Welcome To The Brave New [Secular] World!

Expose Planned Parenthood
You knew it would happen! You simply didn’t want to believe it could. Abortion Mills selling Baby Parts to make money? Mothers / Parents signing off for their aborted children to be used in Medical Research? Even the mother who aborted 18 children because her husband wanted a boy?

Any competent psychologist could tell you, when you open the ‘door’ to legally killing unborn children, the resulting flood of immorality is inevitable! The human psyche is primed to accept whatever the heart agrees is Right and/or Good. When it does, there is almost no stopping it from moving into areas that here-to-fore were considered ‘wrong’ or ‘bad.’

Planned-Parenthood is in the Spotlight for comments made by one of it’s employees about selling baby parts. Worse, taking orders and carefully removing the body so as not to damage those parts. The whole thing is on video! And the employee who revealed all this? She’s been ‘let go.’

We’re talking a potential income of upwards of $50,000 to $70,000, per facility, per year!

But that’s not all! Food and Cosmetic Companies are in the baby business too! Anti-aging face and eye creams, from one San Francisco-based Beauty company. Elle and InStyle magazines have Awarded some of these creams in recent months.

Neocutis, Inc., a San Francisco based company has apparently developed a series of beauty product lines from processed Skin Cell Proteins, or PSP, which, as the company has openly discussed, are derived from a 14-week old aborted male fetus. [wnd.com]

Senomyx, of San Diego, California, is a company that researches and sells flavor boosting products to major worldwide food conglomerates, such as Nestle and PepsiCo, as well as the Swiss-based Firmerich, the world’s largest privately owned company in the fragrance and flavor business.

This is the flood of immoral behaviors flowing from the so-called innocent (and legal) termination of an unwanted pregnancy. What damage is all this doing to our women? Psychological? Emotional? Social? Moral? Spiritual?

A large percentage of so-called Christian women are aborting their babies. It is so onerous, the secular U.S. government saw fit to curtail the procedure, limiting it to 20 weeks! That’s 5 months of gestation. Babies are viable at 20 weeks, albeit with serious limitations and weaknesses.

Men are a large factor in abortions. Why? Because men are pigs! Pigs want what they want, when they want it, no matter whether they need it or not and when they have enough of that, they move to something (someone) else. Women would do well to heed this pattern!

Former Seahawks Chaplain says ‘America Is Now Thoroughly Secularized!’ Common sense is gone. Too many Christians are now content to blend with the flow rather than swim against it.” [wnd.com]

One in Three 10-year olds are accessing porn! [christianheadlines.com July 16, 2015]

These children will grow up without the fear of casual sex and all it brings; without fear of the disease and physical damage unbridled sexual activity wreaks. Pornography teaches that sex is not about marriage or having children. Sex is casual, recreational, adversarial and not intimate. It’s sexual ‘junk food.’ Psychologists are now calling it ‘the new cocaine.’

Where will all this lead? It will lead us into serious degradation. It will exaggerate the differences between Moral and Immoral, with the Immoral Crowd being dominate and the Moral Crowd being marginalized or worse!

Where will you stand? What will you teach your children? Remember, we teach more by what we DO than by what we SAY.

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