Israel’s Year of Jubilee May, 2018

One of the more important facts, relating to The Church and Israel, is that they are…. At Once: The Same & NOT the same. There is a Physical Israel: those born to Jewish mothers. And there is a Spiritual Israel: those born-again: the spiritual sons of God.
[Note: In biblical parlance, God has no daughters! Only ‘Sons’ Inherit]

Here’s How It All Works:
About 2000 / 2500 years after Adam & Eve, God called Abram, from his idolatry, in the area of Ur of the Chaldees. This would have been just after the Dispersion re: Bab-el. Seventy year old Abram was promised, by God, to be the Father of a Great Nation [Gen. 12]. God said: “I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing.” v 2

After visiting his father, in Ur, of the Chaldees, and attending to his burial, Abram took his deceased brother’s son, Lot, and traveled South, to the plain of Moreh. The Plain of Moreh is where Shechem is….A place 57 miles North of Jerusalem and Center of what we know, today, as Israel. The place where Joseph was buried and where Gideon fought the Midianites.

At this spot Abram built an altar unto the LORD, Who appeared unto him there.
After this, Abram travelled farther South, to an undisclosed place, probably South of the Dead Sea, in that Region where the 5 cities of the plain were, South and West of the Dead Sea. An area described in Abram’s day as lush and fertile, but completely dependent upon the rains.

The next thing we know about Abram is when he took his family and flocks to Egypt, because there was a famine in the land. It is here Abram adds Hagar to his ‘family.’ Hagar was maidservant to Sarai, Mother of Ishmael [lit: God Will Hear]

Returning, God appeared to the now, 99 year old Abram to make a covenant with him [Gen 17]. It is here God required every male in Abram’s family (including his servants) to be circumcised….as a Sign of This Covenant…. changing his name, from Abram [High Father] to Abraham [Father of a Multitude]. It is from Abraham all of Israel [the name God gave Isaac’s son, Jacob] descends… well as the children of Ishmael and Esau….perennial enemies of Israel.

The Nation of Israel, as it was called….coming out of Egyptian bondage, 400 years later…. was ordered by God to destroy ALL the Gentile Nations of this Promised Land. Something Israel failed to do…..A failure that has plagued her ever since.

However, through congest and dispersion, Israel has Remained….even in exile: Unique. United. Undeterred from her biblical, Covenantal Destiny.

The Romans defeated Jerusalem in 70 AD, destroying the Temple. The Final Dispersion of Israel was in 135 A.D., when the Romans utterly destroyed the City, building a new town on its ruins. No Jew was permitted to set foot in this town, on pain of death. From 638 to 1917, Jerusalem was under Islamic Control, except for a short period during the Crusades.

Toward the end of the 19th century the Zionist Movement was born. The British took control in 1917, with the defeat of the Ottoman Turks. Jews began returning to Jerusalem.

This saw the Balfour Declaration promising a Homeland for Israel, in Palestine.
The British backed off their promise, after WWI. But with the horrific treatment of Jews, during WWII, they withdrew in 1947, in concert with UN Resolution 181, which called for the Partitioning of Israel — between Jews and Arabs.

The Arabs rejected the Resolution, and The Jewish Nation of Israel was declared the evening of May 14/15, 1948.

With a population of half a million, Israel was immediately attacked by 5 Arab Nations….from all sides. [Lebanon, Syria, S.Arabia, Jordan & Egypt] Five additional Wars would be fought [1956, 1967, 1973 and 1982]. Each time Israel defeated her enemies, became stronger and Arab resistance became more fragmented. It was difficult NOT to see the Hand of God in many of these battles.

Israel has fulfilled the biblical prophecy of Israel becoming a Garden in the desert….. Of dominating the Region…. And of numerous Inventions and Technological Advances which have benefitted the world!

It has now been 70 years since Israel declared her Autonomy! On May 19, 2018 Israel will celebrate that Milestone.

Seventy Years, in biblical terms, is Significant. The number 7 is God’s number of completion — God rested on the 7th day. The 7th year, in Jewish culture, is a Sabbatical Year — Rest for the land. 70 years represents 10 Sabbatical years. The number, 70 is made up of two ‘perfect’ numbers [numbers representing perfection] The number 7, representing perfection and the number 10 representing completion or judgment.

There are 7 days in a week; 70 elders went up Mt Sinai to have a special meal with God [Ex 24]; 10 Sabbath years = 70; 70 Israelites started a Nation within a Nation [Jacob’s family in Egyptian captivity], being 490 (7X70) years in captivity to Egypt [judgment]. Jerusalem is the City on 7 hills. Only one other city of the world, boasts this phenomena: Rome — The Spiritual Enemy of God.


In some circles, Nothing! The cycle is meaningful only when the Sanhedrin Declare it; only when the 10 Tribes of Israel are back in the land, according to their original tribal inheritances, and only when there is a fully functional Sanhedrin in Israel….one fully accepted by Israel… and a Full Complement of 71 judges.

It will be the blast of the Shofar, by the Sandhedrin, that signals the beginning of the Year of Jubilee!

In biblical eschatology…..This Is A Very Big Deal!

