On The Eve of Destruction


Have you ever wondered what actually tells the proteins in your body where to bind in the genome in order to turn genes off and on? Probably not. However, scientists have wondered about this for decades, probably shortly after DNA was discovered, in the 1860’s.

Oh, you didn’t know that? You probably thought DNA was discovered in the 1950’s, but you would be wrong. In the 1950’s Watson and Crick discovered that the DNA molecule exists in the form of a three-dimensional double helix. DNA stores information needed to determine any and all life-issues, from how our bodies form in the womb to what we look like, feel like, are able to do….ad infinitum

So, how much information are we talking about? We have about 100 trillion cells in our body. Each diploid cell contains 1.5 GB of data (this is very approximate, as I am only accounting for the diploid cells and ignoring the haploid sperm and egg cells in our body). Which means the approximate amount of data stored in the human body is: 1.5 Gigabytes x 100 trillion cells or 150 trillion Gigabytes; or 150×10^12 x 10^9 bytes; or 150 Zettabytes (10^21)!!!  [1 zettabyte = 10 with 21 zeros after it]

It’s a lot! But, the real issue is in how the DNA works. DNA is a double-stranded string of 4 different molecules. The interdependence of these strings stems from the physical interaction between the pairs. The interactions give rise to a 3-D structure, which in turn helps transcription factors recognize specific sites for binding.

Are you with me?  It’s scientific gobbledygook to me, too.  So, here’s the thing: Scientists have discovered what it is that tells the genes precisely where to bind, turning genes off and on.

Isn’t that exciting? Yeh, me too.

What’s significant about all this is that happens without ONE ounce of Evolution! Not ONE! The scientific paper published to announce this discovery did not mention Darwinianism….not even once!

Do you wonder why? Because evolution cannot account for any of this! Like dolphins and whales, duck-billed platypusses, koalas, birds, fishes like Anableps, Archer fish and Angler fish, the Venus Flytrap, frogs [frogs have always been frogs — science says], giraffes, the microscopic organisms that live in the stomachs of Australian termites, and more.


The Truly Amazing Thing about all this is that Moses wrote it down on papyrus, over 6000 years ago! Not the part about DNA, but that God created the universe, this planet, these animals and YOU….to be exactly what you are. No evolving from some primordial ooze, by means and methods unknown to science. No gradual evolving of critical systems and body parts over millions of years. You have always been what you are now….only better.

How do we know this? God said so….in The Bible. A Book like no other. A Book of history, theology, anthropology and science: astronomy, geology, hydrology, mineralogy, biology, etc. A Book who’s message has been ever supported, confirmed and believed continuously for all of those 6000 years. A Book that has never been out of print or out of style.

The Bible tells us who and what we are: sinners. The Bible tells us what we can expect: eternal damnation. The Bible tells us The Remedy: Jesus and The Gospel (the Good News). The Bible tells us how this old world is going to end. The Bible tells us men will grow ever more wicked, as we move closer to The End.

Now do you understand? The Bible does not need to be defended as God’s Word! Everyone on the planet KNOWS this is what it is! That’s why this Book and the people it represents are so hated by The World. The pure evil we see in Islam is more acceptable than The Gospel of Jesus Christ, offered to all who believe. The Koran is defended while The Bible is constantly under attack.

Bibles have been burned, in the past. Today, they are simply re-interpreted under ever-evolving ‘New Translations and Versions.’ The Church has been persecuted, Christians fed to lions. Today, Christianity is simply evolving into a less threatening religious expression: more secular, more up-beat, more casual, more acceptable.

Societies are becoming less educated and more gullible; more easily led; more easily distracted. Tell the average person The Bible is true and they will laugh at you. They believe the Party Line: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!

This was the Cry of the French Revolution: a secular, humanistic approach to government. They even changed the calendar to reflect 10 days in a week, instead of 7 — as The Bible indicates. It didn’t work! The Guillotine was the only thing that worked.

Christians and their Bible are on the Eve of Destruction, or so the world believes. Everything is against them and it….except God!

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