Where Is America Headed After This Election?

Tenents of Totalitarianism

There is no way to ignore the Decline of these United States, over the last 50 years! No area of Corporate Life has been untouched by the ‘Change Agents’ who fancy a more Totalitarian form of government.

There is also no way to ignore the fact that the Constitution and Laws of the United States of America were based on biblical principles. Critics will tell you the Founders were not all [not mostly] committed Christians. Critics will tell you that the Doctrine of the Separation of Church and State belies the claim.

However, it is impossible to ignore the multitude of quotations and references to the God of the Bible and to Christian principles found, not only in the documents and writings and speeches of men associated with Christian Churches and Christianity, but also among men who had no connection, indeed, no time for God and/or Christianity.

The Basic Biblical Principles are too obviously Right and Good to ignore! Those who did / do ignore them end up in political, moral, financial, social decline and chaos. Look around the world. Look at your neighbors. Look at our schools, churches, courts, neighborhoods and families.

The U.S. of A. is a Federal Republic. The powers of central government are restricted, with States retaining a degree of self-government. Ultimate power rests with the voters who choose their governmental representatives.

Dictators, Fascists, Communists, Socialists and Oligarchs hate this! It restricts their ability to dominate in such a way as to accrue the desired power and/or wealth. They also hate our economic system, which is a form of Capitalism: a competitive economy, consisting of privately owned businesses and investments, wherein production and pricing is driven by competition and demand in a Free Market.

To make it work that nation must have 1) Free Elections, 2) A Free Market, 3) A Representative Form of Government, 4) A Judicial System Driven By Settled Law and 5) A Traditional Family Structure.

Remove any one of these and the structure is weakened, leading to a complete collapse.

The United States of America Is In Collapse! Through a series of U.S. Supreme Court Decisions, we have abandoned The Family, Unborn Children, Ten Commandments [which forms the basis of all law], Prayer & Bible Reading in Government Schools and all Objective Standards of Morality.

At the same time we have Enshrined Abortion, Homosexuality, Sodomy and Oral Sex as normal sexual behavior. For our troubles we have created a host of new and growing sexually-transmitted diseases, most of which are incurable. We have also degraded sexual behavior to ‘entertainment’ and further weakened the Institutions of Marriage and Family.

Where are we going with all this? Farther away from our Founding Principles, farther away from the Strength of our Republic, farther away from The Republic. Close to half of all ‘Millennials’ see no problem with Socialism…enter Bernie Sanders. The majority of those who consider themselves Christian embrace some form of either the Charismatic Movement or the Contemporary Movement…enter Ted Cruz &  Marco Rubio.

However, Donald Trump is probably going to win the Republican Nomination for President of these United States. Why? Because he presents a ‘No-Nonsense, Take-No-Prisoners’ approach to governance, just like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson….right?

Wrong! We are at the End of our Corporate Rope! We have no idea what America is; what The Rule of Law is; what Common Decency is; what / Who God is; why we have a Free Economic System, a Traditional Family Structure, the Rule of Law nor why we can no longer educate our children!

But we know The Donald with Make America Great Again!

How? He will bully Congress, Curse the Dictators, Threaten Militant Islam and Demand the world operate the way HE thinks is best! No? That’s how he does business. That’s what he’s saying on the ‘Stump.’  And he has the concept of ‘Executive Orders’ to back him up.

Congress will not get in the way of a popular President, elected with an overwhelming majority of voters. They never have. The Republican Establishment is already lining up behind Rubio, because he can be counted on to ‘negotiate.’ Of the three (Trump, Rubio and Cruz), Cruz is more popular with conservative voters than is Rubio because he doesn’t negotiate with the Republican moderates.

America is heading toward a significant change in political, economic and social policy. What does a Democratic Rabble look like? Three or four hundred million independent citizens with twenty different social, moral, religious and economic values vying for dominance?

It Looks Like Disaster! You DO Know America (probably the entire Western Hemisphere) is NOT in the biblical prophetic scheme….Right?






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