When Young Adults Are So Easily Misled

Bernie Rally

When you look at a Campaign Stop by Bernie Sanders, what do you see? There are no older people in those crowds! They are largely 20 & 30-somethings. Why are so many younger voters enamored of ‘Old’ Bernie Sanders? He’s older than me!!

The Iowa Caucus, which is one of the very first in the Nation, exposed this Giant Chasm: Sanders won 84% of the Under 30 vote. He also dominated in the 30-44 category, with 58% v. Hillary’s 37%.

Who Are These People? They’re Millennials. Young people born in the 1980’s and 1990’s. They are children and grandchildren of the Baby Boomers: born to opulence, nurtured on permissiveness, with little or no experience in the critical area of ’cause-and-effect.’

They’re Democrats? NO! They’re Socialists. They’re called ‘Sandernistas,’ and they out number Hillary supporters 6 to 1 in the polls. Former professor Mark Pastin, writing in The Weekly Standard, says “the most compelling explanation,” for young Democrats’ overwhelming preference for Sanders, “is that young voters actually like the idea of a socialist revolution.”

And Why Not? They’ve been raised on The Great Society, a host of Means-Tested Social Programs, Socialized Healthcare, Subsidized College Loans, Paid Job Training and a Government Program for just about every need. They know nothing of self-sufficiency or what we use to call The Protestant Work Ethic. In short, they’re Socialists, not Capitalists.

Where did they come from? They came from homes in which parents left the nurturing and educating of their children to The State! Homes where they were indoctrinated by a Federal Education System, a Vulgar Media and A Limitless Internet. Homes devoid of the basic rigors of Life!

Does it matter? Probably not! The days of seeing clearly the philosophical dangers in the various ‘progressive’ policies is gone. There are very few, today, who care much less understand what German Nationalism or Marxist Communism was, let alone the social ‘seed’ from which they sprang.

These young people are rallying around a man who seems to know what he’s doing and what his ideas / policies can effect. That he has never made any progress with this philosophy, over the last 25 years or that these ideas have NEVER worked, anytime they’ve been tried, doesn’t occur to them. They have no historical context, thanks to our Federal Indoctrination System (formerly The Public School).

None of these young people have thought about where any of this will take them. THEY aren’t able to succeed, in this social-economic environment, so what do they have to lose? Bernie’s an old man, who’s been through it all. Surely he knows The Way. All we have to do is Follow.

We’ve seen the “Man-On-The-Street” Interviews of College Students. Ask them anything about U.S. History, and they draw a blank! Why is America here! Upon what was it founded? Why? How does The System work? Why does it work that way? None of this matters! If it did, schools would teach it and young people would know it! They know who Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber is! How about Flo Rida?  or Maroon 5?  I threw them in to show you I’m Hip!  Oops: I mean I’m Down W’d It!

We’re watching our country, our culture, our world slip off the edge into oblivion. If there were something better, threatening to replace it, that would be one thing. But, this is clearly destructive in a way that makes it hard to imagine how we could recover. That so many younger people are enthralled is truly scary.

The Communists loved to tell us that they will conquer us without ever firing a shot! Who knew they were so smart?

When the last bastion of Western Civilization falls, what’s left?



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