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The Invisible War….Against Reality

War Satan Jesus

Since the beginning of time there has been a War raging on the spirit level. It is a war between Satan and God…. Good and Evil. It is described, defined, illustrated and chronicled in The Bible. The Warnings of God are everywhere and in every generation. And yet we STILL Don’t “Get It!”

The Great Effort is in Religious Belief and Practice. Satan’s effort has be in Idol-worship and Mysticism. He has provided a multitude of idols for mankind to ‘bow’ to and embrace. Wealth, Fame, Popularity are the Polite Idols. Human Sacrifice, Moral Degradation, Occultic Domination are the more repulsive forms of worship.

And yet there are a multitude of religious forms operating in the Middle Ground….. Under the Radar….Masquerading as Respectable and even Christian. The More Overt: Mindless Meditation, Palmistry, Seances, Divination, Astrology, Exorcism, and even Human Sacrifice. [Think Abortion: the sacrifice of a helpless child, in order to provide a better / happier / more productive life for the one who offers it up to the gods of SELF]

Is this any different than the child sacrifices to Moloch….in biblical times? These sacrifices were to guarantee health, wealth and safety. None of which seem possible to those who kill their unborn. But, now we have these occultic techniques in our churches. If you have ever seen what went on at Toronto Airport Vineyard ‘Church’ in the 1990’s, you have seen witchcraft in unrestrained expression.

Called The Toronto Blessing, people were ‘slain in the Spirit,’ expressing their new condition with “Holy Laughter,” roaring like lions, crying, shrieking, writhing on the floor, speaking in uncontrollable gibberish and generally acting as though they were inhabited by demons.

The Leadership called it ‘Holy Spirit Manifestations.’ Sensual abandon and Uncontrolled behavior was the Hallmark of their god’s presence IN and AROUND those who gave themselves over to it. This expression was then embraced in churches all over the country.

We even had a V. Pres. Candidate who surrendered to this philosophy. She has since gone on to illustrate her core belief system by freely engaging in alcohol, fowl language and even brawling in public.

Ques: Can you give yourself to Overt Religious Sensuality, Occultism & Spiritual Error and, at the same time, be Indwelt By The Holy Spirit of God? Can you dabble in these things and NOT be affected by their influence? The Answer of Logic is NO!

Is there anything worse? Yes. There is what our Public Education System is doing to children! They have our children at their most vulnerable and impressionable years They are NOT really educating them anymore…..they are indoctrinating them…..Social Standards, Moral Standards, Values, World-View. But more than this, they are indoctrinating them in The Occult.

Throughout America school children are being exposed to Value System overtly Non-Christian. We call it Secular. Secular: That which is not religious. Except That It IS! Secularism finds no fault in The Occult It is only a religious system which seeks to elevate moral behavior that secularism despises.

We were worried when our Gov’t introduced secularism into our schools. They said: Don’t Worry! We Are Only Seeking Religious Neutrality. TODAY? Hallowe’en and all things demonic are welcome. Christianity and all things pertaining to God are OUT!

But, then came Transcendental Meditation…. as a Mind-Science (1980’s). Today thousands of public schools are teaching ‘Mindfulness Meditation.’ AND….Gender Neutrality. Coupled with the effort to make them look like God sanctions both… Christians are falling in line with the World!

What Will The Next Generation Look Like? Our 10 – 16 yoa’s. Oh…..We’ve already seen them! They’re face-down in their electronic ‘bibles,’ oblivious to all things objectively / historically Right and Wrong. Being influenced by Media more than by Family, Church or God!

They don’t know. They don’t vote. They don’t pray. They don’t care.



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What Explains The Radical Decline In The American Culture?


Is the decline in American Culture simply a natural devolution or is it an organized effort? It is difficult to tell due to the natural propensity of mankind for moral decline!

Over the last 45 years, otherwise intelligent people purposely & legally facilitated Abortion On Demand, No Fault Divorce, Removal of The Bible & Prayer from our School System, Legal permission to desecrate The Flag as a form of ‘symbolic speech,’ Same-sex Unions, as the legal equivalent of marriage [something U.S. Supreme Court Judge, Antonin Scalia characterized as a “threat to American Democracy”] and the Inclusion of Religious Themes in our Christmas Displays, constituting a violation of the Constitution.

With these Court Decisions have come a multitude of ad hoc decisions by ‘change agents’ which have been left standing by the courts.  Result? Our Core Institutions [Marriage; Family; Church; Flag; and more] have been either abandoned or seriously altered.

Result? God is no more significant, today, than Juno or Satan. Christianity is no more significant than Islam or Wicca. The result is our young people now grow up without Objective Moral Standards. Education is more relative than absolute. Personal Responsibility is now passe. Corporate responsibility has taken it’s place.

Children are no longer inculcated with character nor context. Because there is no God to honor nor fear, all moral purpose is sacrificed in favor of the ‘Now.’ The culture is on the road to barbarianism.

