America Is In Decline!

Indiana Pizzaria

Twenty-First Century America operates like a family dominated by a bunch of teen-agers, completely disconnected, uninformed and ready to protest anything their limited understanding and Social Media Connections tell them is wrong!

Case In Point: The Pizza Shop in Indiana that passed on catering a homosexual wedding. They were doing so in harmony with their values, morals and religious orientation. In 21st America this is NOT Right — and will soon be NOT Legal in all 50 States. [except for Muslims]

What’s Wrong With This Picture? We live in a Free Market Society. If you don’t like what a business is doing, don’t patronize it. If enough people agree, that business will be gone!

What if a Christian, seeking to rent a facility for a meeting or a party asks the owner to remove or cover art work or furnishings which are completely inappropriate for what they are planning to celebrate? Should that owner refuse, would these folks have a Civil-Rights Case?

A small, but vocal, minority of Americans are effectively changing the culture by yelling and screaming at those with whom they disagree in an effort to force people to accept their moral standard. And it’s working!

What we’re watching is simply an adolescent response to a complex, social, moral, legal issue, with elected officials too frightened or too self-possessed to stand up against it.

We’ve all had discussions with teen-agers who think they know everything about a particular issue; who bring more emotion than logic to the table. In their short years on this planet, they know more than anyone else! Giving in to them, however, doesn’t solve the problem and serves to create a greater ‘monster.’

Sincere folks are concerned about racial discrimination. They believe (rightly) that all persons are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights… Arbitrary limitations, due to skin color or religious beliefs are not acceptable in these United States…by law.

However, individual behaviors, which are dangerous and destructive, ARE controlled and/or limited by Law. You may like to kill dogs and sell the meat, however there are sanitary and statutory laws against this behavior. It may be a part of your religious belief. However, it is against the law and you cannot do this!

Is this Discrimination? No! It is aberrant behavior that can create serious health problems, if not regulated and/or inspected.

Discrimination is making a choice between that which is good / profitable, or that which is not. Americans have the right choose as they see fit. However, if your choice is detrimental to the larger society, your choice is limited by law.

EXCEPT [apparently] where homosexual behaviors are concerned!

A behavior which is clearly dangerous and destructive to the human body is no longer being limited by law. In fact, it is now being favored by law. Why? Because homosexuality has changed? Because it’s not as dangerous as it once was? Because only Christians are against it and they’re bigots? Moslem businesses would not support a homosexual union either! Where’s the outrage?

The Argument is that this behavior is ‘normal’… for them. Violence against society may be normal for some. Thievery may be normal for some. Drugs may be normal for some. Yet, we have laws to govern all these…and more…for the greater good.

Our laws are based on reality: homosexuality is NOT normal / NOT natural in the animal world. How do I know? Because the driving need is to reproduce and this behavior doesn’t do that! Do some in the animal world participate in this behavior? Of course. They’re animals. Sex is merely a physical drive.

Human Beings are made in the image of God and sex, for us, is far more significant and meaningful. We are sentient creatures, with the ability to reason and make moral choices, in harmony with the One Who created us. Our sexual behavior is as much spiritual as it is physical, the ‘two becoming one.

Why is it OK to discriminate against Christian values and thousands of years of human history, but not against a socially, physically, morally, spiritually destructive human behavior? A behavior that does not contribute anything good or productive to the larger society? A behavior that perpetuates disease and physical destruction of the very cavities used to satisfy one’s sexual desire?

To Whom Does Any of This Make Sense? God-hating, Self-Oriented, Desire-Driven people who only care about themselves. A mark of human maturity is the willingness to do a good thing and wait for the reward, which may come decades in the future. Look at small children, about to do something spectacular. They want Mom’s attention BEFORE they do it, in order to get immediate gratification. Children are, by definition, immature.

America is being run by children. Men and women who are moved to do things that bring them immediate gratification [election in the next cycle] rather than what’s good / right for the country and it’s future.

We have a President who is ignoring the Constitution. We have a former Senator and Sec. of State who sees nothing wrong with hiding government records from the government, even destroying them. Both defend their actions with a straight face, as though it’s simply different, not illegal / immoral.

We have men and women in churches, preaching that a Christian should never be poor or ill. Extremely wealthy men and women who resort to doctors and hospitals, when they are sick. Men and women who wear eye-glasses, to see, and take medications for their blood sugar; who have surgeries to eliminate cancers…and nobody ‘Gets it?’

This is a Decadent, Morally Doomed Society, run by Teen-agers!
America is in decline. The most dominate nation the world has ever known is NOT mentioned in biblical eschatology (End Times). I wonder why?

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