Get God Out of Our Lives!

In the days of The (biblical) Judges, the Bible tells us there was no King. The result? “... every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” [Judges 21:25] In the eyes of God, this was the epitome of rebellion and defeat.

The removal of God from the public discourse has been the goal for generations. The phrase “In God We Trust” first appeared on the 2-cent coin in 1864, in response, the product of citizens’ request and Secretary of the Treasury Salmon P. Chase’s, instruction.

The Nation was facing a Great Moral and Political Upheaval. The consequence of which was an out-pouring of religious sentiment. The next year it appeared on all gold coinage and by 1873 all U.S. currency was emblazoned with these words.

To say everyone was happy would be a significant over-statement of fact. Open societies don’t work that way and the U.S. is no exception.

As with anything worthwhile, it requires ‘Adults’ to see what’s really happening and take the necessary steps to instill confidence, provide security and/or hope. The critics and rabble-rousers never do. Their goal is to create instability and chaos. The more unstable the society the greater chance they have of winning some precious ground.

We are ever in danger of losing our precious heritage to The Minority. The difference in 2016 is that The Minority is now The Majority.

A disconnected group of overt God-haters, avowed Humanists, Socialist opportunists and a wide variety of generally immoral souls, have joined together (in separate times and ways) to remove God from the Public Discourse. Some may claim respect for God, but they hate Who He is and What He stands for!

This time around, they are arguing FOR a pluralistic society which would give credence and worth to every (read “any”) religious orientation.

They argue that the U.S. was never founded on biblical principle. They maintain that the individual is more important than the collective. They fight to ‘set men free’ from the shackles of an imposed morality [Read God].

Their argument is that such a society will be Stronger, Better, More Just, More Accepting, More Unified.

One Problem: Who’s Morality Will Be Supreme? One who fears The Great Lawmaker of Heaven? Or the one who favors only his / her own standards? The issue is whether laws / standards will reflect something / Someone outside ourselves, Who is absolutely Just, Righteous and Holy, or every Tom, Dick and Mary that comes along?

Reality? To govern effectively, there must be consensus on laws, statutes, standards, ideals, purposes, and even language. Without this it’s “The Barbary Coast!”

Well….Welcome To The Barbary Coast!!

The Humanists, Relativists and Anarchists love a more flexible standard of Right and Wrong. This means NOTHING is right and NOTHING is wrong. Everything is relative and susceptible to private interpretation. Can you say, “Congress?” Or “The Judicial System?”

There are 363,086 words in H.R. 3962, better known as The Affordable Care Act, what we call Obamacare. Substantive words amounted to about 2/3 that many, leaving 1/3 of the wording superfluous. This is what Congress does to forestall the lawyers from finding loop-holes, or other problems.

It doesn’t work! The U.S. Supreme Court upheld a run at this Bill by ruling that our premiums are really taxes, something the Bill did not state, thus enshrining this massive Take-Over of 1/3 of the entire gross national product, as forever legitimate.

With the National ‘Parents’ acting out this charade, for wealth and power, is it any wonder the kids on the street are doing what they’re doing? What’s the difference between a teen-ager who knocks someone smaller or weaker in the head, simply to take what he or she needs, and ruthless ‘Robber Barons,’ or Duly Elected Politicians?

Both scenarios are just as unconscionable! The difference is that the kid on the street doesn’t have “The Power,” and so gets hauled off to jail, while our politicians, lawyers and bean-counters get wealthy and accumulate greater power for the next event.

THIS is what’s behind the ‘Get-God-Out-of-Our-Life’ effort! It’s not a move to create equality, rather a move to eliminate objective standards of morality! A situation that allows the Power-Brokers to do what the Street-Hoodlums do, but without penalty!

Now Do You Get It?

The Transgender Issue is a significant Case In Point. A new law in New York & Seattle, makes it a crime to NOT refer to a person according to the gender by which they ‘identify,’ once you know what it is.  This is what’s called a Super-Right. You don’t have that. In a society with no objective moral standard, where do you go for redress?

The Bible is the only Book which successfully argues for an Objective Standard of Righteousness. Now do you know why IT and It’s God must go?



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