Immorality has been institutionalized in Business, Government, Religion and Family. The result being a morally challenged, socially dysfunctional, religiously confused, largely UNeducated and over stimulated society. A society that is then expected to make wise decisions about God, Life, Health, Wealth, and Voting,

Listen or Watch the News and you’ll see it! A man shooting up a concert in Las Vegas, for no apparent reason. A political party organizing to destroy their opponent’s reputation, to the point of creating a global conspiracy. An entire generation of people with no link to anything real [think internet]. The total collapse of organized Christianity.

Today, everything from Liberal Denominations, to Charismatic Groups, to Contemporary Churches, to the Extreme Charismatic / Spiritistic Groups are considered Christian, in the same way as those groups that heed The Bible and actually believe it!

Is this the natural evolution [devolution?] of societies? Or is all this being orchestrated?  The Reality? Both!

Without an External Control System, human beings tend to DEVOLVE in every way. We are highly susceptible to all things easy and/or personally profitable. We gravitate toward that which is easy and/or physically / sensually gratifying. Listen to the vulgarities now a natural part of most vocabularies….beginning with children at ever younger ages. Watch as most people look for the easiest way to get what they want / need.

As if this is not enough, there is an Over Arching, Spiritual Battle being waged! The Bible speaks of “…principalities and powers in heavenly places.”  We are warned that we are battling against….”principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”  [Eph. 3  Eph. 6]

And, even with all this, it doesn’t fully explain what we’re seeing! Why? Because God is At Work! The Bible teaches us that God has an Over-Arching Plan for this world and all it contains. To accomplish this Plan it is necessary that human beings experience as much of the ‘natural’ effects of sin as possible.

The Point? Created Beings are not perfect! Without God, they tend toward Degeneration and Destruction. That very fact is why Jesus took the ‘likeness of men,’ which is characterized as ‘the likeness of sinful flesh,’  that He might ‘condemn sin …in the flesh!’

Will The Trump Administration get us back on track? No! We see what is considered a ‘course correction,’ every few decades, only to slide right back into an even deeper decline. The Reality? The Bible describes an almost total destruction of Order and Economy, which will lead to the Return of Jesus… Take Possession of that for which He paid such an awful price.

Those who truly Believe on The Lord Jesus Christ need to be Vigilant and Active in living out their Faith!  It is the only Illustration the world has of God and True Morality. We are called to be a Light in an otherwise ‘dark’ world…..And to do so as long as we have breath!


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The World Is Not At Peace!


There is unrest in The U.S. and in The World!  Those who “Have” are watching what they have dwindle.  Those who “Have Not” are more discontent than before.  They have more, but not what they’ve been promised.  They have more, but not by the ‘sweat of their face.’  It is government largesse in the form of cash and benefits doled out to keep folks beholden to it.

The ‘Seeds of Destruction,’ which were sown a century ago, hve grown to strangle the very Life from our culture. The economy has become a ‘commodity’ to be manupulated by selfish men and women, for their own advantage, both political and financial.

The Family is all but destroyed: It’s vestiges hanging by a thread; It’s power and authority no longer available. The Church is no longer a Cultural Force for godliness nor divine respect. Life has been diminished; no longer sacrosanct! God is Minimalized! Self is now In Charge!

All this simply means Satan is on the ascendency! Every area of life: Religion, Politics, Education, Finances, Life itself, has been redefined and re-oriented toward a more secularized and self-absorbant influence. People are now commodities to be used, spent, manipulated and controlled for one purpose or another. Globalism has become a more personal concept, as media has become pervasive and all-encompassing.

Our personal goals and priorities are being influenced and manipulated to achieve a more external ‘End.’ That ‘End’ is being characterized and ‘sold’ as a Better Society. No Borders. No Religious Differences. No Real Cultural Differences. Everyone working for the Common Good: Economic Prosperity and Global Harmony. Yet, in all this, there is the undercurrent of unrest.

The European Union is teetering on collapse, both economically and socially. Without Germany, the E.U. would have been bankrupt years ago. With the E.U.’s Open Door Policy toward Moslem ‘immigrants,’ and the E.U.’s dwindling Global Influence….It seems to be a ‘Community’ without purpose and without a future

Russia is flexing her muscles in the Middle East, but is largely a country on the verge of financial collapse. North Korea is playing with ‘Fire,’ pushing the Trump Administration to the very brink of an armed conflict. China is caught in very difficult squeeze between protecting North Korea and continuing to be a viable nation, economically. [we receive a large percentage of Chineese goods, each year. … importing 3x+ what we export to this country]. Our overall trade with China has dropped about 1/3 under the Trump Admin.

Turkey is ramping up to become The Major Force in The Middle East….and, if she gets her way… in Southern Europe as well. Iran [Persia] is a Nuclear Country and clearly feeling her ‘oats,’ seeking to flex her muscles in the Region and dominate the Levant [Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan]

Israel is ramping up to defend what they see coming from the Palestinians and any other Arab group….any day! They are prepared to field more than 200k military troops, to defend against that attack…..and are morally and physically prepared to wipe out the Palestinian threat once and for all!

The Lone Force, in the world, able and willing to settle these issues is The U.S….. And many of us just want to be left alone! We now have a permanent Air Force Base in Israel! First Ever. This doesn’t make Russia or Syria or Iran or Turkey feel more secure.

