U.S. Foreign Policy In The Middle East


With the Mid-Term and (uniquely) the Presidential Elections looming, National candidates are focused on immigration and U.S. foreign policy. Two issues no President, since Nixon, has wanted to hang his political hat on!

This Administration has had 6 years to ‘Stake Out’ it’s claim. During that time, every failure, every negative turn of events, has been blamed on the last Administration.

Now, it’s their turn! The Obama Administration set out to create a New Tone in foreign policy, especially in regard to the Middle East. We all remember Obama’s now infamous Victory Lap through the Middle East, immediately upon being sworn in as President. A trip that included his wife, until it came to Moslem countries, whereupon she was sent home. A non-moslem wife is not acceptable in moslem countries.

It wasn’t long before the Middle East erupted with what was called “The Arab Spring.” Country after country faced an uprising of citizens against their government. Our government applauded the effort as a breath of fresh democratic air into a stuffy autocratic society.

Smaller countries began the effort: Yemen was first. Then came Libya, with the toppling of Qaddafi, albeit unceremoniously. Then it was Egypt’s turn and finally Syria.

Each time our government sided with the rebels [actually The Moslem Brotherhood] against the moderate leaders. Each time a moderate leader fell, our President declared it a Victory for democracy.

That each country descended into chaos, murder and wanton destruction didn’t seem to matter. Ancient landmarks and iconic statuary were destroyed. Christians were herded into exile or death. Economies crumbled. Civil law became almost barbaric. But the important thing seemed to be that country’s struggle to establish themselves in a way which seemed best to them. Democracy at work.

What went unspoken and unseen was the behind-the-scenes maneuvering of our Foreign Policy Makers. Moderate leaders gone; Radical leaders in place; Freedom Fighters spreading the Good News of Moslem Salvation, and the U.S. supplying the armament, personnel and training, through Benghazi, to Turkey, for use against Syria.

It was a Victory for Freedom, until a rival group wanted in on the action. Out of that came the now-infamous attack on what was called our Embassy in Benghazi. It was not an Embassy, it was a Clearing House for men and materiale going to Syria.

With our strong approval and serious help, Turkey was able to amass a large and well-funded, well-supplied army. We have come to call that army, ISIS or ISIL. An organized band of mercenaries and religious zealots, vicious beyond anything the world has seen since the Ottoman Empire. [For those educated in the State School System, that was a 400-year punitive dictatorship in what we now know as Turkey — a dictatorship that ruled all of the Middle East and most of North Africa]

While this was going on, we denied Egypt and Israel the weapons help they so desperately needed. As for Syria, Assad has, so-far, survived and his government is somewhat stabilized. Iran is more enraged and engaged, raising a new army, at this very moment in time, and proceeding with their nuclear ambition, undimmed and unencumbered by the efforts of the West to stop it.

Libya is a quagmire. North Africa is fast becoming a vicious totalitarian State. Boko Harem is rampaging, raping and murdering across Northern Nigeria, at will. Hamas is bombing Israel from within schools and hospitals, with the world clamoring for Israel to Stop!

Our government? We have just halted the next delivery of armament to Israel. Gaza appears disenchanted with Hamas. Iran has promised carte blanche aid to Hamas, and the profession negotiators are still talking about it in Egypt.

It’s as though children are in charge, although this is a deadly, serious ‘game’ they play. And they are playing with our children’s future.


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