The Roseburg Killer Is More Normal Than We Know

Statue of Devil
People Magazine is reporting that the Roseburg Shooter was Demon Possessed!

Well, maybe not possessed, but ‘forced to align myself with these demons and become one of them. “At first,” he wrote, “it was involuntary, but now I am aligned with them. I now serve. When I die I will become one of them.” “My success in Hell is assured.”

Strange words to most folks, chilling words to those of us who know what The Bible teaches about demons and about hell. HINT: There is no ‘success’ in hell! All who find themselves there will know they were ‘failures.’ Failures at the One Thing That Mattered!

This is a man who lived a very strange life, most of his 26 years….according to family, neighbors and schoolmates. A Loner! [there’s a shock for you!] How many truly evil villains have been characterized this way? It’s almost a given.

Speaking of ‘giving’ The Bible teaches us that people must give themselves to demons, the demons do not have the power to take. Of course, there are many ways to ‘give.’ Not all of them conscious behaviors. This is why people like me warn folks about the influences in this world.

What do you have to do? Ignore anything to do with God, immerse yourself (freely) in the popular culture, lean toward anything that is self-oriented, open your soul up to spiritual abandonment and follow the dictates that emerge.

Easy? In our contemporary world, it’s easier than it has ever been. The influences that lead toward this abandonment are everywhere: from the music to the drugs, to the literature, to the images and dialogue available on the TV and Internet, to the new definitions for ‘family,”birth control,’love,’ and ‘dating.’

Everywhere we look, it seems the ‘Dark Side’ is what’s The Most Popular. Unless it’s salacious and suggestive, it isn’t entertainment. Have you seen the trailers for the new Peter Pan movie? And this is for children.

We even see it in our churches. Make No Mistake, the idea that someone can speak certain words that have an effect on uncooperative bodies & souls….is NOT a God-idea! It comes straight out of the Dark Side!

There is Power in Positive Thinking. However, there is no godly power in Positive Speaking, beyond the obvious. So-called Christians are orienting their entire lives around the idea that negative words bring harmful, spiritually negative results, while positive words bring health, peace and wealth. That’s Witchcraft, Not Christianity.

Do you have cancer? Did you know it’s because you didn’t have a positive, spiritual orientation? Or, because you did not ‘Rebuke it?’ The witches of old used incantations: a series of words that had power to dispel evil. Is there a difference between that and repeating the words: “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ — Come Out of Her / Him!?”

No one in The Bible ever did that….except the sons of Sceva (Acts 19) and they were considered ‘vagabond jews,’ traveling around, seeking wealth through any means possible. The demons almost beat these men to death!!

We can remove every gun from every human being on the planet and this sort of thing will NOT stop! The guns, knives, acid, rocks, fists will continue to kill. The instruments of death are inconsequential! Murder flows from the heart. Murderous hearts will find a way or make one.

“Hell,” the Bible says was created for the devil and his rebellious angels. [Mt. 25:41 The words of Jesus] It is called, “outer darkness, where there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth” and “everlasting punishment.”

Anyone who WANTS to go there….may. All you have to do is … NOTHING! Be born a human being; live according to the dictates of your own heart; think only of what matters to you; accumulate the wealth of this world without regard to God; ignore any and all truly godly influences, and you will find what you seek: Hell!

A place without God. A place without hope. A place without peace. A place without rest. A place of loneness [there is no comfort from the billions of others who are there — you probably won’t even know they are there, except for the sounds]. Why? Because hell is a place without light.

Our understanding of ‘hell’ is found only in The Bible. Other references are man-made. The Bible’s description of ‘hell’ is a place away from / apart from God and anything related to Him. The Place most human beings crave. The Place ALL human hearts relate to best.

Wretched ‘Jack-The-Ripper,’ and Sweet ‘Granma,’ ALL in the same place? IF they have ignored / rejected Christ? Yes! The human heart WANTS what it WANTS. The Holy Spirit is at work in the world to warn us about this deadly desire.

The written Word of God is in the world to steer us away from this certain death. The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is in the world to both illustrate and warn….with the only words that mean anything: The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Now do you know why the Church; why The Gospel is so despised and corrupted, while the destructive things of this world are so prevalent; so attractive; so stimulating?

Chris Mercer was merely immersed in the popular culture, from childrens’ cartoons to video games to TV….without anyone to warn him; guard his soul; protect him from himself. No doubt his early years were spent at home [it’s a dangerous world, these days…especially if Mom is working]. No kids on the street to play with. No girlfriends. No school chums. Growing up alone….digital 1’s and 0’s for friends.

In the end, his own heart was drawn into a Dark World. A world without Light; without Hope; without Feeling. All that mattered was The Dark Side. Something he purposed to pursue….thinking he would have all the freedom and power he sought once he was like the demons.

In the end he killed without mercy….Who? Christians. Why? Because they represented everything he despised about life. The others? He simply disabled them with shots to their legs. Then he killed himself.

I’m thinking he was Shocked!!

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