We are counting on ‘Deterrance’ rather than Aggression. But we are clearly ready to DO whatever it takes to preserve the status quo.

The World is closer to destruction than ever before. What does this mean? It means Jesus is closer than ever before!!  Keep your eyes on the Eastern Sky!

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When A Culture Implodes

NFL Black Power

Fox News reports that more than 200 NFL players made some form of gesture at games on Sunday — many kneeling or sitting on the bench — in reaction to comments and tweets by President Trump, who called on team owners to fire players who followed former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s lead by kneeling during the national anthem. 

Participants and owners, alike, are citing The First Amendment to The Constitution in support of the player’s ‘Right’ to Free Speech. Try this at your place of employment! Point out to your company’s customers how wrong, racist or stupid they are and see how long you stay employed!

“Free Speech” stops at your Employer’s Front Door! The Point being: You don’t have to work here!!

Skip Ahead to the Facts. You know, those pesky things which make or break your considered opinions. Black Professional Football Players are seeking to Highlight the Injustice in America that unfairly targets people of color, especially Police Officers.

However….Black Americans commit violent crimes 7 to 10 times the rate of White Americans. Black Americans are responsible for 76% of all Homicides. Black Americans are responsible for 78% of all Juvenile arrests; 62% of all Robberies; 57% of all Murders; 45% of all Assaults.

In the 75 largest counties in America, where the majority of crimes are committed, white people represent 15% of the population. In 2009, Black citizens were responsible for 62% of the robberies, 52% of the murders and 45% of all assaults, In These Counties.

Chicago is now the reigning illustration: In a city where blacks represent 28% of the population, they are responsible for 76% of all homicides and 78% of all Juvenile arrests. Black citizens of Chicago commit violent crimes 7 to 10 times the rate of White citizens.  []

In Chicago the murder rate is 3 times that of the rest of America. Robbery rate is 3 times the National. Assaults: twice as likely. Rapes: 1 1/2 times more likely.

The NFL Players are seeking to highlight the disparities between Black and White citizens in America. More black people are victims of Police Violence. More black people are denied jobs. More black people are killed by Police….. ostensibly for no reason other than they are black.  ‘Driving While Black’ is the phrase used to disparage police.

Did you know Police shoot and kill more Pit Bulls than Boston Terriers? Is it because they hate Pit Bulls? Or are Pit Bulls potentially more dangerous than Boston Terriers? Which breed would you like to confront, in a super-charged, aggressive circumstance?

A Word In Support of Pit Bulls! They largely get a ‘Bum Wrap!’ Pit Bulls are large, strong and aggressive animals. They are fiercely loyal to their owners. They are easily stimulated to action, when they feel threatened. And they are very, very strong. But they are gentle with babies in what they consider their care. Yes! They are Proprietary! And they love to Play!

In a debate with emotionally-charged people, facts are NOT as important as emotion. The NFL Players’ Argument would never stand up in court. This is why they resort to Emotional Manipulation.

Why do black people feel as though they are being disparaged or held-back? They say: Because we’re black! The facts say, Because you are not as prepared!

Prior to 1960, most black children were raised in 2-parent families. Today? 72% are born out of wedlock. Meaning? No Father’s around. Result? A social structure out-of-balance. Young males with no effective instruction nor control, where their natural desire for dominance is concerned. Young females with no practical illustration as to what a man really is or how to relate to one.

Out of this Social Chaos has come a culture that is Socially, Economically and Spiritually warped. Into this Social Chaos has come a Liberal / Socialist Political Party willing to pay people NOT to work, NOT to get an education, NOT to obey the rules, NOT to look to themselves for Self Respect.

FREE everything means NOTHING is of real value. Money for babies, means we get more of them. Money for doing nothing, means more people do nothing. Survival of the Fittest, within a sub-culture, means that sooner or later that mentality will spill out into the larger culture… It’s all some people know.

When that happens, our only protection is The Police and the Court System. The effort now is to eliminate these Barriers to Pure Anarchism by constantly pointing at them, when a Black man is arrested, injured or killed. Never mind what HE or SHE was doing. Never mind how dangerous that situation was or appeared to be. The FACT is: The White Police Officer Shot and Killed The Black Man.

NOTE: There ARE situations where the Police Officer reacted completely out of context! And we end up arresting him or her…..Trying them in Open Court….Putting many of them in prison.  BUT…there are situations where it looks far different than it really was. Or that Standard Operating Procedures required the Officer to act as he/she did. We Are All Armchair Quarterbacks in this situation!!

Police Departments have invited Black leaders to participate in exercises they call: Shoot-Don’t-Shoot. Black men given a gun and told to act as a Police Officer, seeking to arrest a clearly aggressive man.

The Results are always The Same: They shoot and “kill” the aggressor!

These men are shocked they reacted that way! They admit they knew it was a ‘game.’ Yet they clearly felt threatened, in a major way, and with the gun in hand, they SHOT!

Keep in mind the ‘aggressor’ was clearly unarmed and it was being acted out in broad daylight, with other people around and camera’s rolling.

