I Have Seen The Future & It Isn’t Pretty

Orwell 1984

We live in a world where information is available at our finger-tips, 24 hours a day, very few people actually pay attention to what’s going on…..until it directly affects them! Experts are predicting the Ebola virus could decimate every 3rd world country in the world, in the next year or so… The IMF is the only stable financial organization in the world. The U.S. and Great Britain are running computer models to see what will happen WHEN our economies implode. China is financially unstable and owns most OUR debt. More and more countries are abandoning the Dollar, in international financial transactions. And then there’s ISIS and Russia and Iran.

In the 14th century, the Bubonic Plague struck China. Italian sailors brought it to Europe, where, over the next 5 years, it wiped out over 25 million people – 1/3 of the population of Europe. In the first year – 470 p/week died. The numbers come from official records, but historians believe it was much higher. This plague did not disappear for 25 years! Ebola is Worse!

The rise of militant Islam will not be abated anytime soon! They have a successful formula and are attracting all sorts of people, from around the globe, to their efforts. With every attack by The West, more volunteers arrive! Not all of them moslem… many are simply brutal people, malcontents or bullies at heart. The fight against ISIS could very well consume the efforts of every Western Nation…for the next decade…or longer.

And while we fight this scourge, Russia is reported to be moving Nukes into Crimea!

The money in your pocket is next to worthless! It is literally not worth the cost of making it and monitoring it. The Federal Reserve Note arrived in 1913. Today, it is worth less than 5 cents of that original value….and it is descending at an alarming rate. It won’t be long before paper and metal money will be a thing of the past. Digital credits will replace them. No more bank buildings. No more credit cards to be compromised or stolen. It may be our government will (once again) outlaw private ownership of precious metal.

The nation of Israel is hated by almost every nation on Earth! Much of the Western world….Almost all of the Protestant Church Strategists, Roman Catholic hierarchy and many others. Experts in Think Tanks give Israel 10 years, at most – and it will be gone! [That prediction is 2 yrs old]. Last Sunday night [Oct 5, 2014]a munitions factory – that is reported to make the material for triggering nuclear weapons – was blown into little pieces…..in Iran. Prime Minister Netanyahu, of Israel, had just said [a week earlier] that, sooner or later, Israel will have to take out Iran’s nuclear capabilities. Who did that? And what will be the ‘fall-out?’

In our country?
We have effectively outlawed biblical religions.
We have embraced/accepted every sin listed in Romans, Chapter One.
We have destroyed the Traditional [read biblical] Family Structure.
We have destroyed our food supply – bankrupted our famers.
We are limiting our birth rate – by killing the unborn, every way possible.
We are corrupting our children – changing the definition of ‘family.’
Coarse / Rude / Crude language, attitudes, are becoming ‘normal.’
We expose our children and ourselves to evil on TV / Internet / etc., 24-7.
We refuse to educate our children – We can….We just won’t!
And we glorify Satanic religions and practices in movies & music.
While mystic and occultic practices are openly embraced in our churches.

In the Christian Community, it’s not much different: We’re actually having debates about whether Christians should poison and intoxicate themselves with destructive, artificial substances and how much profanity is acceptable. 80% of the churches in America are aging and getting smaller. The vibrant churches are the ones which have capitulated to the world. Our children are unable to see the differences – not being taught biblical life-principles at home [parents don’t live them – nor do they teach them]. We expect The Church to do it, but The Church would rather prey on their emotions to stimulate and entertain them.

We have a government, in the U.S., that treats citizens like children. We apparently can’t do anything without their help, from jobs, to paychecks, to healthcare, to what to think or what to say. Words have become crimes. Crimes have become racial or bigotry issues. Bigotry and Racial issues have become political platforms. A growing number of un-informed Americans believe all this is Right and Good.

“Uninformed,” in a world with information pouring out of every electronic device known to man; in a world where small children have iPods and Smart Phones and TV; in a world where one has to deliberately avoid information being electronically forced upon us!

It is Orwell’s Newspeak, acted out in Real Time, with Real Consequences. Young people [under the age of 60 yrs] want the Old Folks to “Go Away!” The Old Folks can’t wait.

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