World on Fire

How much longer before God intervenes?

God has been intervening for millennia. Every time He steps in to make a statement or change a situation, He is intervening. The O.T. is full of illustrations, from The Garden to The Flood, to Abraham, to Jonah, to the various prophecies recorded by the Prophets, to Jesus.

What we don’t see or fully understand is when God simply withholds His Restraint in order to effect some change or other! God moves in Positive ways to accomplish His purposes, and in Negative ways to allow sin to flourish in order that His purposes might be accomplished.

This way God remains in control without actually producing evil, something our God cannot do. This tension-and-release mechanism guarantees the world of men is never out of control, rushing ahead, nor late for divine appointments.

The Next Divine Appointment on God’s Prophetic Calendar is The Great Tribulation! This is a time when evil will be so prevalent as to create tremendous upheaval and suffering. We are told in The Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, that a Western Leader will figuratively ride in on a white horse to save Israel from destruction [Rev. 6:2].

He will be accompanied by 10 ‘kings’ [world leaders] which apparently represents the Western Nations, since the Eastern and Russian nations are seen as part of The Problem. [Rev. 17]

What brings the world to this drastic conclusion? Humanly, it is the destruction of our global economic system, pushed over the edge by the onslaught of Islam against Israel and The West. We are given to believe Israel is in danger of being over run, but the rider of the third ‘horse’ has a pair of balances in his hand and narrative indicates a tremendous economic pressure upon the inhabitants of the Earth [v. 6].

However, the command is: ‘….and don’t hurt the oil and the wine.‘ Apparently the wealthy are not going to be troubled, in this excursion. The Picture is that of a world-alliance stepping in to Take Control of a situation that threatens the wealthy. And, of course, the resulting conflict will produce a tremendous casualty list: upwards of 25% of the world’s population will die — from the conflict, the famine and the disease accompanying that many deaths, in such a short period and in a small area of the Earth.

Today, World Leaders are doing all they can to avoid War: allowing Russia to annex Crimea, parts of Ukraine and now threats to both the Balkans and Georgia; ISIS to run loose in Iraq with, now, Iran leading the effort to bring them under control; Boko Haram, in Africa and smaller groups in Libya and Yemen stirring up trouble with the Western World wringing their hands.

Throughout the Western World we watch Leaders making some of the dumbest decisions,… if they want to stop all this chaos. They are labeling vicious crimes with nicer-sounding names. They are playing the “Negotiation” game while the world is on fire! Greece is threatening to turn loose their now impoverished citizenry on Germany. If the E.U., led by Germany, doesn’t extend their Deadline for Greece’s repayment of debt, Germany and all of Continental Europe will feel the effect of millions of financial refugees.

All, that is, except Great Britain. Why? Because they have sound Immigration Policies — possible because they are an Island. Which brings us to the Southern borders of the U.S. What madness allows millions of undocumented aliens flood our Country with immigrants? What further madness has our Congress tied up in knots, trying to ‘fix it?’

What madness runs up a National Debt equalling 5X our National Annual Income, with more on the way? What madness seeks to deliberately impose homosexuality upon our National psyche? What madness wants to destroy the Traditional Family Structure? Along with every legal standard — financial standard — social standard — religious standard?

No one does these things unless they are Mad! Ignorant! Stupid! Or…they have something in mind we don’t know anything about! What they are doing MUST make sense to them, or they wouldn’t do it. That it makes NO sense to me means I am not on the same page with them.

Of course, all this corporate chaos can only happen as God allows. If it were not working toward God’s eternal purpose, it wouldn’t be happening. So, in this sense, it makes perfect sense.

Which is? The world is on fire! The leaders are mad! Chaos is looming! Things are about to change in ways man has never before seen.

Can Jesus be far behind?

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