Where Do We Go From Here?

end of the world
This week, in a 45 to 12 vote, the Boy Scouts of America said it was OK for adult, practicing homosexuals, to be on Camping Trips with 12 year old boys. Church groups sponsoring Boy Scout Troops do not have to abide by this ruling [not yet].

ABC NEWS is apparently planning to air [if they haven’t already] a story entitled: “Two Moms, One Dad, Two Babies Make One Big Happy Polyamorous Family.” It discusses 3-way sex and profiles a self-described ‘triad’ or ‘throuple.’ [that’s a 3-person couple]

At the same time Detroit gave permission for a Satanic Group to unveil a Statue to The Devil, last Saturday….accompanied by all the sexually-charged revelry one can imagine.

What’s Happening To America? It’s not What’s Happening, it’s What Happened! Somewhere around the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th Centuries, everything changed. The influences of Darwin, Marx & Freud changed the way we looked at life, government and God.

The Modern Era brought us ‘Progressive’ Politics, which ultimately threw over all the absolute standards of law & morality, creating A Brave New World of subjective standards and flexible truths. It brought us The Roaring Twenties and The Great Depression.

While this was happening on the social and political side, the religious world was also in turmoil. Darwinianism was captivating the minds of those who resented God, with His absolute standards of morality and truth. German Liberalism made it’s way over here, drawing Mainline Denominations away from The Word of God.

Everything, from that point, forward, has been downhill. The Depression gave Progressives the opportunity to impose Socialism upon a desperate society. The Wars with Germany fed our fears and created even more opportunities for spending money we didn’t have, giving us a Global Community.

The Income Tax no ordinary citizen was expected to ever pay, increased. The Social Security most people would never receive and which was promised NEVER to be a form of Identification….has become a staple of life for millions of seniors and the disabled [real or otherwise].

And we STILL believe our politicians when they say they’re looking out for us? This week a sitting Secretary of State was asked by the House Foreign Affairs Committee if he would block the Iran Deal, should Congress over-ride the President’s Veto. His answer? “I can’t begin to answer that at this point, without consulting with the president and determining what the circumstances are.”

What about The Law? Will you abide by The Law? Sec. Kerry can’t say….until he’s told what to do? This is politics in the 21st Century.

Candidate for President, Mike Huckabee said, this week, the Iran Deal was marching Israel right up to the ovens. The world had a fit! Why? Probably because it’s True!

Israel is clearly Iran’s Main Target, as it is for ALL the Arab States. Allowing them to develop a nuclear capacity is a Clear and Present Threat To Israel! But, you can’t say that aloud? Would that someone said that in 1938! And that the world paid heed!!

A published report, this week (July 29, 2105) wonders aloud if the Pope just may be the Anti-Christ. This is not the first time, but it’s the most credible of all speculations of this sort. He is a Progressive who is making (personal) ‘nice’ with all religions and all governments, the world over.

How much longer do we have? In fact, no one knows. However, the eschatological line-up is looking more Real than ever. Global Politics, Global Economy (going South), Russia on the move (again), Persia [Iran] becoming more dominant and threatening, Israel increasingly surrounded by warring Arabs (even if they aren’t focused on her…as yet)?

The Rule of Law is now passe. Moral Standards are no longer rooted in Objective Truth. Children are objects to discard at will. Women are no longer respected as women. Darwinism, Satanism, Animism, Mysticism, etc., are on an equal footing with Popular Christianity, while Biblical Christianity is on the way OUT!

Where Do We Go From Here? What’s Next? Have you noted the increase in extra-terrestrial (so-called) sightings and talk? The biblical narrative is beginning to look more reasonable and rational, every day.

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