The Deliberate Deception

Kinsey Report
In 1937 the Age of Sexual Consent In America was between 16 and 21 years.
Statutory Rape was punishable by the Death Penalty in 16 States
Rape was punishable by the Death Penalty in 18 States
Seduction & Adultery brought Prison time or a Fine

In 21st Century America, most of the above crimes are vague and subject to interpretation. Young people are learning about sex in elementary school and homosexuality in Kindergarten. The Traditional Family Structure is mocked and maligned. Parental Authority has all but ceased to exist. Where we do see it, someone calls it abusive.

What happened? Social Scientists got involved, cooked the books and stole our morality, by emasculating our God and changing every Basic Value. None of this happened by accident!

The Rockefeller Institute funded a study by Alfred Kinsey, in the 1920’s and 30’s. Kinsey was a product of Harvard Eugenics. Another defender / activist for eugenics was Margaret Sanger (Founder of Planned Parenthood). These and many others worked to indoctrinate an entire generation of Americans in the Darwinian Social Model.

Human Beings are like animals with brains. We can control for negative genetics by limiting undesirables from pro-creating and by isolating those who demonstrate ‘weaker’ genes. In this vein, Blacks and Native Americans were discouraged from reproducing, others, who demonstrated a low Intelligence or were seriously ill, were sterilized or worse.

All this was a Giant Social Experiment designed to create a National (and ultimately Global) Utopia. They had only One real impediment: God!

Dostoevsky once significantly wrote: “If God does not exist, everything is permitted,” [Brothers Karamozov 1880].

Why is divorce wrong? Why is sexual promiscuity wrong? Why is pornography wrong? Why is aborting a perfectly healthy baby, wrong? Every society is free to set their own moral standards, and they do. However, there is something universal about morality.

The above concepts represent either the Strength of a society or its Weakness. Allow for divorce on almost any grounds and the Family Structure is weakened and eventually destroyed. Look around.

Permit sexual ‘play’ as a form of entertainment and watch how sexual behaviors evolve. Watch how younger children are impacted, when they begin ‘playing’ with this thing.

Allow mothers to kill their babies, simply because they don’t want to be pregnant, and watch the abuse multiply until we are killing babies AFTER they are born. [Dr. Gosnell?] There’s a reason our laws were adjusted back to 20 weeks of gestation. We couldn’t take it!

Make abortion a routine medical procedure and watch the moral temperature of a society decline. Watch how Planned Parenthood Contracts out baby parts for handsome fees! A practice that is a Federal Offense — A Felony, with prison time attached.

Margaret Sanger is the Mother of Planned Parenthood. She and her ‘Eugenic’ friends crafted a moral climate that favored an elite human being. One that was statistically free from all that would keep the future society from growing stronger and doing better. If they had to kill some babies, sterilize some ‘blacks’ and ‘imbeciles’ along the way, it was for the Greater Good!

Today, their Policies and Principles Guide American Social Standards. God is Out! Self is In! The Elite run the country — The Minorities are sufficiently marginalized by the ‘bread-and-circuses’ of a beneficent upper class.

You DO know more Black babies are aborted than White, right? The Black population is targeted by these abortion mills. Planned Parenthood deliberately places their facilities within a 2 mile radius of a black or Latino neighborhood. That’s walking distance. They make sure Mothers don’t see an ultra-sound or hear about options, like adoption. And they make certain these folks DO hear about the Federal Financing available to make all this happen.

50% of black women, over 40, have been impacted by abortion, according to Life Foundation. These women have either had an abortion or know someone who did. In New York there are more black abortions than births — 52.6% of non-hispanic black women were aborted in 2013. [Dep’t of Health & Mental Hygiene]

And abortion rates are coming down! 22% since 2000.

The Kinsey Report has long ago been discredited. It is now accepted truth that upwards of 87% of the so-called “normal men” were actually ‘deviants’ of one sort or another. Generations of instruction, policy, conditioning was built on that foundation. For What Purpose? Certainly NOT to strengthen the society.

Is it possible otherwise intelligent people could be so cruel? So insensitive? So wrong? Certainly they did not know what they were doing!

Yes…. They Did! And it worked….and is working. The average child in America is exposed to pornography at 10 / 11 years of age. It is a National Health Crisis! The links between pornography and sex trafficking, violence against women, child abuse, addiction and more…is well established.

Why would a society WANT to do this to the next generation? What is going through the minds of our Legislators and Judges that they would unleash this on our children? They did this BEFORE the internet! Maybe they just didn’t know. They Knew! The Bible is very Clear. Human History is very Clear. Human Nature is very Clear.

It’s almost as though there is Something or Someone deliberately seeking to corrupt and destroy the human race! Oh Wait: There Is!!!

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