Millennials Avoiding Church? I’m Shocked, I Tell You!


A recent Pew Research effort revealed that only about half of Americans aged 18-33 identify as Christians. This is supposed to be News.

Given the way Millennials were raised….little more Basic Training than given to the family dog….I’m surprised any of them care about such things as ‘Building Blocks of Society’ or ‘Foundational Pillars of Decency.’

This is a generation running on feelings and emotion, driven by electronic gadgets and social media. “Family” is that crowd who gets their mail at the same address, not one that sits down to a meal each evening to actually talk to one another about Life and Reality.  [There Are Exceptions!]

Twenty Years ago I asked a young mother about washing her car. She was genuinely surprised! “Why would I do that,” she responded. This same mother had a teen-aged son who had no idea how to start or operate a lawn mower. I can’t remember the last time I saw or heard of any 10 year olds fixing their own flat bicycle tires or chains. And homework around the Dining Room Table?  Are you crazy!?

About 15 Years ago I witnessed a young mother remove clothes from her dryer, put them in a basket, open the Bedroom door and slide the basket in. I asked about folding, ironing, hanging stuff up and she said: “When I need something, I do that.” It made perfect sense to her and, in her value system, it only mattered what the clothes looked like when they were  being worn. Propriety? Decency? Decorum? Orderliness? Discipline? Self-Respect? Many of these young adults can’t spell the words, let alone define them.

We’ve skipped the last two generations, when it comes to character and social values. Is it any wonder they don’t see ‘Church’ as a value?

Thinking of these events, the Contemporary Church Scene, the Charismatic Church scene and even the Liberal Church scene start to make sense. If families have no systems for inculcating decency and order, why would the churches? What need would there be to encourage decency, respect, decorum? These qualities are not necessary in any other area of my life! Unless  you’re thinking of Traffic Court or Divorce Court.

Here the judge wears a black robe, just as preachers used to do.  Here the judge insists on Order and Decorum. You had better dress UP, shave and get a haircut, if you want to be taken seriously. Speak out of turn and you could land in jail!  Here you WILL observe the rules and follow the instructions!

Why? Out of respect for The Court [meaning the judge]. Why? Because he sits in the place of God, representing the Law and dispensing Justice. Did I mention the black robe? Your feelings; your petty excuses; your tardiness; your slovenliness is Not Acceptable here!

These young people favor same-sex marriage, not because of any commitment to homosexuality, but because it’s Fair. They favor abortion and divorce, for the same reason. The Church that stands against such things is NOT their cup of tea.

So? So churches have watered down their value-system, in favor of human rights? No! In favor of attracting the most people. Do you really think such a church is going to provide a quality spiritual experience? The only ‘experience’ you’re going to get there is emotional, not spiritual.

In Western Cultures the largest single religious grouping is what they call the “unaffiliated.” [28%] Roman Catholics are next at 23%, Evangelical Protestants are at 22% and Mainline Protestant Churches are at 11%.

Can you see a Trend? How many Roman Catholic Churches are preaching the Gospel of Christ? How many Mainline Denominational Churches? How many Evangelical Protestant Churches? Charismatics are grouped in the Evangelical Camp, but [generally] their ‘gospel’ is more about being healed and having God bless their pocket books, than about humbling themselves before God and repenting of sin.

Where does a Culture go that has abandoned God? If we embrace sodomy and do away with marriage and kill our babies in the womb, where do we go from there? The Bible says there is NO Place to go from there! [Rom. 1]  This is the Bottom of the Barrel…The End of The Line, in terms of sin and degradation. No society recovers from this place!

Where did all this Begin? In the Family. As The Greatest Generation spoiled their children and the Baby Boomers chased after wealth and comfort and the Gen-Xers lived up to their designation…the Society imploded.

Generation X [or Baby Busters] were born between the mid-1960s and 1980. Most of the people of this generation are usually considered as being apathetic, cynical, skeptical, loners and idlers, pessimistic, alienated and do not trust the traditional values and institutions. However, this generation is also noted for the highly entrepreneurial and techno savvy individuals who have contributed to the growth of the Internet.

Gen-X was caught between their Grandparents and their Children. Those who’s families survived did so because Traditional (read biblical) Values were taught and required. Mom and Dad reflected the values and character qualities they were teaching the children and the children grew up with ‘boundaries’ and ‘foundations.’

Where does a Society go when it’s children have no idea WHAT constitutes ‘Family’ or Decency or Character? Well, apparently they don’t go to Church.

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