This is a blog dedicated to chronicling the demise of Western Culture and Civilization, from the vantage point of an interested observer. The somewhat random events, from around the world, and even from here in the U.S., are important and integral components in the fabric of The Future.

How long can mankind continue without destroying himself? Will human beings morph into some other creaturely form in order to survive? The Darwinian model suggests human beings will adapt to their environment and create all sorts of hitherto unseen and unheard-of adaptations. These adaptations will allow us to continue almost infinitely in one form or another.

The Bible, on the other hand, has a very different future in mind. It involves a global society divided into The West and the East — The North and the South. Cultural-economic powers intent on dominating the ‘Center of the Earth,’ — The Middle East. The Primary Target being Israel and Jerusalem.

The Nations will align. The Wars will begin. The Destruction will be great. The suffering and death will be biblical in its proportion. Over 1/3 of the Earth’s population will die in a short span of time. Drinking water will be contaminated on a global scale. Food will become scarce. Disease will flourish, in part due to the death of people, fish and animal life. Burying the dead will be a Growth Industry.

Which possible scenario is the most probable? Secularists and Scientists believe mankind will adapt and not only survive, but flourish. Biblicists have a far more gloomy outlook. As in most things, what do the facts indicate? Are we adapting? Science, which once said evolution of the species has ceased, is now saying human beings are undergoing tremendous genetic changes [Scientific].

This blog will feature News Articles and Scientific Discoveries relating to The Future. Periodically we’ll stop and try to chart our progress….or regress, whichever the case may be.

As with most people, I Have A Bias! I see mankind destroying itself and the biblical model becoming more plausible with every passing day.

What say you?



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