War Clouds Loom While Nero Fiddles

nuclear bomb


This is July, 2014.  At this point in the history of mankind:

The Middle East Is Aflame with a radicalized army, drawn from a radicalized faction of Islam is carving out a Caliphate in Iraq and Syria. ISIL — Islamic State of Iraq & Levant. Levant is a region, which includes Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Kuwait, Cyprus, and an area in southern Turkey that includes Hatay.

Iran [ancient Persia] is on the verge of attaining a Nuclear Capacity, while the world wrings their hands, not wanting to upset Iran unnecessarily. This bowing to a muslim state is what Muslims call “dhimmitude.” It is a term to describe conquered foes who now are forced to live under their rule. The ‘dhimmi’ is required to show respect by paying an annual tax, bow before any Muslim, defer to all Muslims, not speak of nor make anyone aware of their religious beliefs, out of a spirit of respect [read: slavery].

Syria is in the midst of a prolonged Civil War, with the Western World at first supporting the insurgents and then trying to pivot in order to prop up the King, when it became clear he might actually win.

Israel is being drawn into a protracted conflagration, as Hamas and Hezbollah react to the killing of one of their children, by radical Jews….in response [presumably] to the killing of three (3) Israeli teenagers by agents of Hamas. The Palestinians, in the Gaza Strip, are raining missiles upon Western Israel. Close to 100, yesterday alone. Israel has called up 40,000 soldiers for a major push to eliminate the rockets and rocket launchers in The Strip. Egypt has opted out, claiming it does not affect their country.

Russia is making political and economic headway in the Middle East, moving into the vacuum left by the U.S. and the E.U.  Russia has recently moved on the Crimean Peninsula, taking it away from Ukraine and now threatening Eastern Ukraine, while the West stands on the sidelines and watches.

In The U.S, our President has antagonized just about every Western Nation with his political weakness, deference to anything Islamic, NSA Spying on our ‘friends,’ destructive monetary policy and what clearly looks like a teen-ager in a meeting with adults.

On The Domestic Side: we will not protect our borders, not stop spending money we don’t have, not stop undermining our moral foundations, not stop destroying business, not stand up for our values, and not teach our children.

REALITY? The world is aflame and the Western World is hoping the fire will burn itself out before something really destructive happens. Those is power, today, are only loosely connected with The Greatest Generation and the generation that’s coming behind has Tuned Out! We have our hand-held technology and our social media, what else do we need?

Here, in America, we elect our President with about 20 – 30% of the voting population. We are told only about 40% of adults are registered to vote, while only about 40% of them bother to vote. 48 – 51% of that 40% elect our government. Then 70% of the population complains!

It doesn’t take a Bible Scholar to see the handwriting on the wall! The Prophecy is that the Middle East will erupt with an anti-Israel fervor that will engulf the world. The U.S. does not appear in this prophecy, meaning it is either not here or not important. The Arab world wants Israel gone! Russia wants a warm-water port and oil. Egypt was once Copt, their language [Coptic] dates to the Roman era. Now Egypt is Islamic and will side with her brother Muslims, when the time comes. China has risen from a somewhat agrarian society to a highly technological society in 30 years! She is the Second Largest Economy in the world. She will want a piece of the Middle East, should it dissolve into chaos.

What Will Be The Spark that ignites the Middle East and the World?  The Bible predicts the neighbors around Jerusalem will start the ball rolling, as God makes Jerusalem a ‘burdensome stone.” [Zech. 12] The fighting will draw in a Northern Army and a Southern Army, with an Eastern Army of 200 million men, seeking to capitalize on the chaos. It is a Western Leader who will be trying to keep things together…not very successfully. He will be killed and later appear alive, again, with the marks of his wound still visible on his head. This newly resurrected leader will be The Anti-christ who will seek to bring the whole world under his power, through Economics [Mark of the Beast] and through Religion.

What Will Be The Event That Ends The Battle? It will be Israel crying out to The Lord for help! When this happens Jehovah will send His Only Begotten Son, The Lord Jesus Christ, Who will put down the fighting and the anarchy. Not one unbeliever will survive His coming! Unbelief will be vanquished. The King will set up HIS kingdom: Ruling as King from the Throne of David, in Jerusalem, for 1000 years.

TODAY? We are seeing the ‘stage hands’ preparing the Stage for this Great Morality Play! The stage is the world. Israel and The Man of Sin are the main players. Everyone else are ‘extras.’  We may actually be the generation that sees the Curtain Going Up.

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