianity is about recognizing we were ALL ‘dead in trespasses and sins,’ before Jesus came into our lives.

Christianity is about reaching out to people [all sorts of people] with a Life-Giving Message of Redemption, not pointing fingers of indignation and slandering those who act out in sinful ways.

Christianity has no Public Relations Expert to make certain what’s printed is accurate. Christianity has no ‘Pastor-In-Chief’ to guard what’s being said so as not to give the wrong impressions. Christianity doesn’t even have a Generally-Accepted Uniform Definition as to what it is! If you claim to be a Christian, the media believes you and now whatever you say or do is what Christianity is all about!

At the very least, this not Fair! At it’s worst, this serves to color Christians and Christianity in a way Moslem are not! Such a situation makes no sense, until you realize that Islam is NOT The Real Threat to the god of this world! Humanism, Occultism, Voodooism, and any number of anti-christian religious systems pose no threat to the enemy of our soul. Only Biblical Christianity Does This!

And Biblical Christianity MUST be corrupted, co-opted and confused, if Satan is to make the headway he needs, in order to take control of this world’s people and systems.

How’s He Doing?


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