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Globalism Choprah

One week after ‘The Great Debate’ the discussion has been about the deep division within the Republican Party: Establishment v. Radicals, with the so-called radicals coming out on top in the polls. What’s missing is what’s really going on and where all this is taking us, as a Nation … as a People.

Are any of the candidates renouncing the last 100 years’ of effort by both Parties to diminish the U.S. in order to forge a more cohesive Global Society? Which candidate is NOT getting money from establishment types?

Which one is advocating AGAINST The U.N. and it’s war on America? Which one wants to return to our ‘Roots:’ A Sovereign Nation governed by Law; a Nation reflecting biblical principles of personal responsibility, law, finance, social equality, decency and culture; a Nation that actually educates children?

It is difficult to find an area of American Life that is not fashioned by Global Cultural / Economic / Political Initiatives. Everything is being crafted around “Globalization” as if that’s a good thing!

Why did we leave the ‘Gold Standard,’ in favor of ‘Fiat Money?’ British / Canadian Health Care Systems are not new! The weaknesses of both are clearly evident! So, why did we follow their lead with the Affordable Care Act?  Why are we not protecting our borders?

Why have we waged an unrelenting war on biblical Christianity? How did we get to the place where killing babies and selling their body-parts seemed reasonable? Why is there so much wrangling and discussion about a sitting Secretary of State having her own Internet Server, instead of issuing a Warrant?

We are in Free Fall re: morality and decency. A Necessary Reality if we are to be accepted into the Global Community!

Why? Because nobody likes the person who seems to have it all together! In a group, the person who is always neat in appearance, well-spoken, well-balanced and financially careful, is generally talked about (behind his/her back) and privately (or publicly) scorned. If that person has more wealth and more opportunities than everyone else, they will just have to Go!

So it is with the U.S…..as she used to be. Other people thought us arrogant and prideful. Other people wanted nothing to do with us….until they needed money or doctors or technology or warriors to fight their battles!

Today, we are more acceptable …. meaning more approachable; more like everyone else. That we are Broke,  morally Bankrupt, just like everyone else?  Well, not JUST like everyone else, but we’re trying. Our hope is that the nations of the world will accept us and let us ‘play’ in the game.

This is what Globalism looks like. No one definition for Globalism fits everyone or every situation, however, in its broadest sense Globalism is the effort to bring the entire Globe into one harmonious system.

Does this sound biblical? It is! To date, however, the effort has been successful largely only among Western Nations. You know, those with a Christian history? The rest are on the fringe, vying for power and influence in their own right. One day the world will be divided along these same lines.

The Bible describes Israel being defended by Western power against a Middle Eastern threat, with Asian countries [Russia, Persia (Iran) & China] collaborating with her enemies for their own selfish ends. Did you know Russia and Iran are conducting Joint Naval Training Operations in the Caspian Sea, right now? Russia is concerned with N.A.T.O.’s expansion into the Middle East.

How does all this affect us here, at home? Over the last 75 years we’ve been able to develop a Leadership Class that largely knows nothing about the Values and Principles that gave them this opportunity!

What they DO know about our history, they don’t like! They can talk for hours about Slavery, Unjust or Unnecessary Wars, Mistreatment of Native Americans, Abuses and Disparities, which they lay at the feet of Religion and Capitalism, all the while ignorant of what made this country Great!

We’ve also managed to create a Worker Class that is largely ignorant of the same things [due to a co-opted educational system] and distracted by Social Media, Fashion, Sex, Music, Entertainment and Sports. A Class of people with little real education and almost no understanding of life or how to get the most out of it.

This is Deliberate! It’s being done for Control! No thinking, caring parent would routinely do for their children what they are capable of doing for themselves, if they wanted them to grow up and be successful. No responsible parent would give a child everything they wanted, if the goal was to make them self-sufficient and productive. So, why does our government give people money NOT to work?  [Yes, they do!]

The people who devise these Social Programs are smart people. They know exactly what they’re doing. For Example: It was the Democrats, who kept Black folks out of the mainstream of Southern Society for 100 years AFTER the end of slavery, who came up with The Great Society. How has that worked out?

  1. It has kept these folks dependent upon The Government
  2. It has kept these folks voting for Democrats
  3. It has kept these folks out of the mainstream of society

It has also kept the Civil Rights Movement alive, 50 years after the Battle was won. The Civil Rights leaders of the 1960’s are wealthy men, today. They have become wealthy on the backs of their own ‘slaves.’ Now there are radicalized groups advocating killing all white people [Louis Farrakhan is the most recent].

The effort to bring all the nations of the world together requires that some nations Step Up while others must Step Down. The U.S. has been ‘Stepping Down’ for the last 100 years. The last Barrier has been our Judeo-Christian Ethic and it, now, is gone!

Those who still hold to it are viewed as enemies of society. Nations that hold to it are viewed as enemies of Unity and Progress. We’ll  watch how the Social System fares under a New Administration. We’ll watch the Financial & Educational Systems, the Laws that are enacted and the way the New Government responds to biblical Christian values.

Anyone want to hazard a guess as to what we’ll see? I’m thinking NOTHING substantive is going to change! The Lessons learned during the Reagan Revolution have been ignored and demonized. Don’t hold your breath for another Go-Round of anything like that, ever again!

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