Signs Of The Times: Chaos


The Bible predicts a scenario where evil is rampant, cultivated by a totally secular [i.e. ungodly] World Political Leader and supported by an evil World Religious Leader. Both will be committed to controlling the world’s population and crafting a society where anything godly is bad and everything evil is good. The biblical emphases revolves around a purely evil pragmatism driving economic, religious and political events.

Critics scoff, saying the religious crowd is simply trying to scare people. Everything is fine, they say, and the reports of our demise are exaggerated. This is a response that no longer holds up under scrutiny. The World Economic situation is dire. World Religions are coalescing. The Middle East is in Meltdown. The desire for a World Government is stronger than ever, and in America, The Constitution is being used for toilet paper.

Bible students (and others) look to The Signs of The Times for clues as to how far we’ve come and how much time we may have left. The unmistakable reality is that ALL these biblical prophecies are not as far-fetched as they once seemed, given our realities.

In less than 20 years, Western Civilization has embraced homosexuality as a normal sexual response, Socialized Medicine (The U.S. was the last hold-out), Socialism (again, the U.S. was the last hold-out), Regional Trading Partners (see my blog: Enter The New World Order,, Same-Sex Unions as ‘Marriages,’  Chaos in the Middle East, and Jews are (Once Again) under severe persecution throughout the Western World.

Case In Point: A District Court Judge has ruled that a Sign, destined to be used as an advertisement on the NYC Metropolitan Transport Authority, is legal and can be displayed. What does it read? “Killing Jews Is Worship.”

My first reaction was that this is anti-semitic and way over the line. However, reading the article I learn that the Adv. is the product of a pro-Israel organization: the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI). Their goal is to highlight Islam’s attitude toward Jews.

The argument revolves around how people would read the sign. The judge ruled “the ads could not reasonably be considered an incitement to violence, even if someone didn’t understand them.”

In today’s social / religious climate, I’m not as convinced he.

Just this week peaceful social advocates vandalized a Christian Church in North Carolina with Pro-Gay Graffiti: “God Loves Gays” “Gays OK” and “He Hates You” were spray-painted on the brick walls, eggs were smashed against the walls, toilet paper and silly string were also used.

It’s difficult to remember the last time a Christian group did this to a Gay Bar or Gay Church. Generally, Christians treat demonstrators with respect and kindness, offering them water and inviting them to come in and worship with them. Now, there’s Hate for you!

All this is a definition of CHAOS! Chaos in the system. Chaos in the heart. The God of the Bible is the antithesis of Chaos. That this world is chaotic is testimony to mans’ desire to reject God and run it himself!

Adam did this, in The Garden, and there was divine judgment. The ante-deluvian population did it and God judged them AND the earth with a catastrophic flood. Two hundred or so years after the flood Nimrod tried it and God confounded the language, dividing the nations.

It seems we cannot learn from history. Now, we’re determined to get back together and it’s time for Another Judgment…The Last One.

That so many Americans now see ‘Bad’ as ‘Good’ and ‘Good’ as ‘Bad’ bodes well for our Red-Suited Enemy…..Not so good for our children growing up in the chaos. Children who are increasingly unable to discern good from evil.

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