Why Can’t Johnny Read? Because He Makes A Better Citizen of The World This Way!

Educ In America
When you listen to Progressive Politicians, Educators and Clergy, do they make sense? Only if you’ve been indoctrinated into The New World Order.

What’s That? It’s a Progressive Philosophy aimed at bringing the whole world together around key concepts of Life, Finance, Governance, Education, Morality, etc.

Who are these people? They are so-called Public School Graduates!

Consider: John Dewey [Father of Modern American Education]: a humanistic psychiatrist and friend of socialism (at the least), wrote: “[Educational value is judged]… by what is done for the masses in freeing their life, in giving them a sense of security, safety, in opening to them access to recreation, leisure, new enjoyments and new cultivations of all sorts.

One of the first changes made was in Reading. No more phonetics! Now, it’s Sight Reading: See Spot Run? This one change altered American Education forever!

We are reaping the result of Dewey’s experiment in that 30% of our children cannot read well. Black and Latino students do worse at 53% & 52% respectfully. In 2009, 40% of Atlanta’s 4th grade could not read at grade level. In New York 80% of the City’s Community College students need remedial reading, writing and math! Poor reading also partly explains the 63-percent increase in the nation’s special education population.

One out of every three 4th graders read Below Basic proficiency, according to National Assessment of Educational Progress [the federal exam of academic achievement] although slightly lower than the 36 percent of fourth graders reading Below Basic in 2002, the average reading score remains almost unchanged.

Black and Latino students — the latter of which include first-generation Americans from immigrant homes — do poorly; 53 percent of black fourth-graders and 52 percent of their Latino counterparts are reading Below Basic.

The illiteracy levels know no income barrier: Forty-nine percent of poor students read Below Basic proficiency while a (less-abysmal) 21 percent of wealthier students also have poor reading comprehension skills.

News Flash! One of the easiest things we can do is teach a child to read. They want to read and when they get the tools, they ‘take off.’ [there are exceptions, of course]. Take away the tools [what the letters sound like] and you’ve now limited proficiency to a particular group, disproportionately female. Colleges are now 55% female.

By far, however, is the cost in literacy and comprehension — of the English language! More and more people cannot comprehend what’s being said or written, IF they even care.

Result? We can’t understand basic instructions. We can’t read / understand a contract to buy a car. We can’t find low-level employees who can follow the ‘Operating Procedures’ or the ‘Plan-o-grams.’ If it’s not verbal, don’t expect very much.

Now, do you understand how politicians and shysters [preachers?] are able to get what they want? IF we can read, we have little idea as to WHAT it is we’re reading. THIS IS DELIBERATE!

And The Change-Agents know it! I just scrapped an Article about LifeWay Research [Research and Marketing Arm of the Southern Baptist Convention] because they did a study of pastors, making a distinction between Protestant and Evangelical pastors in some results, but not all. Protestant & Evangelical Churches are like Night & Day, when it comes to Theology.

THIS IS NOT HELPFUL! But, how many know or care? Watch the ‘Man-On-The-Street’ interviews as they ask basic questions about our Government and/or who running for Public Office. It’s Educational!

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