Rick Warren Describes The End-Times Church


There is no surprise in his words, for those who are paying attention. However, there is great concern that the majority of people [spiritually dull and uninformed] will greet these words with a renewed hope.

Rick Warren was interviewed by Francis Rocca at Vatican City on November 26, 2014. The account was made available through Vatican Television Center, Catholic News Service, at

In this interview Warren linked Pentecostals, Charismatics, Evangelicals, Fundamentalists, Catholics, Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians and, as he said, “on and on and on and on.” The connecting beliefs are ‘belief in the Trinity,’ ‘the Bible,’ ‘the resurrection’ and ‘ salvation through Jesus Christ.’

What’s truly amazing is he doesn’t actually believe what he’s saying! He knows full well these various religious groups vary greatly on those very beliefs! The variations being so wide as to be completely different!

Mainstream, Protestant, Churches do NOT believe in salvation through Jesus Christ, in the way The Bible describes it. Charismatics and Pentecostals do NOT all believe in the Trinity or in salvation, the way The Bible presents it. Catholics do NOT believe in the Bible, nor salvation, the way The Bible presents those beliefs. The man has a decade of Bible College and Seminary Training! He isn’t dumb. He isn’t ignorant. So, what is he doing?

Here is a fundamental denial of biblical anthropology; biblical soteriology; biblical christology, biblical hamartiology, biblical pneumatology; biblical ecclesiology, and on and on and on and on, for the sake of unity.

Why would he do this? Here is a Southern Baptist — the largest protestant [although Baptists are not actually protestants] denomination in the world — joining forces with the Roman Catholic Church [which he refers to as the catholic church], the largest (assumed) Christian Church in the world, to validate apostate protestantism and demonic pentecostalism, as One!

Make No Mistake! Rick Warren knows exactly what he saying and doing! He will defend himself by pointing to the thrust of his statement in defense of social issues: the sanctity of life, the sanctity of sex, the sanctity of marriage, and so on. In light of these, apparently the other ‘things’ [what divides us] are not so important. He will defend the differences as honest distinctions, but not as important as impacting the culture for the values of Jesus.

In this interview, he mentions how the church is growing in Latin America and in Africa and Asia, but not here, in America, nor in Europe. By Warren’s measure, The Church is any group which isn’t against Jesus, against the Trinity, against salvation. Any group willing to give lip-service to biblical themes, whether or not they fully understand or accept the realities of those concepts.

In that sense, the Church in America and Europe are not much different. Look at the church-groups that are growing. None of them hold to traditional, biblically Christian beliefs! They are ALL embracing the culture, on one level or another, in order to attract people. A large crowd has become the measure of religious success. Diving into the profane culture in order to be a witness, has become not only acceptable, but The Mark of Evangelistic Outreach.

The Result? The over-shadowing of the True Church by the Cultural Church. A Church without spiritual power. A Church without The Gospel. A Church without Christ. But a Church that doesn’t know it. This is why we see Jesus standing outside the Church of Laodicea, in Rev. 3, knocking to get in. The artists paint this picture with a door that has no handle. A door that must be opened from within.

In truth, most of the Churches of Revelation 2 and 3 are in one form of apostasy, weakness, or another. There are words of praise for some of what they represent, but largely they are wanting, in the important areas. Essentially, they lack understanding. Busy, but without really knowing why. Doing, but without the power necessary to glorify God. This is The Church At The End of The Age. This is the Church Rick Warren believes to be the most important.

Truth? This is The Church most of US find appealing. Be honest. When you go to church, what are you looking for? The opportunity to worship God, together with like-minded souls? The opportunity to minister to the saints of God and be ministered unto? The opportunity to meet and greet your ‘brothers and sisters in the Lord?’ Or to hear a message? To be made to feel good! To be seen? To be praised for what you do?

Church has become a destination, rather than a process. Let the preacher be on vacation and see how many folks find reasons to stay at home or do something else. Let it be cold or rainy. Let it be Summer. Let almost anything arise and people will embrace that, rather than the worship of God. Why? Because, in truth, whether I go to church or go to work, nothing changes in my life.


This is why Joel Osteen is so popular. These folks are uplifted, in the midst of their drab existence. That we do not get this in Church is a testimony to OUR Lack! Our Selfish approach to ‘Church.’ The Rock-n-Roll bands and emotional stimulation is no match for True Holy Spirit Power. That we have no practical experience with that power is not God’s fault!

“Even so, Lord Jesus, Come!

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