America At The End


Over the last 100 years, both American Political Parties have gradually joined hands in seeking ways for Government to lift people out of poverty and provide a path to what we call The American Dream. This is nothing less than warmed-over socialism, or worse. It has never worked, anywhere it’s been tried — certainly not without government coercion and domination — and it isn’t working here!

We are told 50 million Americans are somehow being left out. It is because of their skin color or their lack of education or their economic situation or the deliberate effort of rich people to keep the poor people down!

The American Reality is 180-degrees out from those suppositions. Left alone, meaning government staying out of things, people from every country and from all walks of life have gone to work and succeeded beyond anything they ever imagined.

Only when government stepped in to ‘help’ did things get strange. In the last 50 years government has destroyed the family structure, debauched its citizens, stolen their heritage and pitted American against American, all in the so-called effort to make things fair.

I’m talking about No-Fault Divorce, Abortion-on-Demand, a Litany of failed Educational Reforms and the ever-increasing efforts, by the government, to achieve Racial Equality [whatever that means].

LEAVE US ALONE! If the government does not get out of our bedrooms and out of our life, we will NOT survive another 50 years.

The current effort is to regulate religion. Having fairly destroyed the moral fiber of our people, they now tell us what is and what is not True Religion. Godless politicians preaching from the Sermon on The Mount? Telling us that true religion and undefiled is to care for the widows and orphans in their distress? Then equating all that to Big Government! These are Religious / Moral Issues! If the government wasn’t so fixated on limiting Christianity, more people would be hearing these sermons and life would be better for all of us.

Big Government which Takes from the Rich to Give to the Poor! Big Government which is Bloated with more waste than anyone knows or can count [Literally!]! Big Government that has systematically undermined her foundational Institutions for political and financial gain! Preaching to me?

This is devilish! Passing laws to take from productive citizens, in order to give to un-productive citizens. The same citizens government has encouraged to be unproductive! The same government that stands in the way of The American Potential, with it’s Regulations, Limitations and Taxation.

The only thing the American Politician is frightened of is an Unleashed American Worker! Republican and Democrat, alike — when the chips are down, they vote the same way! They throw the worker-bees a bone, once in awhile, but then it’s back to business.

Does anyone understand WHY the U.S. House could not / would not pass a Bill to limit abortion….this week? The overwhelming majority of Americans don’t like abortion beyond the 1st Trimester. Science says these little 20-week old babies feel pain, just like you! Yet, we stand by while they have their little heads crushed and their brains sucked out — or their bodies torn from limb-to-limb — in order to save the Mother from what? Having to be responsible for her actions?

The Society that condones killing babies — legalizing homosexuality — spending money twice as fast as it comes in — destroying the Nuclear Family — and outlawing biblical Christian Doctrines, is a Dead Society! It is rotting from the inside and it’s now starting to Stink!

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