I Have Seen The Radical Islamist…..And He Is Us

Enemy of God Gen 3:15 With the Fall of Adam and Eve, God issues The Promise of Redemption — proto-evangelium — The Buying Back of mankind. An event that was not scheduled to take place for another 4000 years.

In between, God provided for an Atonement [Covering of sin by means of innocent blood). The first Illustration was in the Garden of Eden, when God [Jesus] made garments from animal skins — shedding their blood to cover Adam and Eve’s physical nakedness.

Sin interrupted their Fellowship with God
– they were ejected from the Garden
– there were no more evening meetings
– there was no more face-to-face communication

Everyone driven from the Garden! A Cherub with a flaming sword guarded the gate…to keep anyone from entering. Here is a Picture of Paradise Lost.

Gen. 4 The first sin in the 2nd generation of mankind is instructive. Two Men, this time — Not a woman and a man. Brothers — sharing the same genetic structure and the same familial environment. Family — same upbringing. Spiritual Service — both brought gifts.

However…One sought acceptance,in humility before God / in harmony with God’s pattern. The other came in his arrogance and pride. Cain said: “No one tells me what to do!” In his prideful response to God’s counsel — refusing to do right In his murderous heart — ridding his world of spiritual competition

The effort was to change The Plan — Crete a different worship standard. A standard Cain could attain — in his own strength. Abel bowed before God — acquiessing to His command. Cain asserted himself over God — changing the purpose of sacrifice.

Today, Pagan worship is all about appeasing the gods….to get what you want. True, Biblical worship is about bowing before The One True God…in humble contrition.

The Worship Wars of the 21st Century are an extension of this first battle. Christians are not offering sacrifices on pagan altars…but they have…
changed the definition of worship
altered the dynamic of worship
created a new dimension in worship

What’s missing is the Humility, the Reverence, the Bowing before God. In contemporary worship there is only sensual delight — feelings of great joy, intense passion or abject lowliness — artificially induced by the music or the mood.

For some, it’s about proving their spiritual orientation — while the rest of the week belongs to them. For others, it’s about connecting with God — their Christianity is about following the Spirit’s instruction and guidance [visceral, spiritual, emotional]. For still others, it’s simply being respectable or covering all the bases. None of which corresponds to biblical / spiritual worship!

Cain’s problem was sin — from his heart [immaterial part of his being]. In the scheme of things, the wonder is not that Cain killed Abel, but that Abel did right! If a root is corrupted — as Adam and Eve were — can it bear good fruit? Can a leopard change its spots?

The so-called ‘Radicalized Islamist’, with his rampaging blood-lust, is normal! His / her religion simply unsheathes the desire of Cain. Islam has simply made it respectable, honorable. It’s diabolically clever.

Offer unredeemed people the religious respectability they crave…without having to bow the heart to God…and they will flock to your religion; they will fill up your churches. They want God on their terms! They are trying to force God to accept THEIR sacrifice, because:
1. It’s the best they have, and
2. It comes in the likeness of what HE prescribes.

Societies, Cultures, Religions, Governments control for sin [to some degree]. But all these are external controls. Remove them and the Real Person will emerge. Some of the worst people can / do live respectable lives….when they have to. Many look, for all the world, like Christians.

Take away the Biblical Family Structure….Remove the ‘oughts’ and ‘shoulds’ from society…Introduce barbarianism [Free love, Abortion, Divorce, Homosexuality, Tatooing, Cremation, etc]…Sanctify it all with Progressive Religion and Politcs, and you get what?

Today, Most people live like Sodomites and Barbarians. The Religious types are in Free-Fall — every month or so, there is a new wrinkle in belief or in practice — and it’s all ‘worship.’ God has been marginalized, as we follow in the sin of Cain!

Where did it lead Cain and the first several generations? To Judgment! To The Flood! Only 8 souls were saved from destruction in the flood. Only 1 was characterized as Righteous.

Ham proved to be Cainanite
Shem proved to be godly
Japheth was somewhere in the middle.

This is who we are, at the end of the Age.

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