We call people who are outside the circumstances, yet opinionated, “Armchair Experts!”

The NFL Player who started all this is a Black man who was raised by a White family. Raised in circumstances far removed from poverty. Given the opportunity of a College Education. A man who had lost his ‘job’ as a Quarterback. A man who was having trouble finding another job… and still is.

In a reasonable world, his motives would be seriously questioned, not defended and certainly not mimicked.  But, in 2017, it’s not Reason that Rules, but Emotion


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When Men Rule The World

Charlie Gard

It is July 9, 2017 and we are following the Saga of Charlie Gard.

Charlie is an 11-month old baby boy, in Great Britain, with what Doctors say is a rare ‘incurable’ condition: mitochondrial-depletion syndrome.  This means the energy necessary to keep his cells alive is missing and inactive. He cannot live this way.

Currently Charlie is on life-support and his parents want to take him to another country where he might get treatment. Seems the British Health System either cannot or will not act to try to save Charlie’s life.

Why? The odds are seriously against survival and Great Britain has a Socialist Healthcare System, not unlike what Progressives and others want to see in the U.S.

Charlie’s parents have received almost $2 mil in donations and at least two offers — one from the Vatican’s Hospital in Rome and the other from Pres. Trump — yet the British Health System, and Court System is still saying: NO!

THIS is National Healthcare, at work!

These ‘systems’ start out with the purpose of providing healthcare for all citizens. They devolve into a very expensive system that then rations healthcare, according to unemotional and detached ‘policy.’

And this is what many of our Leaders…. on both sides of the political aisle….want for the U.S. Oh, they will tell us differently, and mean it! But, once such a system is in place, ‘Charlie’ is Where It Goes!

In the 19th century, we called these people Progressives [Teddy Roosevelt]. In the early 20th century they were Socialists [Franklin Roosevelt], with their New Deal.  And, at the end of the 20th century, they were back to Progressives [Bill Clinton / Barack Obama].

More than 100 years of continual and consistent movement toward their ultimate goal: The Weakening (Destruction) of America (The Social / Religious System).

Today, the U.N. wants as many immigrants as possible to be able to move freely around the planet, regardless of Cost, Safety or Need. In their mind-set, the World is simply One Country! All these borders are unnecessary hindrances to free movement, they say. Borders are evil. Borders are just another way to persecute people you don’t like.

In the U.S. we have watched the Canadian Healthcare System for decades. It is patterned after Great Britain and has all the same problems. Chief among them is timely care.

Canadians who can afford it, come to the U.S. when they really need medical care…..NOW! A diagnoses of cancer may mean waiting 6 months just to get the test that will tell doctors what’s going on and how to treat it.  [Personal Experience With A Bible Forum Listener].

This is The One World Government System at work! As we move toward the biblical ‘end’ of things, we see (in Scripture) a world Dictator, of immense proportions, setting up systems to control the people. Those on his ‘team,’ no doubt, will receive good treatment, the rest of you can fend for yourself.

In the world of Empire Builders and Global Dictators, people are tools. Tools to be used to further their ends. North Korea and most Communist-Led Countries exist, today, as Living Examples of this principle. But history is riddled with such men and philosophies, with no hint that the future will produce any better.

Welcome To The Brave New World of The Secular Humanist!

Welcome To The Beginning of The End!

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When Inclusivism Is More Important Than Doctrine

CSB Bible.jpg

Faced with declining membership among millennials, the Southern Baptists have not been bashful about catering to them. A few decades ago, they started establishing churches OUTSIDE the city. These New Churches were not called ‘Baptist’ — In some cases, not even “Churches.”

The New Lingo was designed to get people to come without turning them off, before they ever set foot in the door. They often removed all the standards: dress, music, songs, terminology. They ‘Celebrate Jesus,’ rather than ‘Worship God.’  They sing ‘Choruses’ and ‘Praise Songs,’ not ‘Hymns of the Faith’  Many began to stay away from Evangelistic sermons, focusing on ‘Feel-Good Talks.’  No more Doctrine!  It’s Application that matters!

And their ranks swelled! This New Philosophy Worked!  The Obvious Question Is: Worked For What?  For getting more people into the building!

The same is true with Bible Versions. Southern Baptists were not shy about embracing the Living Bible, the New International Version and the New English Version. And now it’s The Christian Standard Bible!

What’s different about it?  Ans: Enough that it can legally have it’s own ISBN.  And, make no mistake, THIS is what the NEW VERSIONS are about!  Royalties!!  Maybe not among the pastors, but certainly among the publishers!!

So, what does this New Version bring? The now-noteworthy illustration is The Gender Neutral Terminology. For what purpose?  The Official Ans: To make it more Contemporary.  The Real Ans: To make it less controversial in the minds of transgenders and others, who reject the binary Male v. Female designations, and get more people IN the door!

Southern Baptists are the largest so-called “Protestant Denomination” [note: Baptists are Not Protestants] in the country, and they held their annual convention a couple of weeks ago in Phoenix.  By published reports, the New Bible Version did not go over well!  Their congregations are mostly in the South and mostly conservative.

