What Do You Call It When It Looks Like Barbarism?

ISIL Barbarism

There is a Special place in Hell for those who would deliberately sacrifice innocent human beings for political gain!

This is what’s being reported about the U.S.

NOT Iran; NOT Al-Qaeda; NOT ISIS / ISIL — The United States of America!

Our Executive Branch has reportedly been willing to stand by and watch 10s of thousands of Christian families stranded on a mountain in Iraq, die! Upwards of 30,000 men, women and children, subjected to the elements in August, without shelter, food or water….having been robbed of ALL their earthly possessions by a marauding horde of ruthless cutthroats….in the name of their god….are dying while Nero fiddles.

For What? For geo-political gain!?

News Outlets are reporting that the Obama Administration deliberately avoided bombing ISIS in the hope that their presence would destabilize the current Prime Minister, al-Maliki. They did this despite the suffering and death of Iraqi Christian. They did this when they had people in the Region who could have helped. They did this for political reasons, not because they lacked the resources.

Iraqi Christians

What kind of person does this?  What kind of conscience supports this? What kind of morality is this?

Ans: the kind that allows 10’s of thousands of ‘gate crashers,’ to boldly walk, swim or ride across our Southern border, receive all sorts of medical care, food and water, clothes, telephone access and bus tickets to cities and towns all across America….in the name of humanity….and with their promise to report when their name is called in court, later, and all for political gain.

One is clearly The Right Decision! The other is clearly a violation of Law; the law this Administration promised to uphold with a solemn oath!

So, here’s the question again: Who would deliberately sacrifice human beings for political posturing?

Answer: A Truly evil person. A person with No sense of decency. A person with No conscience; No compassion; No respect for life. The complete opposite of everything America [Christianity?] stands for!

And, apparently the White House is populated with just people.

God Help Us


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