2014 Election Results Are In….Oh Boy!


The 2014 Mid-Term Election is history. It would seem Reason prevailed over Desire. But, what will be the Result?

In general, about half of all registered voters, vote…unless there’s nothing to vote for / about.  In the 2004 Presidential Election 75% of Registered voters cast votes for a President  [170 million out of a possible 220 million]. In the 2012 Presidential election, 127 million voted for a presidential candidate. Yesterday, it was about 122 million, which is HUGE, for a Mid-Term election.

This means Americans really don’t care, or they don’t believe voting makes a difference! Our history supports their claim! Teddy Roosevelt is credited with being our First Progressive Presidential Candidate. Since then, the tide has steadily moved in that direction, despite the rhetoric; despite the voting.

Cynical? No, it is simply an American reality! Past generations voted because it was their duty; their responsibility as citizens and because they understood our system. Today, the average adult American isn’t paying much attention, doesn’t really have an understanding of our system, and doesn’t much care. All this is thanks to our educational system, mainstream media and American decadence and affluence.

The last six years, however, should have disabused us of this notion! We have seen what one man; one party, can do if they really want to destroy us. It isn’t that they’re stupid or uneducated, they are simply marching to a different drummer. They have an entirely different view of America than your grandparents, and they are determined to reshape our society in that mold.

Pundits point to the differences, sometimes, by characterizing the Liberal-Progressives as children and the Conservatives as the adults. We elect a government, they say, that will give us everything we believe we’re entitled to, until reality creeps in, then we turn to those who know how to make money.

While it seems true that a Republican Congress and/or White House does straighten things out and get us on a better financial track [at least in the last 40 years, or so], it isn’t exactly this cut-and-dry.

Over time, Conservatives have become Liberals and Liberals, Progressives, while Progressives have morphed into Socialists. It’s hard to keep track, except to note that society is rushing away from the biblical principles that made this country great and doesn’t seem to care where that is taking us.

The Republicans have The House and the Senate! If they want to make the necessary changes, they will work hard to Un-Do almost everything the Democrats have done, in the last 6 years! Of course, if the past is any predictor of the future, this is NOT going to happen. Twenty-First Century Republicans are Mid-Twentieth Century Democrats.

Progressives are playing “hard-ball,” while Republicans are still learning the game. For all his limitations and deficiencies, Newt Gringrich got it right! He charted a course, promised to bring the critical issues to the President’s desk in the first 100 days. And He delivered on that promise, dramatically changing the discussion and the direction of this country!

This bunch can’t agree on Obamacare, Immigration, Economics or Foreign Policy! The Logical, Practical and Legal Guidelines are not being considered, only political expediency. So, strap yourself in, it’s going to be a bumpy, discouraging and potentially destructive trip!

I hope I’m Wrong!


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