Evil: Thy Name Is ISIS


When I was a child I knew boys who liked to pull the wings off bugs for fun. In High School there was a boy who would walk up to an unsuspecting victim and punch him in the middle of his chest, just for fun. In the early 1940’s there were men who enjoyed experimenting and exterminating people for no reason than they were Jews. The human animal is not like any other animal on the planet, it kills for no reason other than the joy or the benefit it brings.

ISIS has taken this to a completely new level! This week we learned [in living color] just how brutal they are, immolating a young Jordanian pilot for sport. Tormenting his family and his country with negotiations for his release a month AFTER they slaughtered him.

This is NOT any sort of religion we understand. This is barbarianism, justified by religion. This is Pure Evil!

The News reports indicate at least one Syrian rebel group, trained by the U.S. to fight against the Assad regime, has now switched sides. They are joining ISIS. Because of this atrocity? Because they are philosophically aligned? Or because they see the handwriting on the wall?

Our President thinks this is just awful. His prayers and sympathies go out to the Jordanians and the family of this young pilot. He believes this is completely unnecessary and contrary to the tenants of Islam. But, as yet, he has offered no tangible, tactical response.

Welcome To The New World! A world where words substitute for action; where kindness and understanding are offered our enemies, so they see the light and stop killing us; a world where everyone is good and any bad they do is our fault.


Global Merchants are seeking to carve out a Brave New World where they get to control the economies of all nations, for their betterment. Politicians are seeking the same goal, only their view is to a global government where war and poverty no longer exist. Religionists are seeking the same goal, where The Gospel will provide the safety, stability and support the politicians and financiers cannot offer. War can only disrupt these high goals.

War gives the lie to what these men and women believe in and want us to see. ISIS, ISIL, al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah and a host of lessor known groups are stirring the pot and causing the globalists fits. However, it is the weakness these globalists project that has given rise to all this destruction. There are no Adults in the room!

People are not basically Good. People do not like to play nice with others if playing rough gets them what they want. People are, in the words of The Bible, evil! Their hearts are “deceitful above all things and desperately wicked.” [Jer 17:9]. That we do not exhibit this evil, continually, is testimony to God’s Grace. Grace that restrains evil in the world, that the purpose of God might be fulfilled.

The U.S. has the ability to make these people Pay! We have the ability to shut these people DOWN! We simply do not have the WILL. We refuse to even call these people by their rightful names. What name did this Jordanian pilot call them? What name is his family calling them? Whatever it is, that’s what they are.

Mr. President: Turn the military loose before the whole world is on fire! Warn the people in the Region to move and then let the military do what it is trained to do, before these people are in YOUR backyard, killing YOUR children!

There is no warrior as formidable as a Religious Warrior. He fights for something visceral, not political. He fights until you kill him! He embraces death! He will not stop! If I know this, I’m certain everyone else does as well. This makes our Foreign Policy that much more evil and destructive.

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