What Else Did You Not See Coming?

TheShift   There are two invisible hands at work, in the affairs of men. One is God the other isn’t.

It used to be the Western World understood this. The foundations of 19th and 20th century Western Culture revolved around this dynamic. The United States Constitution was built upon this philosophical and theological foundation.

Today, even Western societies ignore or deny this reality. Those who still accept it, do so in passing. It is no longer a Bedrock Principle of Life.

One reason is the proliferation of spiritism in the Church. The distinctions have been broken down so that most folks can look at Oija boards or seances or even voodoo ceremonies and see only cultural differences, not dynamic differences.

About 10 years ago there began a movement highlighting something that was simply called The Shift. The video explanation, as well as what was written did not clearly expose what this was about. Those who knew, understood. Those who were hearing it for the first time, did not.

It did not matter to the purveyors. They were content to sow the seed and let it germinate. And germinate it did!

What is The Shift? It is the shift from an emphases on the physical to the spiritual, in all areas of life. The commercial talked about a time when a majority of the world’s people would make that shift and then there would be a ‘convergence’ of power that would forever change our reality.

Their Key Point is that Perception Produces Reality. When you shift your perception TO the spiritual, you will begin to experience a better life, more wealth, greater peace, etc. It isn’t that perception determines reality, but that perception PRODUCES reality.

This is witchcraft, plain and simple. A witchcraft that invaded the Church about 40 years ago with the Health-Wealth gospel. The idea that if you believe firmly enough and you say the words, your reality will change.  That nowhere in The Bible nor in all of Church History does such a concept exist, doesn’t seem to bother those who believe it.

Now we have Mysticism being taught in churches as Bible Truth. We also have a re-definition of Meditation to reflect the Eastern version of the concept, which is demonic. Those who stand up to condemn it are soundly criticized as judgmental and intolerant.

All this to say: The Seeds Have Been Sown. They have taken root and are now beginning to bear fruit. It is a Fruit-Unto-Death, for all who buy into it. That a growing number of church-goers [largely Seekers and Contemporaries] don’t see the danger, is testimony to it’s power and to the Enemy’s Patience.

The god of this world; the prince of the power of the air, is being emboldened and God in Heaven is allowing it to happen. What does that mean? It means the time is short! God is lifting His hand of restraint from off the Earth, beginning with The Church. Can The End be far behind?

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