Look At The World…What Do You See?

WW 3 Has Begun

The majority of this world’s population are poor (by U.S. standards) and disaffected, probably half are desperately so.

Except in countries dominated by Dictators or pseudo-Dictators, National Leadership is chosen by a political ‘Beauty Contest’ instead of whomever is best prepared, informed and equipped to do the job.

As concerns civilized (read biblical) principles and values, the greatest portion of people do not have, nor do they understand what any of this means.

Only in what we call The West do people come close to living a healthful, safe, productive and free life! Unless you and your forebears have been or were living under a rock, you know all this is the product of biblical principles and values.

No nation nor people group the world has ever known has profited, the way we in the West have, by pagan or humanistic means. The major civilizations of history rose and fell on the strength of their leaders, their needs and often the necessities of their day. Many attributed their power and prestige to their gods, who were capricious at best and brutal at worst.

The West has prospered because of her commitment to biblical values and principles. The Protestant Reformation led the way, with it’s biblical commitment to individual worth and freedom of both belief and speech. The United States of America grew out of that sentiment and circumstance, with Great Britain and France following suit….albeit in their own way.

France tried Humanism [In the wake of our Revolution] for a decade or so, with little success and much bloodshed. Citizens were decapitated for the simplest of crimes, mostly for being connected to the former monarchism either in speech or in practice. They even tried a 10-day week, which was not really workable.

The Biblically-Based United States blazed the trail toward individual freedom and wealth, setting an example no other nation has yet exceeded. The water-shed event was World War II. Fascist Germany, Italy and Japan sought to conquer the world, through military subjugation. Only the U.S. stood in her way. Russia was no match, Great Britain, France and even China could not stall the march to victory.

When the U.S. entered the fray, it was over! Biblical principles of industry and sacrifice, coupled with prayer and the single-mindedness borne of a spiritual conviction that God was on the side of Right, motivated and empowered the Western Victory!

It took three and a half years to amass the men and materiel to launch the Invasion on Europe. During that time there were delaying and consolidation efforts in which Italy fell and Japan was stalled. When all was ready, however, the overwhelming might of America was brought to bear on the enemies of Freedom and the war was over in a year.

This ushered in a 50-year period when the U.S. dominated the world’s economy and became a Beacon of Liberty for millions of the world’s people. As long as America stood strong, there was hope. As long as America was strong, the enemies of Freedom and Free Enterprise were at a loss.

In spiritual terms, the ‘god of this world’ took notice! Over the years he orchestrated an effort to make sure this never happened again! Nazism was rooted in the occult [look it up!]. Communism is clearly anti-God. Islam is overtly anti-Christian in belief and practice. There is actually a competition between the Messiah of Christianity and the Mahdi of Islam for control of the world. Everything else is humanistic, spiritistic or animistic.

In our lifetime, it is only in the U.S., Canada, Great Britain  and Australia (somewhat) have we seen any overt ‘nod’ toward the God of The Bible, and that has significantly decreased over the last 50 years. Western Europe is awash in secularism and anti-Christian philosophies. Their  values and laws demonstrate this.

The same is true in the U.S. Today, our government is focused on playing nice with the U.N., in order to bring the world together under one Head. As I write this [March 29, 2016] the U.N. has just announced that Israel is (once again) the worst violator of Human Rights in 2016. Not North Korea. Not any Islamic country. The only Democracy in the Middle East! Also, today, the News was of an airliner diverted to Cyprus, on a flight from Egypt. The U.N. provided a map of the region with the flight path highlighted. Every country was named except Israel! It’s as though she does not exist.

Message? God Is Public Enemy Number One! Who does this? Answer: The Enemy of our Soul: Satan himself. The effort is to dampen and demean anything Christian, while exalting anything humanistic or counter The One True God of Heaven (which includes Judaism].

I have mentioned only a very few of the most obvious efforts. We could talk all day about what the world calls Fleeing Immigrants. Not Fugitives from Islam! Not Refugees of a vicious, religious pogrom. Immigrants who have every right to be assimilated into whichever country they enter, regardless of laws or customs. Regardless of the safety or survival of that country.

These are a few of the Up-Side-Down situations facing the world. Why? Because the ‘god of this world,’ rules in the affairs of men! Because the Prince of the power of the air is carving out a world-system sympathetic to his purpose, which is World Domination with him as Ruler!

When you cannot understand how it is that sane men and women can do some of the things they do (in government or in court houses) look to your Bible!

Ex: The Bible points to a Man of Sin who will ride to the rescue of Israel, with the aid of the Western Nations of the world. Israel will be under attack from her neighbors. The world will be in economic and political turmoil. The world will be looking for a strong leader who will do what’s necessary to ‘fix things.’

Do you see anyone, on the scene or the horizon, who possesses these qualities? Do you see the American electorate tolerating such a character, to run their country? Yes? Then you can see The End, from Here!!
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