The Coming Storm


Authors, John Zmirak and Jason Jones have written a book entitled The Race To Save Our Century. Their thesis revolves around the wars and pogroms of the past, multiplied by both technology and human depredation. They are looking at the past as a pattern for the future and what they envision is frightening.

They consider the wars of the 20th century and the millions that died because one despot or another sought dominance or glory. They point to the modern [late 19th and early 20th century] secular philosophies of Marx, Darwin and Freud, acted out by Hitler, Stalin, Mao and a host of lesser known tyrants. They then point to our own slide into the same secular, social, scientific jumble that defined the past, aided by greater technology and lessor moral support.

Is there a Greater Natural Law? Is there a transcendent moral order that is higher than any secular law? These are the questions Zmirak and Jones ask, while looking at the evil of segregation, abortion or apartheid, as they have all been judged legal, by one human authority or another.

They point to the past vicious dictators who could squash the freedom of hundreds of millions and slaughter tens of millions. Then suggest the hi-tech world ahead will allow future tyrants close to total, technology-supported, domination of their citizens. Weapons that will exterminate, not simply dominate. A future war that would be over before most of us knew it had begun. It is truly a ‘Race To Save Our Century.’

So, what about it? Are we in this kind of trouble? How many of us have stood by and watched our fellow citizens [some of them professing Christians] murder over 56 million innocent babies without so much as a whimper? This, in a country with over 200 million professing Christians? Almost 75% of us.

How many of us have agreed with the destruction of the fundamental building block of society: The Family? Just look at how many Christians have been divorced? Or conceived a child out-of-wedlock? Or chose simply to live together? How many of us have thought this rational or practical, given our’s or the society’s circumstance?

How many of us have dabbled in drugs or alcohol, threatening not only our health but our future? How many of us justify all sorts of dangerous and morally destructive entertainment? How many actually believe children are capable of raising themselves; understanding what life is about; ordering their own lives toward a healthy and productive future, without parental guidance [Saying NO! and meaning it]?

How many of us send our children off to government schools, actually believing the government has both the responsibility to educate them and protect them, while we work? Listen to the complaints at Parent-Teacher Meetings! Look at the rules and regulations imposed on parents of children in government schools. It used to be the children belonged to us. Now they belong to the State. If you don’t believe this, try taking them out of school for a Special Event or Trip. And don’t forget the psychological counselors your tax money pays for. Every school district has several…to guide your children in the proper direction, as they develop. CAN YOU SAY GATTICA? See my blog

What will you do when the War starts? It’s already started. It kicked into high gear somewhere around 1970. Over that decade a series of U.S.Supreme Court decisions changed American society for good! It was our “Cultural Revolution,” moving from a largely Christian Philosophy to a Secular [read Godless] Philosophy. The result saw a spike in abortions, teen suicides, crime, divorce, STDs, teen pregnancies, social violence and economic collapse [Nixon took us off the gold standard — we are now in Free Fall, economically].

So, is God important in a society? Only if you want it to survive and be productive. If these are not important to you, simply pick a philosophy and live accordingly. When the cumulative wave of moral and fiscal destruction hits, the government will always take care of you. Oh Wait! It won’t!!

A society with no moral compass is corrupt. It will not have your interests at heart. It will not organize to support the citizenry. It will organize around self-interest and greed. And this is exactly what we see, today. When the circumstances seem to warrant it, don’t be surprised to find our leadership arranging for the marginalization of one group or another. Oh Wait! They are already doing this!

Have you never wondered why ONE human being can dictate to the over-whelming majority of his neighbors how they will celebrate Christmas or what they can have on a Monument to fallen heroes? King, North Carolina just paid over $500,000 to Americans United for Separation of Church and State, to cover their legal fees in successfully suing this city.


A citizen was offended that a cross was included in the statue honoring fallen heroes. A judge agreed that, since the statue was on public land, no reference to one particular religion could be included. Not even if 70% of the population of these United States have an affinity for that religion? Nope! Steven Hewitt was offended. When? Whenever he made the effort to go past that monument. It’s not like it’s on his front lawn!! And, if Steven is offended, we must fix that!

Try being offended at something atheistic or secular or muslim and see how far you get. This is a battle AGAINST GOD, not FOR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS. It will not end until Jesus comes. Knowing this will keep you sane and perhaps, safe.

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