National Public Radio’s Tom Gjelten asked S.Bap Convention Rep., Dave Miller, about this New Version of the Bible.  Miller said: “As a revision of the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB), the CSB balances linguistic precision to the original languages and readability in contemporary English.” 

Trevin Wax, Bible and Reference Publisher, part of LifeWay, said: “We believe this is a translation that combines accuracy and readability without compromise.  With the CSB, Bible readers and teachers can rest assured they have a translation that communicates ancient truths to a contemporary audience as faithfully and clearly as possible.”  [And Therein Lies The Rub!!]

What Did They Do?  Well, more than 100 Bible scholars from 17 denominations translated the Holman Christian Standard Bible from the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts. [These Baptist included every denomination known to mankind!]

NOTE: Doing this, they found and reported exactly NO gender-neutral renderings from the original mss.  So, where did they come from?  No doubt from the Revision & Oversight Committee.

This is a team….according to published reports.. of top biblical scholars, who incorporated advances in biblical scholarship since the original translation, as well as input from Bible scholars, pastors and readers to provide an accurate and readable translation.

Now….if you have studied the history of the New Testament Church, you no doubt read where the early Apostles and later Church Fathers did this, as well!  No? Well, what Bible have you been reading?  Oh….Until the mid 1970’s you read what the Church Fathers translated from what’s called the Textus Receptus: The Received Text.  “Received” that is, by The Church at large!

All the old and Great Versions of The Bible came from the TR, also known as the Byzantine Text — It’s origin.  All this with exactly NO gender-neutrality imposed!!!!  The Doctrine carrying it.

NOTE: There was another text…. CT – Critical Text (Catholic)  This text was uniformly rejected by the Early Church Fathers…..up to and including the 19th cent. Not until two Liberal, New Age Theologians [Westcott & Hort] came along and translated a Bible from that other text…. And even then, it took almost 100 years before anyone truly saved and knowledgable embraced it. [1980’s]

LifeWay President and CEO Thom S. Rainer said he was excited about the release of the CSB. “We know millions of pastors, teachers and Bible readers have a commitment to God’s Word.  At LifeWay, we share that commitment. 

“Because God’s Word is faithful and true, we wanted to provide a translation that is faithful to the original text, while being highly readable,” Rainer said. “I believe the CSB will engage more people in reading and sharing God’s Word.”

How can they say these things with a straight face?  Because, they abandoned the Bible of Augustine, Wycliff and Wesley, in favor of ‘More Modern Language Bibles.’  The American public did not ask from whence came thou?  We simply took our pastor’s word for it and, of course the Advertisers and Biblical Scholars who all said,  ‘This won’t hurt you!’

‘Yes, it’s different, in some places… but the language is more contemporary…. not thees, thous and shouldsts!!  And three generations later, the majority of true believers have no idea what they’re reading.  And…. by all indications… it’s about to get worse!!

Already, the CSB has been endorsed by numerous pastors including Tony Evans, Robby Gallaty, Eric Mason and Derwin Gray, as well as Bible teachers Kelly Minter, Lisa Harper and the team behind the popular women’s Bible study, ‘She Reads Truth.’  You’ve heard of these people…. right? No?  Well, Tony Evans, but that’s It!

They are ALL Contemporary and/or Charismatic.  Meaning? They don’t really care about Sources. They only care about what people want….. or what they can get them to want. You can bet money that if a liberal, neo-evangelical or charismatic likes a particular Bible, it does NOT offend anything they believe or preach. And, of course this is exactly what ‘Gender-Neutral’ language is designed to do…. Not offend!  Who? Homosexuals, Transgenders, and others who really don’t like to hear what God says. 

“But it’s not a big deal!?”  Religion writer Jonathan Merritt and a colleague theology professor dug through the new version and found the text used a great deal of gender-neutral language. There was not one or two of these shifts. There were hundreds of them.

ONE Example – Matthew 23:8 previously had Jesus saying,  “….be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren.”

In this new Bible, it’s – “you have one teacher, and you are all brothers and sisters.”

Nicer? Probably. Accurate To The Original Greek? NO!  However, a professor of biblical studies at Boyce College, is quoted as saying: ‘the original actually refers to both men and women.’  WHICH IT DOES!  So, they’ve simply updated the language.

See?  Well, maybe not!  You see these same changes were rejected, just 10 years ago, by the same people who are being asked to accept this, now.  What has changed?  Ans: The same thing that’s changed in most churches….TIME & The INVASION OF THE PROFANE CULTURE!

The commitment to God’s unchanging Word that supercedes cultural changes…..something every generation did until the 20th cent… has been altered, undermined and deftly removed from the minds and hearts of those who sit under this sort of preaching.

The THEOLOGY here? God has no Daughters! Only Sons!!

Gal. 3:26 -29  26 For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.  27  For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.  28  There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. 29  And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

There is ONE Verse, however, that seems to contradict all this….II Cor 6:18 where Paul writes that God has said, ‘come out from among them …. and you shall be sons and daughters’

Culturally…in biblical days, daughters  could not inherit.  Daughters are not to teach Theology to men.  Daughters are not to have Authority over men. The Prophets were men. The Priests were men. The Apostles were men. The Elders, Bishops, Deacons… All men.  And Of course, there is No marriage in heaven…. but (we) are as angels in heaven. Mt. 22:30

However…. In The Earthly Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, they do ALL these and more….Violating The Clear Word of God that designates men only.

