Call Me Kanoa!

Doelzal Before and After

I have decided to “Identify” as Kanoa. Kanoa is Hawaiian for “Free One.” I have always had an irrational love affair with Hawaii. I have never been there and probably never will. However, it stands out in my mind as The Perfect place to be. Why? Because I do not like the cold! And the music is pleasing to my ear. Besides, I want to be FREE!

This is what passes, today, for Rational Thinking. Whether it’s men who want to have sex with men, women who want sex with women, Bruce Jenner’s transexualism or now: Rachel Doezal’s racial makeup. All of it is OK with a large percentage of the population because it’s what makes them happy.

Some view this as Crazy. At the very least it is a release from reality. Bruce Jenner identifies as a woman in appearance and behavior, but his biology is still male, his neurology, musculature, genetic composition, dorsal aspect and reproductive system are still MALE!

Recently a transgendered MMA fighter did serious damage to his (her) opponent, so quickly and so profoundly that she refused to continue (after the first 30 seconds) and the referee called the fight. Now, no one will fight her (him — it).

Bruce Jenners Cat

There are now a growing number of changes in laws and customs to accommodate these people, many of which will surely come back to haunt us.

So, what’s going on? One blogger calls it Gnosticism. Jesse Johnson, of The Cripplegate, has laid it all out. Gnosticism (stemming from gnosis: to know) takes a couple of forms. One is to view the physical body as unimportant (even evil) in comparison with the spiritual being, which is our true identity.

Several references are made to this in The New Testament. Gnosticism was a growing philosophy in the First through Fifth Centuries, A.D. [No, I will not condescend to C.E.] The Apostles Paul and John (at least) wrote in opposition to gnosticism in The Church.

In the Gnostic’s view, if Jesus were that perfect spiritual being you Christians maintain, he would not have had a physical body — physical things being corrupted. The body you saw was really an accommodation by God to our reality. When Jesus walked on the beach He would leave no footprints.

Today, gnosticism is back (if it ever went away) in the chaos revolving around homosexuality and transgenderism. Gender and sex are not necessarily locked into predictable categories. I may be a man, but I view myself as a woman, or vice versa. Should you have a problem with this, YOU lack sophistication, intellect and moral understanding!

Now, we’re being treated to a woman who, in her teen picture, appears very blond and very pale of color, yet “identifies” as a black woman. Clearly she is coloring her skin (her response was less than definitive), coloring her hair and ‘frizzing’ it up so as to give the impression of being African-American.

She’s been ‘outed’ by her parents, but her response has been to suggest THEY don’t know their own background. THEY may really be Black, far back in their ancestry….’you don’t know!’

So? So Call Me Kanoa! In this post-post-post-modern society ANYTHING is possible. Those who deny this reality are part of The Problem: trying to take us back to the 16th century, when belief in absolutes formed the groundwork of society.

What was wrong with that? It was based on the concept that Truth was Static. This philosophy grew out of the belief in a Sovereign God. Men and women were driven to discover Truth, not make it. Objective reality. Objective Standards of Morality. Measurable Values. This was the ‘stuff’ of The Age of Rationalism.

The Renaissance opened the door to scientific investigation. The Source was God. Men believed that God ruled in the universe and it was their responsibility to discover how all they saw, worked.

Renaissance gave way to Rationalism, which gave way to Modernism and then post-modernism (mid-20th century) and then post-post-modernism, which has been supplanted at least two more times by philosophies that have taken us farther and farther away from objective reality, which is to say: God.

This current gnosticism proves The Point: There Is Nothing New Under The Sun!

Men hate God. Men want God out of their lives. Men reject anything to do with God, when and if they can. Even to the denial of how God made us.

Look for it to get worse!

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