Who Will Stop ISIS?


The undisputed dominant military power in the Southern Dara’a Province of Syria is a union between the Syrian Southern Front group and the Nusra Front, an al-Qaeda affiliate. Standing up against them is an unlikely duo: Hezbollah and the Syrian army. What makes all this more significant is they are fighting for access to the Golan Heights.

The Golan Heights is a large escarpment on the Northern Border of Israel and the Southern Borders of Lebanon and Syria. Israel took the Golan Heights in the 6-Day War of 1967. They subsequently gave it back, only to suffer from numerous attacks from those Heights. In 1981, Israel re-took the Heights and have held it ever since.

The Golan Heights is large tract of mountainous land, extending from South of The Sea of Galilee, on the East side of the Jordan, Northward (in Syria) almost to the middle of Lebanon. Should Syria, or any other army, move Southward into Israel, it will have to come through the Golan Heights. The strategic value of this area is without question.

The significance, today, is that two non-aligned groups are banding together to secure the area immediately below those Heights. The U.N. Observers in that area have been known to abandon their posts, when things like this happen. For now, the snow and rain have slowed down Hezbollah, but the weather is improving. Coupled with all this is the fact that the area is not sympathetic to Hezbollah and others not aligned with the Islamic State.

What all this means, in part, is that the old political boundaries are becoming irrelevant. Under direct threat is Damascus, in Lebanon, which was once dominated by Sunni Muslims and Maronite Catholics. A mix that seemed to get along just fine. Last Saturday, the prime minister, Saad Hariri, spoke at an event marking a decade since the killing of his father, by terrorists. Observers say it was more of a farewell to the old Lebanon. ps. He no longer lives in Lebanon.

What all this means is that the things are heating up, over there. Jordan and Egypt still have the backbone to stand up for themselves and their people (Christian or Moslem), which is all that keeps the region from devolving into a veritable snake-pit. Saudi Arabia is sufficiently cowed as to be a non-issue, and the Arab Emerates seemed to have found their purpose….again.

However, The Bible points out in plain language that The End will include Israel being surrounded and cut off by the people around them. Jerusalem will be in serious peril. The picture is of soldiers who simply charge forward toward the City….from wherever they are. The help they expected from the Western World has turned against them, and in the end and they have no hope and no help.

This is when they cry out to God for deliverance….and He sends it!

That help comes in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ, riding a white horse with a sword proceeding from His mouth. The imagery clearly depicts Jesus’ power: It is in His Word! It has ever been in His Word, but this is unique in that with a Word, He fells all invaders. With a Word He fells all unbelievers who are alive on the planet. With His foot, touching it, He cleaves the Mountain upon which Jerusalem sits so the waters of the Mediterranean will flow into the Dead Sea….and it will LIVE. With a Word He restores justice upon the Earth.

Return of Christ

The Western World has been immobilized by fear and indecision. Their continued down-playing of ISIS and their brutality has (I believe) angered them. Today we heard of 20 more Christians beheaded on film, for being Christian, followed by the News that these monsters have burned alive another 45 non-believers….at one time!

This is their effort to get our attention. The effort to force the Western World to take them seriously. That we do not is making us complicit in these deaths.

But, this is the way it must go. Islam MUST become dominant in that Region. Turkey must align with Russia and Iran. The West must send a ‘Savior,’ along with 10 other Leaders….to keep Israel and the Middle East from imploding. Not because they love Israel, but because all this is costing too much money. It’s not good for business. Flight Routes; Shipping Routes; Oil Fields; all these, coupled with the number of Western Nations which are going broke, will bring the whole world together around the Middle East.

Even So, Come Lord Jesus

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