WHAT’S THE DOCTRINE?  In Heaven, however, it appears we will have equal status…. since there is no male and no female with God or in Heaven. And this is The Point! which the New Translations wish to sacrifice on the altar of expediency and inclusivism.

We will…. No Doubt….hear more about this.

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Is Technology Coming To Our Rescue?


Technology is quickly outpacing our ability to keep up. Taking all of it into account, technology is keeping us more connected and informed and less anonymous.

How about a satellite-imaging company that has launched a fleet of miniaturized satellites to ‘map’ the entire globe, everyday?  Or 33 satellites, about the size of a loaf of bread, now circling the globe? It’s the largest fleet of satellites doing Earth imaging in history, and the goal is to have 133 satellites operational. The company has already begun sharing its data with organizations such as Amnesty International, which used the company’s imagery to track refugee camps in Syria.

The Monitoring of the Andean Amazon Project used Planet’s images to locate illegal mining and deforestation in Peru. Care to know what else they can ‘see?’

How about computers that can tell what you’re thinking? This is the next phase of human-computer interaction.

Monitoring people’s brain activity in real time and recognizing specific thoughts (of “tree” versus “dog” or of a particular pizza topping).  This technology will widen its use even more in the coming years.

Facial Recognition Technologies Are Spreading Rapidly. Sources for these ‘faces’ are also spreading rapidly. Photos have long been used for identification and security purposes. However, indications are that advances in facial recognition are fast outpacing the attendant privacy concerns.

Although there are myriads of hidden cameras placed strategically on every major street and within buildings, there is seemingly little public comfort that it’s all necessary and that there are adequate measures to minimize the risk of abuse.

Is facial recognition out of control?  A prominent case study was recently presented by reporters for the

It involved a five-year-old program in Maryland that lets police compare images of unidentified criminal suspects with millions of motor vehicle records — using highly advanced facial recognition software.

According to state and federal data, Maryland is one of at least five states that are giving the FBI access to driver’s licenses, local police mug shots and other corrections records. A dozen other states provide driver’s license photographs only. Other states have laws prohibiting the use of facial recognition. Police have used the Maryland Image Repository System with little fanfare since 2011.

This program has attracted increased scrutiny since the American Civil Liberties Union in California released documents showing the system was used to monitor protesters during the unrest and rioting in Baltimore last year.  That followed other recent disclosures about law enforcement in Baltimore adopting clandestine technologies, including cellphone tracking and aerial surveillance.

Do You Know About “Deep Learning” neural network programs? These use algorithms with many layers… Lower-level calculations feed into higher ones…. Like? Like our brains!!

Google has an ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Deep Learning system. It defeated the world’s best ‘Go’ player [Go is apparently a popular strategy board game, after trouncing the European GO champion.

How? By calculating a number of potential moves that exceeds the number of atoms in the universe and choosing the best. WOW! Where did the inventors get such an idea? From the human brain!

Our brains makes connections between neurons, with lower-level data from many neurons feeding into ‘higher’ groups of neurons, repeated over many layers. The calculations are then fed to a higher layer of the program and so on…. apparently just like our brains do.

Three scientists have created the world’s smallest machines. They are comprised of linked-up molecules… that are ‘contraptions’ that can do work. One is a tiny lift — artificial muscles and a mini motor. They are 1000 times thinner than a strand of hair. Care to imagine where this can take us?

Another device can read your emotions by bouncing wireless signals off your body. It claims an 87% accuracy rating. Oh, and it’s smaller than a Wi-Fi router. There’s also a transmission system that can send your passwords through your BODY instead of by Wi-Fi.

There’s a fabric that can be woven into clothing, which will harvest and store energy from both the Sun and your body movements, to power wearable devices. How about liquid clothing…. that ‘heals’ itself, when torn?

These are only a few of the new inventions we’ll be seeing in the future. Our grandchildren will wonder how we old-folks got along without them! You mean you had to charge a battery?

Guess Who Else Will Find This Valuable?



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What Are The Effects of Pornography?

Brain On Porn

We’re being told to accept all sorts of sexual deviancy or be judgmental. Worse, we are denying people their right to express themselves however they choose…. a form of punitive social control. How? By telling them they OUGHT NOT … fill in the blank.

The sad result is that NO sin is now being completely outlawed….in The Visible Church!

The invention of Video Tapes stimulated the Porn Industry and brought it into every day life…. impacting people and families it never did or could before.

So, what of it?

What of it is that it is destructive, in ways we do not realize. Based on extensive research, scientists have learned that porn changes not just the function, but the structure of the brain.

Parts of the brain actually begin to shrink with its use and others become desensitized.  In the picture of three brains, at the top of this blog, the one on the far right is what happens with extensive porn use, Worse than heroin. Worse than alcohol or drug use.

