When There Was Silence In Heaven



The Bible appears to indicate that several of the approaching end-time events will be similar to those in Noah’s day as Matthew 24:37 tells us “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man”.

What Does This Mean? The most significant event in Noah’s day was that which caused the destruction of the entire world by water commonly referred to as “Noah’s Flood”.

The Bible tells us that, in the days of Noah, it rained for 40 days and nights, and by some miracle, this was able to flood the entire Earth over the highest mountains; whereas, scientific research claims that the math doesn’t add up – making this event nothing more than an ancient myth.

Scientists scoff! Not enough water can fall, in that amount of time to cover one mountain, let alone ALL the mountains of the world.

The truth, is that the Bible clearly states that rain was NOT the primary reason for flooding. In fact, the scripture state that “…on that day all the fountains of the great deep burst open…” (Genesis 7:11).

This makes The Flood a matter of scientific fact – and the direct cause is something called a geographical pole shift which scientists say occurred thousands of years ago!

Geographic shifts are ones in which the entire planet is suddenly and dramatically moved from its axis; causing untold devastation on Earth’s surface.

The Old Testament doesn’t use the modern-day term of “pole shift” when describing the great flood; however, it provides enough detail about the Earth before, during, and after the event to prove to us that an Axial Pole Shift did indeed occur; ..according to research conducted by Brent Miller at Ingenuity Films LLC.

Genesis 2:6  We read how that in the early days of man, it never rained upon the Earth and that the entire surface was watered from the mist upon it. Was it, Really?  Petrified tropical trees have been discovered under the ice in Antarctica proving this statement!

During the period before the flood, there were NO SEASONS or storms and the entire planet would have existed at a temperate equilibrium with tropical vegetation – including at what we would call our current North and South poles.

Scientifically, the only way to achieve this temperate, considered a paradise, would be if the geographic axis of the Earth was parallel to that of the Sun, or in other words, at zero degrees.

Genesis then clearly states that AFTER the flood (for the first time) there was a rainbow seen by Noah in the sky (Gen 9:13) which is was only now possible since precipitation never fell from the heavens which causes the light refraction necessary for a rainbow.

Today, the Earth’s axis now sits at 23.5 degree which creates frozen poles, seasons, rain and violent storms as the uneven heating and freezing of the planet creates weather systems.

So…we go back to the “fountains of the deep” explained in Genesis and how was it able to flood the entire planet in such a short period of time.

Quite simply, the fountains of the deep were the oceans themselves which makes up 71% of the Earth’s surface.

Basic physics models shows how the flood could have been caused by a shift in centripetal force and angular momentum exerted upon the oceans resulting from an axial pole shift – causing them to overflow their banks  before the Earth stabilized into a new axial position.

It would also take very little “shifting” of the planet to destroy virtually all life on Earth.

During this time most of the evidence for the existence population of the planet, including cities and roads, would be virtually [entirely] erased. Sites such as the Grand Canyon in the United States could have been formed by massive amounts of rushing ocean water in a matter of weeks or months rather than over millions of years as many geologists believe.

Ever hear of The Little Grand Canyon? Mt. St. Helen!! It took just several months to carve out this Canyon — that looks just like the Grand Canyon!

This also explains why fossilized sea life and coral are found throughout the world’s deserts as well on top of our highest mountain ranges! It explains continents — mountain ranges that run North and South.

But….More Than This….The biblical End Times Scenario features terrific global phenomena: 1/3 of all vegetation being destroyed; 1/3 or more of global population dying; 1/3 of all sea life; 1/3 of the Earth’s Land Mass

What has the power to do all this? We know God does. But He used natural forces to effect the Flood. Will He do this again? Some scientists say YES! Ever hear of CME’s  [Coronal Mass Ejections]? The last one was in 1859.

They come from the Sun and kill everything in their path! Based on the wording of the text, many theologians and astrophysicists claim that what is being described could be the occurrence of a (CME) from the Sun hitting the Earth!

Think of the Sun as a ball of liquid FIRE! Burning at around 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit…literally fire, through and through. (i.e. like a lake of fire). This is exactly what is being described within the text of Revelation.

John described that before 1/3 of the Earth was burnt up, “there came hail and fire”; seemingly contradicting states of matter. As the CME continues into the stratosphere, it would then vaporize all planes, birds and flying insects which also matches the next description from John that of hail and fire, “mixed with blood”.

The CME would then continue to the surface of the Earth where John clearly described that this hail, fire and blood is then, “cast upon the earth” – burning up 1/3 of the trees and grass!

This description is specific and intended to be in chronological order; describing exactly what one would expect if an unprecedented CME did indeed strike the Earth.

Biblical Sensationalism?  Recently, governments all over the world have built over 1,000 doomsday seed vaults to ensure the survival of the human race. The largest that we know of is the Norwegian vault on the island of Spitsbergen in the Arctic Circle. In addition, governments have begun building massive underground bunkers and small underground cities carved within the bedrock of mountains for their leadership.

But the most frightening signs

might be the ones hiding in plain sight…

First, unknowing to most, Earth’s magnetic field, which normally protects us from high energy particle emissions from the sun, is collapsing!  With a reduced magnetic field, solar radiation and CMEs will now have a greater impact on the Earth than ever before. In fact, the European Space Agency recently launched a satellite array that monitors solar activity and the impact it has upon the Earth.

During the first 6 months of operation, it was revealed that the Earth’s magnetic field was not only indeed collapsing, but that it was happening 10x faster than researchers first realized.

In addition, recent discoveries by astrophysicists in Japan have revealed that our sun is in fact capable of producing what is now being called a “super flare” which is 20x – 1,000x more powerful than any flare witnessed in our modern age.

What Does All This Mean? It means 1) we’re closer than we thought….. And 2) The Bible is spot-On! What are your Priorities….given the shortened time we apparently have? How are you going to spend your time and money? Where are you going to put your time? Is there an urgency in getting the Word out? Or can we wait for someone else to do it?

How Much Time Do We Have?  Ans: The same amount we’ve always had! Today!! ONLY TODAY!

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