Fundamentalism At Work

Poking The Bear


We hear a lot about Islamic Fundamentalists, usually in connection with terrorist attacks and/or beheadings. What is the difference between a Muslim and a Fundamentalist Muslim?  Answer? The same as between a Christian and a Fundamentalist Christian. A Christian may be anyone who says that’s what they are. A fundamentalist Christian is one who believes (acting upon) what The Bible says about sin, salvation and the Christian life.

We do not hear of Christians blowing up airports or killing innocent people because this is not a fundamental part of Christian doctrine. Pursuing God through violence is not the basic structure or function of Christianity.

When President Obama says terrorism is not what Islam is about, then proceeds to reference these terrorist attacks as proceeding from fundamentalist Muslims, he’s making a fine distinction, probably lost on most of us. Either that or he is deliberately trying to deceive us. We, being those who know very little about Islam.

In post-post-modern America, that last statement might be considered unfair, since words only mean (today) what I think they mean or what I say they mean….to me. In this way, we can talk about conflicting ideas as if they are in harmony with one another and not be wrong. Everything Is My Opinion.

In the last 70 years the word ‘fundamentalist’ has been equated with all that is bad about a philosophy or religion. This is not true with any of the sciences. Abandon the basic principles of physics and the world with explode … Literally!   With religion, however, ‘fundamentalism’ has become a very dangerous and destructive philosophy….in the minds of most people.

What is not said, but understood by literate and rational people, from all walks of life, is that when a religion or philosophy or science is pursued according to it’s basic tenets, it’s Fundamentalism at work!

Fundamental Christianity is focused on what The Bible teaches and ONLY what The Bible teaches, when interpreted by an ordinary hermeneutic (system of interpretation): the one we all apply to everything we read and use for everyday life.

Fundamentalist Islam, however, is bent on dominating the world, by force if necessary, in order to make way for their “Messiah.” It has ever been their pattern, beginning with the Arab countries round about.

The first 50 years of Islam saw Mohammed conquering Syria, Iraq, Iran (Persia), Egypt and the area we know as Israel: Damascus to Egypt. In 668 Muslims began a conquest of the Roman Capital, in the East, Constantinople that would take 11 years (on and off). By 698 Islam had conquered all of North Africa, attacking Sicily in 700 A.D.

Islamic, Moorish North Africa, attacked Spain in 711 A.D. establishing a Muslim presence until 742, when Charles Martel (and others) eventually drove them out of most of Spain.

But then came the re-invasion of Constantinople, which would result in Muslim conquest and a name change: Istanbul, in the Muslim country we know, today, as Turkey. The Seljuk Empire would unite Mesopotamia and a large portion of Persia. Muslims would continue penetrating Europe throughout the next 400 years. The Crusades would later serve to keep them ‘home’ defending Jerusalem and other Moslem cities.

After this the Ottoman Empire began invading Europe in 1300 A.D. Over the next 500 years it would dominate most of Southeastern Europe. This continuous turmoil led to the Renaissance, or Age of Enlightenment, as educators, scholars, scientists, etc. fled the old Roman city of Constantinople and surrounding Southeastern Europe, bringing their knowledge with them.

The flow of European and Middle Eastern history is linked to Islamic Expansion. Why is Islam so focused on controlling the world? Because the Fundamental Religious Belief of Sunni Muslims teaches that their ‘Savior,’ the Mahdi, cannot come until / unless the world is dominated by Islam.

THIS is Fundamentalist Sunni Islam! When is Islam stirred to action? According to the Koran, whenever it is attacked [Sura 2:190-193  (Penquin Classics Edition) “Fight those that fight against you, slay them wherever you find them. Fight against them until idolatry is no more and God’s religion reigns supreme.”)

The West attacked Islam in the 1990’s, with the Gulf War. Just about every Western Nation either took part or supported that invasion of Iraq — a Shiite nation, run by a Sunni Dictator. Sunnis make up about 80% of Arabs, but Shias are the most Militant.

Shias believe the Mahdi is awaiting that time when the Earth is mostly Moslem, in order to come and create the Ultimate Caliphate. Sunnis don’t believe he’s been born as yet and are patiently awaiting his arrival. Both believe if you strike them, they can strike you back!

NOTE: There is no correlating passage in The Bible, telling Christians to dominate the Earth through violence, nor strike back at someone. The Bible teaches us to love one another, to do good to one another, if you are struck on the cheek, turn the other one….as far as it depends upon you, live at peace with all men.”

Fundamentalist Christianity only wants people to hear The Gospel of salvation in The Lord Jesus Christ, repent of their sins and believe on Him for eternal life. We have no other message; No other plan or purpose. No other weapon than God’s Word. No other kingdom but that in Heaven. We are ambassadors of Christ, here to represent Him, not build a Caliphate or Kingdom. And, when it’s over, we’re going Home!

The West has ‘poked the Bear,’ and it is now justified in it’s attack upon us! Where will all this end? With a new U.S. President who has Visions of Grandeur?  One who is used to getting his own way?  One who carries a ‘big stick,’ but isn’t prone to ‘walking softly?’

We’ll Have To Wait In Order To Find Out! It May Not Be Long.



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