Cuba OFF The “State Sponsors of Terrorism” List!

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Why has President Obama moved to take Cuba off the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism? Have they turned over a New Leaf? Did Raul assure Barack he would play nice? Have the living and working conditions improved over the last 18 months, while secret negotiations were on-going?

No! None of this has happened. However, what is happening is the long-planned and anxiously awaited move to realize the existence of a New World Order. Cuba is within the U.S. sphere of responsibility.

“The Old World Order consisted of Colonialism, Exploitation, Imperialism, Privileged Minorities and Social Parasites.” So wrote the Founders of The New World Order, in 1942. The New World Order would do away with all that by establishing the U.S. as the Leader in Democratic Order.

The U.S. would be the Police, the Banker and Leader of the Wealthiest ‘Kingdom.’ All the countries of the world would be arranged in Trading Regions or Confederations. N.A.F.T.A. was part of this Plan, merging Canada, the U.S. and Mexico into a Trade Association.

You’ve no doubt heard military people speak of CentCom and AfriCom, etc. These are the 6 Command-Regions of the world, protected by the U.S. We have a presence and/or a Command Center in (or for) each of these areas, in case we need to step in.

In addition to the North American Free Trade Association, there are 9 other Regions: 2. Western Europe and Turkey; 3. Japan; 4. Australia and South Africa; 5. Russia; 6. South  American and Central America; 7. North Africa, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran; 8 Central Africa; 9. India, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Pakistan; 10. China, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaya.

The list has evolved, over the years, to embrace differing arrangements of nations, but the goal has always been the same: Control.

“Agenda 21,” a non-binding, voluntarily implemented action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development was developed in 1992. The meeting was held in Rio de Janeiro as part of the Earth Summit.

It mandates each participating nation begin working toward a ‘sustainable’ growth pattern. This means reducing the number of people on the planet, moving the ‘worker bees’ into cities, creating Urban Corridors and releasing Mega Regions of uninhabited land to protect the environment (and control the people). George Bush signed off on N.A.F.T.A. and Agenda 21.

It’s not as impossible a dream as you might think. Currently half the world’s population already lives in cities. In undeveloped countries, moving people to the city would actually be an up-grade for many folks. Global Warming ties into this Plan, which is why it will NEVER go away!

What’s The Point? Human Beings have always sought to control the world for their own benefit. The first effort ended in a catastrophic Flood. The second effort ended in God confounding the languages. The last effort will end in The Great Tribulation.

Here a Western Leader will figuratively Ride to the Rescue of Israel, with what the Bible calls “10 Kings who give him their authority for an hour” Biblically, that ‘hour’ means for a season — to fix the problem. He won’t be able to fix it!

It will end disastrously! A demon-possessed man will join with an Evil Religious man to enslave the entire population of the planet. Together they will control every person and every dollar. Those who resist will die by be-heading. The physical systems of the planet will shudder and collapse. The stars will rain down. The “kings” of the Earth will know this is from God and shake their fist at Him. To be aligned with God will mean certain death.

So says The Bible! This spectre should teach us a lesson. Evil men (meaning those who care nothing of God and merely seek a better world to live in) will grow worse. They play nice, in America, because we are more civilized, wealthy, free and armed. They are beginning to ‘show their hand.’

Listen to the religious / spiritual orientation of those running for high office. A precious few believe what The Bible teaches. Most reject it out-of-hand. The rest give it lip-service for personal gain. There is a real sense that electing a New President is going to fix everything, during each electoral cycle. It never has. It never will. Regardless of the progress made, it trend has been steadily DOWNWARD.

There Is No Hope Except In God!

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