Ferguson: A Microcosm of American Decline


The F.B.I. and Ferguson City Police are warning the citizens of Ferguson and the Nation to be prepared for a violent outburst, should City Police Officer, Darren Wilson, be either exonerated or charged with a lessor crime.

Law Enforcement Bulletins speak of agitators “infiltrating and exploiting otherwise legitimate public demonstrations with the intent to incite and engage in violence…” They also speak of demonstrators and agitators being armed.

The Goal of Extremist Agitators and now, Community Organizers, is eerily similar: create chaos, stretch the government’s ability to deal with it, threaten violence or financial loss, then settle for something you did not previously have, generally a New Right or Benefit.

We have seen this with legitimate issues, such as Civil Rights, and with extreme issues, like “Set Asides” and a vast array of laws governing children’s toys, various foods and seat-belt laws. The Similarity? Instead of dealing with a specific issue, we now pass sweeping laws to limit or control an entire industry, group or product.

We can trace the Decline of American Exceptionalism to the days when this philosophy took hold. When black students were denied entrance to ‘white schools,’ or when colleges did not have enough black students, or when women weren’t being paid the same as men, doing the same job, what happened?

Did folks go to court in order to Right this Injustice? Yes. Did the Courts Rule against the offending party? Yes. Was this The End? No! Our government then stepped in with sweeping legislation to make sure this was not happening in other places or with other people. Such legislation was Blind! It might be argued that this was the Beginning of The Decline of our Colleges and Universities. Think about all the silly courses being offered under the Heading of Liberal Arts.

We now have thousands of laws that regulate almost every area of our lives. Most of them creating more problems than they solve. Why? Because they are Broadly Defined and Universally Applied. With the passing of each one, most Americans applauded, viewing it a positive step in the right direction.

So, where did it lead us? Into a Hole! All this Broad-Based legislation has crippled our industry, stifled our food-production and made wimps of our children! An entire generation exists which honestly believes the government exists to protect them from fraud, incompetence, greed and injury. It Does Not! It Cannot!

Pay Attention: Listen to commercials and/or News Articles that feature a parent or some other adult complaining about a product, a service or a commodity. Does anyone ever tell them, “Let The Buyer Beware?”  No! What we want is a New Law! It’s one of the reasons lawyers dominate the U.S. government.

All this has removed Personal Responsibility. I am not responsible to live a decent, healthy, law-abiding lifestyle. The government is responsible to protect me, regardless of how I live or what I do! When it fails, I Want Justice!! Or, at least Health Care.

I am not responsible to take care of my family. I am not responsible to reasonably anticipate retirement. I am not responsible to prepare myself for a job that will meet my need / desire for a family, a home and a car. I am not responsible to eat less sugar, less fats and chemicals, moderate my alcohol and nicotine consumption or make sure I have sufficient exercise in my lifestyle. But, it IS the government’s responsibility to compensate me, when my lifestyle proves futile, destructive and threatens my life!

So…when I don’t get what I need, I take to the streets! I scream, march, threaten and interfere with everyone else’s life for a time sufficient to get the necessary attention….And Oila! I get what I want!

It may take several demonstrations, over several years, but each event moves me closer to my goal: A Government Sensitive To My Needs! And each time I get what I want I am motivated and encouraged to try it again. Have you ever wondered where the salaries come from that support all these “Community Organizers / Activists?”

I tried this strategy when I was a child….ONCE! It didn’t work very well. It ended up costing me more than I was willing to pay. It did TEACH me a lesson, however: The More Personal Responsibility I Took, The Greater My Reward.

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