Coming Financial Meltdown

Death of Money
Texas is preparing for the collapse of the U.S. Dollar! Houston’s Radio Station KTRH is reporting the plans for Texas to ‘repatriate $1 bn of gold bullion from New York to Texas.’

Texas wants to be positioned to not only take care of herself but to be “a commodities hub for the continent,” according to State Rep. Giovanni Capriglione.

Before you write this off as just another Out-Sized Texas Attitude, consider:
– There is over $1 Trillion changing hands every month in the U.S.
– But, there is only $1.5 Trillion in circulation, worldwide.
This is called ‘Monetary Velocity,’ and when it’s this up-side-down, it’s NOT a good sign!

So, how does the world operate? On Credit! The world is moving credits around, which are largely just numbers on a balance sheet. And the Credit System is Insolvent to the tune of 6 times the 2007 crash.

Today, our financial system is $57 trillion MORE in debt than in 2008.
In 2000, the .com industry went bust — threatening the money supply
In 2008, the housing industry went bust — damaging the rest
Since then the Fed has been pumping money into the system, watering down the value of the dollar, with the so-called Big Players taking money out of the system for years, stock-piling it for what they see as ‘hard times’ coming.

Experts suggest it would take only 3 hours for the Entire System to collapse and Stop! Experts predict a day when ATMs will stop working and businesses will no longer take credit cards. Trucks will stop running, Stores will stop receiving deliveries. You will stop getting paid!

When? Many analysts think we’re Over Due! All that would be necessary is for the world to ‘lose faith’ in the American Dollar and it would be 1930 All Over Again….Only Worse!! There are several nations and groups working to create a New Global Currency. Should that happen our dollar wouldn’t even make good wall paper.

You’ve heard the term: Quantitative Easing? That’s The Federal Reserve pumping money into the system by buying Bonds. At their last meeting the expectation was that they would raise interest rates. They didn’t! Why not? Because the economy is NOT Responding!

It’s been more than 8 years since The Market started to crumble and there is no improvement in sight! J.P. Morgan no longer permits cash to be stored in their Bank Vaults. Chase discourages people from paying Cash for their new cars. Bank of America is reported to have ‘nearly arrested’ a man for trying to pay cash for his home. In Louisiana it is now illegal to purchase precious metals with cash.

In Case of Emergency, What Happens?
1. The Banks Shut Down! ATMs cease dispensing money.
2. Your Credit Cards will no longer work….anywhere.
3. Merchants will stop accepting cash…at some point
4. The Entire System will Re-boot (eventually) with The Dollar pegged lower.

How low? Right now our dollars are worth about 8 cents in real money. But, that’s just buying power, not actual value. Expect to pay $5 for a pack of gum.

What’s Going On?

Biblically: The world is getting ready for Anti-Christ. The chaos will demand a Strong World Leader to get things under control.

Financially: We are 5 – 8 generations past The Great Depression and at least 4-6 beyond any that understands financial reality! The average family spends everything they make and borrows 10’s of thousands more, just for essentials, not counting the $40,000 pick up trucks and $8000 vacations.

Politically: Men have pursued personal wealth and power at the expense of The Masses. Liberals, Socialists and Opportunists have spent-and-spent-and-spent, seeing no end to the money supply….meaning our ability to pay taxes.

Spiritually: The “Law of The Harvest” is kicking in: Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” [Gal 6:7] You can’t play the numbers forever.

The O.M.B. says that more than 40% of all government spending goes to programs included in the Index of Dependence on Government.[fiscal 2012/13]

Forbes says we’ve reached the 50% mark of Americans on Government Subsidies.

What Can You Do? Nothing but prepare! Have you ever listened to Dave Ramsey? He recommends a minimum of One Month’s Salary put away for emergencies. Ideally? 6 Months. Only American Dollars are not what you need to be putting away. The guy at the gas pump isn’t going to take your card OR your dollars.

Does All This Frighten You? It should. But that’s not The Point! The point is: 1. God is still in control. 2. The Party is over. 3. It’s time to act like responsible human beings and put First Things, …First.

How do you prepare for a Hurricane? How do you prepare for War? How do you prepare for any Catastrophe? You prepare yourself to do without creature comforts; without a clean water supply; without food from the store; without money from the bank. Without a job. South African countries have lived with inflation rates as high as 600%, for years! Prices change before they can leave the store!

Millions of others have done this, for thousands of years. It’s not impossible. But, it’s not easy either. Being Prepared is Half The Battle. Look for a Barter System to arise, both on a local level and on a State Level. Individual States have already created currencies of their own. People will get creative.

Look for crime to increase. Is your home secure? Your car? Are your valuables protected? That silverware? That jewelry? Those old tires you’ve got stored out back? The $8000 worth of digital ‘stuff’ all over your house? The clothes on your back, as you walk down the street?

Look for an increase in the militarism of local police forces. Curfews. Rationing. Shortages of all sorts. Medications. Baby Food. Any specialized dietary items.

But, most of all, look to your heart! Do You Trust God? We are all going to learn just how much…..should Jesus tarry.

OR….it could just keep going the way it’s going, for another 20 years! [Not Likely] That is, if ISIS or North Korea or China or Russia don’t blow things up! [not necessarily in the literal sense].

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