World Governments Are Stealing Us Blind….And We Like It!

DollarToiletPaperMost of us do not pay attention to the ‘Currency Wars’ until or unless it affects our checkbook.

Here’s some information you know, but do not think about:
The American Dollar is worth less than $ .25, based on a 1971 Dollar
That same Dollar is worth less than $ .10, based on a 1960 Dollar

Can you see a pattern, here? When the Nixon Administration decoupled gold from the Dollar, in 1971, the price of gold began to rise. This means the Dollar was declining, in buying power. Initially gold was sold at $35.00 a troy ounce. By 1975, it was pegged at $175.00. Today, it is pegged at $1300.00.

Perhaps all you know about buying gold comes from TV commercials. Consider this: In 1971 I made about $5 / $6 p/hour. At 1971 Dollar prices, I had the buying power of over $80,000.00 a year, in 2014 Dollars.

Are you paying attention, now? Folks who are buying precious metals understand the Dollar cannot survive self-oriented politicians and economists, for long. Over the next 20 years, your earning power will drop in direct proportion to the value of the Dollar. Human Governments are no longer concerned about the earning power of ordinary citizens. It serves their interest to reduce populations to dependent serfs. Their spending and taxing and policy-making is driving us all into servitude.

Enter Virtual Currency. Bitcoin is the most visible and well-known, but there are several digital currencies being traded around the world. Today, Domino’s Pizza accepts digital currency; Paypal, eBay,; the Tesla Motor Company, selling $100,000.00 cars, all accept Bitcoin.

The Denver-based Metals Company, Amagi Metals, has announced plans to NOT accept anything other than digital currency. They describe the Dollar accurately, as ‘fiat currency.’ The value of our Dollar is pegged to an arbitrary standard, hence ‘fiat’ — a command or act of will that declares something or someone to be whatever the actor declares.

Decoupling the Dollar from gold cast it adrift and made it whatever the Federal Reserve, in conjunction with our government and the global barons of commerce, want it to be.

Want some Bitcoin? There are several companies online that will transfer your Dollars into Bitcoin. You establish an account, are given a ‘wallet’ to put your coin in, and when you purchase something, you use your Bitcoin Credit Card.

Scary? Yes. More so than the realization that over the last 40 years you have lost 90% of your buying power, clinging to the Dollar? Look around the world. Do you see stability anywhere?

As The World Turns, more and more countries are decoupling from the Dollar. China is dumping several billions in gold, this year. Economist claim this will increase our interest rates. That, actually, may be a good thing for the Dollar, but bad for business and jobs.

ISIS is stealing Dollars, as it takes over Iraqi cities and banks. It is also stealing military material, paid for with American Dollars. Our government is determined to put ‘dirty’ industries out of business. This means coal, oil, lead. The only American company smelting lead just went out of business! Now, do you see why our government has been buying up every bullet it can get?

YOU are going start paying double for every bullet you buy, as the lead is shipped overseas to be processed and then shipped back to make bullets.

But, it will be OK. Your government cares about you and will make sure you get Health-Care and Government housing, and a liberal stipend. Did you know: There are more people in America receiving some sort of government largesse than the entire population of Russia? I’m just sayin’.

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