Have You Seen The ‘Signs of The Times?’

Sanders Slogan
The recent Democrat Presidential Candidate Debate [Oct 13, 2015] was a “Rush To The Left.” Each Candidate sought the most “Liberal” Economic / Social position possible. None of them seemed to have any idea how things work, unless they are completely amoral and intent on destroying our social structure.

Strong Words!?   Look at the facts.

The Federal Government collects $3.5 trillion each year. State and Local governments collect another $3 trillion, for a total of $6.5 trillion. Over the past 20 years, federal spending grew 63 percent faster than inflation. Today, our National Debt is more than 5x our Annual Income. This is equivalent to a family earning $50,000, accumulating a Credit Card debt of over $250,000.

Imagine that family sitting down and deciding to add an additional $20,000 of debt EVERY year for the next ten years, simply because they want to live at that higher level. Any thinking person would conclude these people are irresponsible, if not brain damaged!

But that’s exactly what the Democrat Candidates were suggesting [in all seriousness] they would do, if elected President of the United States. An additional $1.8 trillion every year for the next 10 years….for what? To make sure every American had free health care, free college education and a job paying a minimum of $15.00 an hour! Why? Because it’s the Right Thing To Do!

Over half of all Americans are living at an economic level less than they were 40 years ago. The Southern Education Foundation estimates that half of all school children in America now come from  ‘low income’ families, primarily in the South.                                                   [ http://southerneducation.org ]

LBJ’s “Great Society” Policy reduced poverty in America by about 6%, where it has stayed for the last 60 years, despite increased government spending. During this same period, Government spending, just for low income housing, increased by over 500%, while Social Security and Medicare increased more than 1700%. [ http://washingtonpost.org ]

It should be clear to any rational person that government spending is NOT the answer! However, the Democrat Candidates are advocating MORE government spending in order to make our society … what?  Better off? More Equal?

Name a country where Socialism has done any of that. Russian socialism means getting to the grocery store as soon after a delivery as possible, or face empty shelves. Have you seen the cars these people drive…made by Russian workers who have no incentive to do better?

British & Canadian socialism means waiting months just to see a cancer doctor for a diagnosis. Self-employed individuals either pay for their own medical treatment or risk losing their business while they wait. Cancer patients who can afford it, travel to the U.S. for treatment.

All that will end with Bernie or Hillary. We will all be equal. Well, not the top 1%. These 146,000 households earn the most and pay the lion’s share of taxes, even with the deductions. However, their taxes do not even come close to what poor people pay.

What’s $100,000  in taxes to a person taking in $10 million a year? How does that compare with a person paying $4000 on a $40,000 salary, not to mention the State and Local taxes, and Health Care? Do you really think multi-millionaires have health insurance? Have you ever dealt with an insurance company, during a serious illness?

It’s all Smoke-and-Mirrors! Promise The Moon but provide V.A. Medical Care! A ‘Chicken in Every Pot,’ if you can afford the Pot! Why? Because these ‘give-away policies’ get people elected. The people in the streets, advocating for more government solutions have nothing to lose. Will they make policy for the rest of us? Yes!

It’s how government elections work. It hasn’t been about reality, in my lifetime. LBJ was elected to end the Vietnam War, in 1964. That worked, didn’t it? Sen. Barry Goldwater advocated going in and winning that war! L.B.J. won the election, promising a more reasonable solution! And we lost 50,000 men before that war ended…10 years later….in disgrace!

The Battle is one of Pandering. Who can promise the most to the most? The cost doesn’t matter, it’s only numbers. “A few billion here, a few billion there, and pretty soon we’re talking serious money!”

Pandering is Immoral, especially when it’s feathering your nest at the expense of others. This is clearly what politics has become. Candidates spend a lot of money to learn where the electorate is and then run to get in front of them. Listen to the electioneering slogans.

The Bible-Picture of The End of this Age is that of a Global Tyrant dominating the Western World. Except for the few who rebel, and die, the majority seem to be OK with it. Why? Because he’s taking care of them. Sure, he’s a Tyrant, but he’s OUR Tyrant. The whole world is sliding into the Dumper, but they don’t seem to notice…..until it’s too late.

Think About That. Then watch the ‘Man-in-the-Street’ interviews on Current Political or Economic Issues….or about anything to do with history. These people are ignorant of all that’s important….but they know the newest songs and the current technologies.

How many of your friends watch the News or care? Current Events, Global Events, Economic Events are trivial, in their view. They can’t change it and it hasn’t ever been a serious problem…..so why think about it?

This is how you know It’s The End Times!  “Peace and Safety” is the Slogan!

But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you. For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.   [I Thess. 5:1-3]

Read verses 4 through 10

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