Our Enemies Are Counting On YOU!

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Ben Carson is a brain surgeon. He has a ‘Ground-Breaking’ and Distinguished medical resume. He is a Christian; a Conservative; a Republican and a Thinker. Ben Carson is an out-spoken (soft-spoken) critic of where our Leadership is taking us. In an interview with WND.com, he was asked where he believed America was headed and why.

His answer was to quote Alexander Solzhenitsyn on where the Soviet Union ‘went wrong.’ Solzhenitsyn said, “We Forgot God!” Carson believes we are in a Pre-Fascist Era.

Commenting on the writings / philosophies of Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky, Carson observed the common thread: “Asking themselves what it would take to bring America into alignment with their One-World Vision of a utopian society, their answer was: Attack! Attack! Attack!” Attack the nation’s soul. Attack her Traditions. Attack her Religious Beliefs. Attack her Social Structure. Stir up division at every level of Society: women against men, old against young, race against race, rich against poor.

They observed that America was too strong to bring down from without. Two major institutions had to be destroyed first: The Traditional Family Structure and The Judeo-Christian Values. To effect the collapse of these structures, and other things as well, Alinsky wrote: “Never have a conversation with your adversary, because that humanizes him.” “Your job is to demonize him.”  [Rules For Radicals, Saul Alinksy]

We saw some of this on display, recently, with a FoxNews appearance of Alinsky. Megan Kelly sought dialogue and received only professorial detachment and instruction. A completely unrepentant and disconnected Alinsky, standing outside the culture, instructing her and baiting her; throwing rocks at those who seek to support it.

Carson is concerned that Americans are backing down too easily. He said, We let the media set the tone. We let academia have the high ground. We bow to bureaucrats, as if they are The Law. The Founders understood that our system of government needs a well-informed and educated populace. Our enemies know this, too!

Today, there is strife on every hand. Manufactured strife. Americans are divided, largely because we 1) have forgotten about God, and 2) are increasingly uneducated and uninformed. Our Media [the Fourth Estate] are firmly in the grip of our philosophical enemies, being educated by them and monitored by them.

The Traditional Family Structure is Protective and Productive                         The Traditional Economic  System is Protective and Productive                       The Traditional view of Sex is Protective and Productive                                   The Traditional view of Recreational Drugs is Protective and Productive       The Traditional view of Gender is Protective and Productive                           The Traditional structure of Education is Protective and Productive

There is a War on all these…and more! The Message? We are being unnecessarily restricted by old-fashioned and outmoded rules and standards. Break these bands and we will be Free! That Freedom will liberate our society and make the world a better place for all people. This the uninformed, self-centered, untested, self-absorbed cry of the teen-ager! No understanding! No context! No experience! Only Passion and Pride.

Carson One Nation Book

Carson is advocating for all Americans to stand up for what they believe, in whatever sphere of influence they may have. The enemies of our way of life will never stop! If you are simply trying to “get along,” you will be The Victim! Political Activism? Not necessarily, although this is important. He calls us to Moral Activism, Social Activism, Educational Activism [Common Core?], Religious Activism. Speak Up! Don’t let these 5th Columnists win!

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