Lessons From Gomorrah

Russell Wilson
The day came when the LORD [Heb: Jehovah] came to Abram, as he dwelt in the land of Canaan. This is none other than the pre-incarnate Jesus. Every mention of the LORD appearing or speaking with men is actually The 2nd Person of The Triune Godhead.

The issue was gross sin; sin that was ‘very grievous’ [Gen. 18:20]. As ‘the men’ [Angels] set off toward Sodom and Gomorrah, Abram engaged the LORD in conversation. “Wilt thou also destroy the righteous with the wicked?”

This is the first mention of a principle that will be followed throughout Scripture. Namely: That God will not destroy a city or a civilization as long as one true believer is still there. Evidence is how the angels ultimately dragged Lot and his family out, BEFORE the judgment fell.

We see this again at the End of the Age, when The Church is removed BEFORE the destruction begins. It is a minority of Christians who teach that The Church will go through the entire Tribulation period, a concept which is spiritually and morally reprehensible.

A consistent hermeneutic drives home the point that these folks were at the bottom of the moral ash heap. The men of Sodom wanted to ‘know’ these visitors (19:5). In the next ‘breath’ (v. 8) we learn that Lot had two daughters who had not known a man. It is the same Hebrew word, used in the same context and in the same fashion. Clearly this is sexual.

Romans 1 teaches us that human beings all follow the same path…downward, through a process whereby they:

1) Ignore the Obvious Truth of God:  deliberately doing that which they know is wrong, darkening their foolish heart, then,

2) Refuse to Glorify God [even though they knew better], professing to be wise (knowing more than God) they worship idols (real or imagined – wealth, power, pleasure) until God gives them up / over to the dishonoring of their own bodies between themselves [wanton sexual pleasures], then,

3) Change The Truth of God, in worshipping and serving the creature more than the Creator, giving themselves up to ‘vile affections’ [homosexuality is clearly one of them], until…

4) God gives them over to a reprobate (morally worthless) mind, to do those things which are not fitting (for human beings to do).

Twenty-First Century American Society is at the Bottom of this Ash Heap! Case In Point: Russell Wilson is a Star Quarterback for Seattle Seahawks and a professing Christian. He has announced his plan NOT to have sex with his singer, girlfriend until they are married.

The Media is having a Fit! He is being criticized for claiming God told him to remain celibate. Some have said his decision is ‘stupid.’ One Sports Radio Host suggested Wilson could be homosexual.

Now….in the interest in clarity, let me say, IF Wilson is doing this because, as he says, “God spoke to him….” That’s imagination, sheer nonsense….or witchcraft! But, then, he attends The Rock Church in Seattle. Enough said?

All that aside, how did we get here, as a society? How did we get to the place where we embrace infanticide, pornography, casual sex and homosexuality and condemn anything wholesome or good? The answer? Just as the apostle Paul says, in Romans, Chapter One.

As a culture, we began doing things were knew were wrong….were sins. We ignored the obvious Word of God, the Traditions of our Fathers and Common Sense in order to have “fun.” We knew better. We just didn’t care.

As a culture, we saw what was happening, with increased out-of-wedlock pregnancies, but chose to compensate by killing the babies. We even had the U.S. Supreme Court say it was an inalienable Right! We knew better but we believed none of this would be a problem. We were worshipping something other than God.

As a culture, we then began changing obvious truth. Is Bruce Jenner a man or a woman? Today? He’s whatever he says he is! That’s a form of Insanity! That’s ‘serving the creature more than the Creator.’ And homosexuality? That’s a ‘vile affection.’ Vile in what it does to the participant’s bodies and psyches. Vile in what it does to innocent children who are molested by these degenerates. Vile in what it does to the society, at large.

Until we reach that point where human beings are doing whatever crosses their minds to do….regardless of Right v. Wrong, Good v. Bad, Healthy v. Unhealthy, Constructive v. Destructive. A Social Condition that exist ONLY as God releases His spiritual ‘grip’ on the society in order to Judge It!

Human Beings, according to the Bible, have NO desire nor ability to Do Right, as God calls Right. They are morally and spiritually depraved, due to sin. See Gen. 3.

If it were not for God’s Spiritual Restraint, this world would not be safe on any level, for any human being! He keeps us from destroying ourselves, which is our natural, moral bent.

Not everyone believes this. That’s Ok. But look around….what else explains this insanity?

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