Why? Harvard Scientist, Kevin Majeres, Explains [Jon Miltimore|July 26, 2016]

Kevin Majeres is a psychiatrist specializing in cognitive-behavioral therapy and a faculty member of Harvard Medical School. He says scientists have discovered that if you place a male rat in a cage with a receptive female, they will mate; but once done, the male rat will not mate more times, even if the female is still receptive. He loses all sexual interest.

But if, right after he finishes with the first female, you put in a second receptive female, he will immediately mate again; and again a third, and so on, until he nearly dies. This effect has been found in every animal studied. It’s called the Coolidge effect.

This is WHY pornography causes a vicious circle. But now comes the WHAT! When someone views pornography, he gets overstimulated by dopamine; so his brain destroys some dopamine receptors. This makes him feel depleted, so he goes back to pornography, but, having fewer dopamine receptors it now requires more to get the same dopamine thrill.

This only causes his brain to destroy more receptors; so he feels an even greater need for pornography to stimulate him. As this cycle continues, we start to find that we have to use pornography for longer and longer periods to have the same effect, and must visit more and more sites to accomplish the same result.

But even more porn sites eventually don’t cut it. What then? Then, you have to stimulate another emotion: like fear or disgust or shock or surprise. You need to start moving to kinkier things, things that make you afraid or make you feel a bit sick; and so you start experimenting with various perversions.

Jon Miltimore is the Senior Editor of Intellectual Takeout. He writes that the average porn use starts at age 11 and the highest level of use is between 11 and 17. This means that as these brains grow, they are growing destructive pathways very early on.

Historically, over 90% of adult porn stars were sexually abused as children.
In psychology, their behavior is called re-enactment. Healthy individuals – emotionally and mentally – are not drawn to lifelong dreams of being sex for hire in any way no matter how lucrative.

That truly born-again men and women engage in and/or get hooked, is a sad reality. It’s not unusual, given the human psyche and the ease with which it can be accessed. What’s sad is how many CONTINUE, often thinking no one knows. Or no one will ever find out.

But the Omniscient God of Heaven Knows! He wants His children pure! Would such a God, Who is also Omnipotent make sure you are exposed [pardon the pun]? Would He do such a thing? Yes!

But, that’s not the highest and best motivation. It should be that Christians….finding themselves drawn to sin….would do whatever is necessary to STOP it! If they are truly born-again of the Spirit of God, The Bible says they have a divine WANT TO installed in their heart in order to glorify God. [Phil. 2:13]

That this isn’t helping, in an observably consistent manner, is a testimony against the 21st Cent. Church! She isn’t teaching these things? She isn’t particular who she identifies as a Christian? She isn’t being consistent in her commitments to God’s Word…. which says a man guilty of such a thing is no longer qualified to hold any Office in The Church!

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Governmental Oversight…. Of Churches!?

Iowa Civil Rights

The Fort DesMoines Church of Christ is locked in a battle with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, over what the pastor (or anyone who speaks to an audience of people) can say.

It’s under the heading of Equal Rights!

The ironic thing, however, is that a Constitutional Right is being attacked in order to preserve a supposed Right! Something our current President says he wants to be his ‘Legacy Issue.’

At Stake? What can be said in a meeting, where the public is invited to attend…. In this case, Church.

In Defense of the critics, let me quickly add: Church is no place for ad hominem attacks on anyone or anything.

It is a place for:

a. lifting up the Lord Jesus Christ

b. prayer for others and for self

c. instruction in Christian Doctrine & Practice

d. challenges for greater understanding and commitment to God

It well may be that the DesMoines Church of Christ leadership has used the gathering of local citizens to rail against a particular sinful practice or person.

It may be that a Sermon on Romans, chapter 1, became too personal, citing public figures or political organizations which illustrate The Points.

It may simply be that these folks believe The Bible!

Or, it may be The Sign in front of the Church [That Reads: Gay Is Not Okay] became too much for them!

Whatever it is, the DesMoines Civil Rights Commission wants it to STOP!

I entreat these Church folks to be more sensitive to the difference between instruction in God’s Word and railing against a person, if this is the case.

I entreat them (and all preachers/teachers) to teach God’s Word, rather than merely vent political or moral opinions.

At the same time, I entreat Commission Members to read The Constitution, particularly The Bills of Rights! Chief among them, Article ONE!

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

The Law of the Land ALLOWS people to do what these folks are accused of doing! [So Far]  It is a petty and petulant person or group of persons which seeks to control it, beyond entreaty.

The Civil Rights Commission wants more! It wants every public place to allow men to enter women’s shower rooms, dressing rooms and restrooms if they say they are women, and banning statements in meetings “open to the public” that “might cause individuals to believe that they are unwelcome because of their perceived gender identity.”

This Group’s website features a montage of faces and the words which reflect on the Civil Rights Battle of the 1950s and ’60s. Does this mean the right for men to shower with women is on the same level as racial bias?

The lawsuit, being brought by what appears to be a Christian Legal Organization, charges the State mandates violate the U.S. Constitution’s protections for free speech, religion, expressive association, due process and the right to peaceably assemble.

Named as defendants are commission members, as well as Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller.

TODAY? This lawsuit will probably fail!



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