The Pope On Trial?

Battle for Jeru
Pope Francis is set to be put on trial, later this year (2015), by the Jewish Sanhedrin!

That’s right! Unless he retracts his statement that Jews have no right to the land of Israel or to Jerusalem, he’s going on trial!

The Sanhedrin appear in the Old & New Testaments of the Christian Bible. They are a group of 71 men (priests and lawyers) who were the Jewish Supreme Court under Mosaic Law. They have been out of business for millennia…largely since the Babylonian Captivity of about 586 BC.

The Sanhedrin has no political or legal status in the New Israel and clearly no authority over the Vatican. However, “ is comprised of some of the greatest rabbis of the modern Jewish nation, men who have dedicated themselves to the Torah, serving God and Israel.” []

What are we to make of this development? At the very least that Religious Israel is flexing it’s muscle. It comes as the pope recognizes the Palestinian State, while denigrating Israel’s claim on Jerusalem and describing Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian State as an “angel of peace.”

“While in Israel, Pope Francis attended Sunday Mass at the Church of the Nativity. In his sermon, Latin Patriarch Fuaod Twal accused Israelis of being the present-day version of Christ-killers by referring to the Palestinians as walking ‘in the footsteps of the Divine Child,’ and likening the Israelis to King Herod. Pope Francis later echoed these words in a later speech.” [op cit]

In addition, the pope embraced the Palestinian Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Muhammed Hussein, calling him “dear brother,” in a show of great affection. This is the Sheikh who calls Jews “sub-human beasts and enemies of Allah.”

In a meeting with Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, the pope corrected him when he mentioned that Jesus spoke Hebrew. The pope said it was Aramaic. Netanyahu countered with “educated Jews of that time spoke Aramaic, but the language of the people was Hebrew and the language Jesus preached in was Hebrew.” It is interesting to note Reuters, writing of this exchange, pointed out that ‘Palestinians sometimes describe Jesus as a Palestinian. Something to which Israelis object.

What are we to make of all this? Those of us who embrace a ‘Literal, Grammatical-Historical’ interpretation of Scripture [the same methodology you are currently using when reading this blog] see a very important piece of the End-Times ‘puzzle’ coming together.

During The Great Tribulation, a World-Religion will dominate the spiritual worship and practices of the world, while Jerusalem will become the Central Focus of the world-wide attack upon God’s people: ‘a cup of trembling,’ ‘a burdensome stone‘ [Zech 12]. The enemies of God will be seeking to rid the Earth of His mention and presence by destroying everything He holds dear and by destroying His prophetic credibility. The ‘people round about‘ Jerusalem will bring the final attack.

The Secretariat of the “Court of Mount Zion” sent the letter. This court has no civil authority, however it does have (apparently) ‘the highest spiritual significance’ in the minds of practicing Jews.

The Roman Catholic Church has NEVER been a friend to Israel. They are competitors in the arena of religion, particularly where Jerusalem is concerned. Rome views The Church as the Premiere Representative of Christ on Earth, calling the pope The Vicar of Christ. Israel views itself as The Representative of God on Earth, being the Chosen of God and Heir to The Kingdom (to come).

This is not a difference of opinion, it is a Battle for Global, Spiritual Dominance. Stay Tuned!

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