What Are We Waiting For?

Daniels Statue

The Bible predicts The End to come as the world is coalesced around two general spheres: The East and The West. The West becomes Israel’s Rescuer against the forces of the East, specifically Turkey, allied with Russia, and Egypt, allied with Libya. In the mix are the several Arab countries which are aligned against Israel and cooperating with the other combatants as it serves their interest.

The picture, in Daniel, is of a Statue illustrative of the several World Governments that shall come AFTER Daniel’s time [Daniel 2]. The dominant feature is the Head of Gold which represents Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel’s captor.

After that is a succession of weaker governments: the shoulders and arms are of silver [the Medo-Persian Empire], the thighs and hips are of brass [Greece, under Alexander], the legs are of iron [Rome]. These are accurate descriptions of the various World Powers, up this point.

There is one more which is more complex: The toes. There are 10 of them and they are a mixture of iron and clay. Scholars point to Rome’s form of government as the iron, and the clay. The weakness of this Final Form of Gentile Power? It’s lack of character.

Rome dominated the world, not simply by might, but by force of character. The Caesars were far from godly, but, generally, did adhere to a rigid code of ethic. It was not a biblical ethic, but it was a strength of character that honored Roman values and law.

When Rome began to reject her own gods, she began to crumble. When she began to ignore her own laws, she fell. It was a corruption from within that brought Rome down. In-fighting, in-breeding, nepotism, economic treason and political expediency. The Roman Games were the equivalent of our Welfare Policies, accomplishing the same goals: keep the people happy with ME, distract them from thinking about anything important and indulge their senses so as to debauch them.

The Final Form of Gentile Rule will be a mixture of Roman Law and Political / Economic / Religious ¬†decadence. The Nations, today, which follow Rome’s pattern of law are Western. The Bible points to 10 nations who dominate the economic, political and social standards of the world, at the end of the age.

On the other side are the Eastern Nations: Russia, China, Japan, India, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya and host of lessor countries. Left out is Africa. The sub-continent of Africa does not fit into either camp, being largely tribal, with tribal religions that are demonic in nature.

What does all this mean? It means the Stage is Set. Israel is under tremendous pressure by Arab countries and Arab armies. The World Body is against Israel. World opinion is against Israel. The U.S. (in it’s official capacity) is against Israel.

The result has been a great weakening which has emboldened Israel’s perennial foes. The world is standing around, watching and hoping something or someone will DO something, so they don’t have to. The only ‘Game In Town,’ is the U.S. and her allies — Western Europe, Canada, Australia and South America.

The West controls banking, commerce, and technology. If you want to move money, you need The West.

The West has The Armies and the military technology. If you want to win a fight, you need The West.

Zechariah prophesied that one day God will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it. [Zech 12:3] And gather against it they shall. The enemies of Israel will surround Jerusalem.

And they shall call upon their God, their Messiah, for help, and He will!

This is what signals the Return of Jesus Christ, to the Earth.

The conclusion is: Things in the Middle East are bad. They are going to get worse. We do not have the Leadership to stop it. We do not have the desire to get involved. Our enemies are doing whatever they want, with impunity. Israel is increasingly The Enemy. Economically, we’re about Broke! Somebody Must Do Something!

Watch a move for the West to send an Emissary, along with a contingent of Western Experts / Ambassadors / Peace Keepers, to the Middle East to settle all this down. It will be to help bring peace to the Region. But, in reality it will be to bring peace to the economic situation so the rest of the world doesn’t suffer. Disruptions, such as we see in the Middle East, are bad for business.

And So It Will Begin….

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