A Global Reset In September?

Global Reset Are you paying Attention?

The end of the Biblical Sabbath Year occurs on September 15.
Congress is set to vote on the Iran Nuclear Deal on September 17.
The 266th Pope will arrive in the U.S. on the 266th day of the year.
The Pope with be the first pope to address Congress, September 24.
The Pope will be The Keynote Speaker at the U.N. Sustainability Summit.
Three days later the 4th and last ‘Blood Moon’ will take place…
When? On the biblical Feast of Tabernacles.

Is This The End of the World? Or The Beginning of The End? Or The End of the Beginning? Or simply God moving the pawns around to effect His ultimate Purpose?

The world wants ‘Open Borders,’ in the U.S.! People are starving, suffering, longing to be free and the U.S. is wealthy and large! Their resistance is nothing less than just Wrong; Unchristian; Unfair!

Where did this idea come from? It came (philosophically) from the U.N.’s Sustainability Summit! Did I mention the Pope is scheduled to speak at their 2015 Meeting?

The E.U. is now experiencing the same migration. Having mitigated their borders (for all intents and purposes), fleeing refugees from Syria know they simply have to get to ONE E.U. country and the whole of the Union will be available to them — without passports or visas.

Their country of choice is Hungary. The Hungarians are racing to seal off their border! Hey! What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander, No?

None of this is mere happenstance. This is a Planned Migration. No, the U.N. didn’t ‘plan’ for ISIS. However, they DID plan for a Purposeful Global Society. It’s an Initiative they call “Agenda 21.”

I told you about this back in 1998 / 1999. Well, if you lived in Wilmington, N.C. and listened to my Weekly Evening Radio Show [Last Call!]. Even then folks were yawning…asking me ‘so what?’

Well, here’s So What! When the pope addresses the U.N. it will be to Jump Start Agenda 21! A failed program that is being invigorated this month. A Global Program to Re-order all human activity!

Agenda 21 is supposed to ‘End Poverty.’ It hasn’t.
Agenda 21 is supposed to ‘End Hunger.’ It hasn’t.
Agenda 21 is supposed to ‘Ensure Healthy Lives.’ It hasn’t.
There are 17 of these! Oh, the number 21 reflects how long they think it will take to achieve these goals… 6 more years.

The Bottom Line? Globalization!! Why? Man wants to Control The Planet! It’s The Product of Humanism. Isn’t this God’s job? Of course, but He’s not been doing such a Great Job! All He seems able to do is say “Don’t!”

We are witnesses to the Mans’ effort to take control of his destiny and get control over the various systems that drive our world. People are the most unpredictable and unmanageable. America cannot be defeated, but it can be co-opted. This is what we’re watching.

When the Globalists Win, things will get very much worse! People cannot be controlled with external systems. If you don’t win their hearts, you will never control their bodies, minds, desires, etc.

Watch for a complete collapse of the Middle East, the E.U. and, to a lessor degree, the U.S., with Israel in the middle of it all. Watch for the economic system to become so chaotic the wealthy will not be able to get nor keep their wealth. Watch for world systems to become so dysfunctional the Western World will be forced to step in to Fix It. [Rev. 6]

This year? Probably not. Next year? Could be. The Bible says no one will expect it. Whenever it is — and it won’t be long in historical terms — everyone will know what we’re doing today has been a waste of time! True Believers will either be gone or have their ‘bags’ packed, seeing the prophetic hand-writing on the wall.

I have taken my bags out.

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