More Sex On TV? What Christian Really Cares?


The Hollywood Reporter and are reporting the blatant sexualization of Broadcast TV, in this year’s Fall Season. Brett Baer (Exec Producer for Fox TV) told The Hollywood Reporter, “We got away with murder.”

What are they talking about? They’re talking about shows like New Girl, The Mindy Project, NBC’s Bad Judge, ABC’s Scandal, and the 10 pm Drama: How To Get Away With Murder.

Shows that referenced, illustrated [in cartoon form] and/or aired dialogue relating to aberrant sexual behaviors. In the case of ABC’s Scandal, a steamy sex scene was aired immediately after the Charlie Brown Hallowe’en Special, with NO commercial break. We see Lucy kicking something and muttering, then immediately we are in some woman’s bedroom, her on her back on the bed and a man looming over her in a clearly sexual manner.

Showrunner, Shonda Rhimes, is quoted as saying, “I look forward to being censored.” At this time, there has been no FCC censoring, which is ‘par-for-the-course.’ The Broadcast Stations are competing with Cable, where there are few boundaries. They are exhibiting an apparent willingness to debauch an entire society for money!

How did we get here? Incrementally! This is the Patented Technique used by the Enemy of our soul for generations. Why? Because It Works!!

Children as young as 10 or 12 know more about these aberrant, perverted forms of sex (and the terminology), than I do. Sex has been marketed to children for over 50 years, with parents who are aghast at whatever is the newest innovation. Each new generation is shocked at what they see and hear, which is designed to push the envelope even farther. But the ‘powers that be’ are held captive by the Almighty Dollar and the power / prestige that comes from having a Successful Show.

Nothing you have just read is New or Different! What’s different is that Christians are now where the world was, 25 years ago: following at a respectable distance. Christian parents just can’t stand against a child’s insistence that they dress, act or watch programs, videos, Youtubes, etc., just like the world.

Once Upon A Time, Christians knew better and did better. Once Upon A Time, Churches knew better and did better. Once Upon A Time, Preachers were Pastors, accepting spiritual responsibility for their congregations — called ‘sheep,’ in The Bible.

These Pastors / Shepherds watched over their people and fed them Good Food, led them beside the Still Waters, nourished their souls on Sound Doctrine. These were men no one ever heard of; men who labored tirelessly in small fields, acutely aware that God Was Watching!

Now? Popular / Successful Pastors Teachers or Prophets or Apostles abound! There are no more Pastors, only men and women, acutely aware that congregations are drawn to more energetic, high-power, active churches, with Rock-and-Roll music, glitzy productions and emotional stimulation. They know, if he /she does not provide these, the people will go somewhere else and take their money with them. When this happens, no one will know who these leaders are or how wonderful they are.

Result? The absolute refusal to Proclaim The High Moral Standards of God! In the 1960’s mini-skirts were all the rage. They showed up in Church! In the 1980’s sloppy, casual dress was all the rage. It, too, showed up in Church! In the 1990’s Calvary Chapel pioneered the Casual, Non-Threatening, verse-by-verse Teaching of God’s Word. Their churches grew, filling up with young people who had a desire to go to church, but not to be told what to do.

When this approach proved to be more popular [read: attracting more people] than the Propositional Proclamation of God’s Word, to God’s people, more and more ‘sound churches’ abandoned the old ways for these new ways. Men and women found they could present The Bible in a verse-by-verse manner, without ever making the troublesome applications, and no one would notice the difference. And their Churches Grew!

Sloppy language, hip-terms and phrases, bands, choruses, new Bible versions, casual dress, lowered standards and high technology became The New Standard. Men we had learned to appreciate, on radio or TV, began to slip into this pattern. Their messages changed in subtle ways. Some were lured into the contemplative ideas being taught by mystics and charlatans, never really understanding the differences between biblical meditation and Eastern meditation. Some didn’t care.

There will be Christian / Church parents rise up to condemn what the TV Stations are doing to our children and to the Culture, but it won’t impress anyone in power! The Censors have already concluded that those who are most prone to complain [Church-Folk] are, themselves, so much a part of the profane culture that their efforts are only laughable.

This year it’s homosexual perversions, in terminology, art and mime. Next year we will be treated to the real thing, acted out on TV in Prime Time, with more outrage that will go unheeded because our culture has no Moral Commitment. When the Final Tally is made, The Church will share in The Fault.

The World has always been The World! No one can expect anything from the world but worldliness. The Church exists to be ‘salt and light’ in a corrupt world. We have abdicated, for a ‘mess of pottage.’ God Help Us!

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